Let's Make Robots!

Hybrid Power

Would it be a good idea to connect a rechargable battery pack and solar panel in parallel for the power supply? the panel could charge up the battery when there is plenty of light, or part run the robot.

SRF05 ground connection

I connected an SRF05 to my picaxe, but my ground connection wire snapped off the sensor's PCB. but I turned it on without noticing the wire was broken, and it still works fine. the sensor seems to work woth no ground connection. Has anyone else found this, and does it cause any problems?

programming flaw?

here is my program that is supposed to make my tracked robot move towards light sources over a ceratin brightness. however, when it runs on the PICAXE28x1, it goes forward if it is started in the light, but as soon as the light level drops it turns left and does nothing else. Can anyone find the flaw in my programming?


belt track friction

I have bought the treads and wheels from MUTR,  the same ones as used in Fritsl's first robot. I have assembled a robot base using the treads and wheels, and two MFA multiratio gearboxes. the robot goes fine in a straight line, but the tracks have too much grip when it needs to turn. I have tried tape, but it makes the tracks too tight. coating the treads with correction fluid gives some improvement, but still not good enough to turn smoothly.

does anyone else have ideas that have/might work?

PICAXE motor driver output use

when using a motor driver chip with the picaxe 28 board, the manual says outputs 4,5,6,and 7 are used by the motors. but could another output be connected to the normal output (the motors are connected to their own space), such as LED headlights or similar that would run when the motor does?

CD player

i have an old CD player here, is it worth taking apart for robot bits. If so, is there anything  particularly interesting i should look out for?

another first robot question

Is it possible to use a servo with the darlington driver in?

the start here link tells you to take it out, but wouldn't it help keep down the noise that you get, especially with the SRF05?

IR or Ultrasound?

What is the difference(s) between ultrasonic sensors- such as the SRF04, 05 and 08, and the sharp IR sensors ?