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Sharp IR sensor Broken?

For some time now ive been trying to get m sharp ir sensor to work with my arduino.
its all plugged in and fine but no matter what is infront of it the data will keep bouncing around 1000.


Is My Arduino Dead?

Is my arduino dead.
i have the Arduino deicimela or whatever.
i have my code and when i verify its say "yep she's good mate, upload er".
but when i go to upload er it sits there for ages the IDE freezes and then to me it says "look here mate lets get something right even though i said its all good, im just not in the mood so im not gonna upload it until you make me feel better". however to anyone else it would look like this:

Binary sketch size: 976 bytes (of a 14336 byte maximum)

LED fun!

i think this little project would be good for your programming and electronics.

it looks like a lot of fun.

Bulk Buying

who hates those darn expensive local shops?

and its cheaper to buy em over the web but postage is too much!

well why not get together and buy products in bulk.

example: i want to buy 2 servos on the web $20 each but if i buy 10 its only $15 each.

PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit

Does anyone have the PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit because iff you do can you please post a robot using it.

i have bought one because its a "Starter Kit" so its for begginners right.

so i just want to know more about it from you guys.

thanx for reading

Programming Difficulties

this topic is about programming.

i think thats the major problem with these different kinds of cpu, brains whatever...

so can everybody please post te difficulty of your programming system.

1 being easy peasy. 10 being need a refference for ever letter i type.

thanx for reading.