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Eons ago, I created a quick prototype of a "Massaging Robot" using a standard Lego NXT kit. Soon after that, I completed my experiments with it, then took it apart … Read more

Using an SRF05 on a Basic Stamp 2?

I'm using the Parallax Board of Education for my next robot project. To save some money, I thought I would recycle some Start Here parts, and other odds and ends that I have. I also notice that there seems to be little instance of plugging in a SRF05 with a BS2...Always a picaxe.

My question is, can you use an SRF05 Ultrasonic sensor with the BS2? And the sharpe infra-red sensor?

Oh, and I also wanted to recycle a robosapien v2. I'm guessing there are DC motors in the joints. Can you run a dc motor without a motor driver?

Thanks in advance.

The feasibility of using webcams from labtops?


For a project that I plan on doing, I wanted to mount a small camera onto my robot.

I wondered if taking the camera out of broken laptops would be a resonable way to get a camera for my bot.

Thanks in advance!

Robot that connects to the internet?

I have seen loads of robots that are controlled via the internet, but I wonder if anyone has ever made a robot that actually gathers information from the internet?

Such as...Looking at an object, and then by you "tagging" certain sites, like Photobucket or Dictionary.com, it would find a picture that looks relatively similar to the object it found, and then it would "read" the keywords to see what that object is. (So it would say "Oh. The majority of people on the website say that this object is a tissue box, so I am seeing a tissue box.)

Quick Feedback on a Theory?

So, for fun, I found this website where you could "create" your own AI, Pandorabots.com: which worked with AIML. On this website, they give you a list of keywords your AI reacts to in the AIML file that they provide for you. (Since you have the option to use Alice or the Elvis bot as a base, the list is pretty large.)

AIML to C converter?

I know there are a few C to AIML converters out there, but are there any programs that do it the other way around?


When you get suspended bits (or nanoparticles for the science geeks out there, haha.) of iron compounds in a solution made up of water, oil and some other bits of scientific goodness, things look like this.


Living Doll?

I had this epiphany a while back about a robot. What if you put a stuffed animal suit over a robot? (Exposing the sensors, of course) This is basically the foundation of most toys, but I think it'd be really sweet to have a "living" doll walking (or wheeling) around the house without shrill barks or other annoying noises going off every 5 seconds.

Or perhaps the near Wall-e look is getting old for some? I dunno. For my robot, I wanted to create a white, Dayna from a Witch's Tale-ish, mouthless cat with a black bowtie. Maybe a rabbit instead?

Wheeled to Biped conversion

Greetings. *spock sign*

 I have been reading a lot of these articles over a period of time while trying to develop a good understanding of robotics before I begin making them. (It's always a good idea to test the water before jumping into a lake, right?)