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Okay so i busted the conection on my SFR04 and unlike some people out there i dont have the money to splash out or patcients to wait a week for another one to be delivered.


If you can connect power lins any where else on this board please somone help. 






 It is the end pin not the one with a piceof wire sticking out by the way.

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This is my first robot im attepting to build, I want it to do the basic things to start with such as to avoid obsticals and such.The base is made of some ply wood i … Read more

New and need ideas where to start =]

Hey im new to all this i baught myself a picaxe 28A project board pritty nice just made my first little program run on it ill post that and erm yea well i dunno where to go from there thing is i realy do not want to just copy peoples code etc as thats just screwing up the fun of making your OWN robot well thats how i see it so im learning basic. it dont seem to basic tho ¬¬ lol so has naybody got any ideas for me etc love to here from people thanx =]