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smart way of turning around

I've seen these 1 motor walkers before, with the big disavavantage that they can only walk straight forward.  Look how smart this is solved on this robot by adding an extra wheel :)

Homemade Remote Controlled Walking Robot: http://youtu.be/zrbTm6BFO_U


Solenoid as a speaker??

Today it is very hot here .. too hot to make robots or what else to do. so I was just brainstorming about my drum robot .. :)

Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme

Imagine that Fritsl combines his yellow drum machine with his quadcopter.. would be amazing to see. Frits, eat your heart out!!

Quadcopter Flight Assembled Architecture

Just a cool vid I found..

Where to buy cheap solenoids?

Does anyone here where to buy cheap little solenoids? about $5,- or something like that. should work arround 3-5 volt.

I'm thinking of building another drum robot.. and with solenoids i can make more faster drum patterns. anyone knows a shop that delivers to Europe? I already looked on Ebay but couldn't find anything cheap.


cheap digital compass, does anyone have experience with it?

Hi LMR people,

Looking for a digital compass for my robot, I found this interesting Dual-axis Magnetic Sensor Module with UART& I 2 c Interface for $16.

link: http://www.sureelectronics.net/goods.php?id=958 and http://www.sure-electronics.net/download/DC-SS504_Ver1.0_EN.pdf

16mm hole in a pingpong ball, how? "Parallax PingPong)))"


I want to make a perfect round hole of 16mm in a pinpong ball.. but i think just drilling it wouldn't go real nice. does anyone of you now what's a good way to do it? perhaps using a dremel?

the idea is to desolder the 2 sensors of a parralax ping sensor and put them into 2 pingpong balls making real nice looking eyes.


hmm.. let's call it "Parallax PingPong)))"

Skiing robot goes down hill

just found this video of a skiing robot. it seems to work autonomously using different sensors.. in one word just COOL!. :)


now they only needs to ad a phone and a GPS module, so he can send a SOS message with his position in case he's under an avalanche.. :P