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Where to buy cheap solenoids?

Does anyone here where to buy cheap little solenoids? about $5,- or something like that. should work arround 3-5 volt.

I'm thinking of building another drum robot.. and with solenoids i can make more faster drum patterns. anyone knows a shop that delivers to Europe? I already looked on Ebay but couldn't find anything cheap.


Hamster Powered Walker

Remember Gareth's "schneebeast" or Linefeed's "Karpedbeest"? well.. see this:


Walks around using 3 micro-servo's
Using a
Hi LMR people! I'm building a little hexapod, just for fun. It uses 3 tiny 3g servo's (from ebay). all the legs are constructed using the inside of terminal blocks. … Read more

cheap digital compass, does anyone have experience with it?

Hi LMR people,

Looking for a digital compass for my robot, I found this interesting Dual-axis Magnetic Sensor Module with UART& I 2 c Interface for $16.

link: http://www.sureelectronics.net/goods.php?id=958 and http://www.sure-electronics.net/download/DC-SS504_Ver1.0_EN.pdf

16mm hole in a pingpong ball, how? "Parallax PingPong)))"


I want to make a perfect round hole of 16mm in a pinpong ball.. but i think just drilling it wouldn't go real nice. does anyone of you now what's a good way to do it? perhaps using a dremel?

the idea is to desolder the 2 sensors of a parralax ping sensor and put them into 2 pingpong balls making real nice looking eyes.


hmm.. let's call it "Parallax PingPong)))"

Skiing robot goes down hill

just found this video of a skiing robot. it seems to work autonomously using different sensors.. in one word just COOL!. :)


now they only needs to ad a phone and a GPS module, so he can send a SOS message with his position in case he's under an avalanche.. :P