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virtual wire and sound

hello .... i am trying to have a machine (equipe with an arduino (virtual wire library ... TX ) ) sending information over another arduino equiped with virtual wire library(RX) and pduino firmata ( the cicuit is  (resistor 10k from pwm ... to the ground) 330 ohm from pwm to the analogPin() so that i can read analog input into the pd patch ... right?????)

i think the key is how to convert the rx signal into (map, 0, 255,) ... or something like that but the question is how ???...

i cant load a code on to my atmega328

hello, sorry for my bad english ... i am french.and new to this... anyway i just bought several atmega328 , i am using a 3-pin external ceramic oscillator i tried to upload a code into it and i get a (500sdk error) ( the default arduino bootloader is aparently already on the chip , as my furnisher mentioned , plus i get the pin 13  to fade-in as the default arduino code)

anyway i tried to make a paralellprogramer ... noting to do i get an error message i am not able to eigther burn the bootloader or load a code

weird analog values

hi ... euh i have a problem while i read analog inputs the micro controler ( arduino pro mini)


.... when i tried to read the analog input with a maxsonar (even tried with a simple resistor) when i use the serial monitor

I get data that resembles more drawing  than digits


....anybody heard of something like that



arduino application

hello i am using an arduino for artistic purposes . i  just bought a used laptop ..... 1 gig ram ,centrino duo, intel video card and vista and for some reson it is the only computer that i have seen that just doesn't lauch the arduino application ... i tried many version of the arduino application from 0012 to 0017 sometimes if i am lucky i can run it from a thumb drive.... about one chance out of a hundred