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I've been setting up my profile for selling on the marketplace and am wondering if there are any seller settings or tables to use for adding shipping classes. 

For now I've included shipping costs into the price. 




FrankNeon on LMR.

"We don't know if they are hostile, or simply unaware of us."               Read more

Rostock Build Blog.


For years there have been many great versions of DIY desktop manufacturing tools, and one of the most fun to build (and watch while it prints) is the Rostock 3D printer, which uses delta kinematics to equate its motion. 

Getting Started with 3D Printing

LMR is a great place to work together, learn and build. When you put cool new tools and tech in the hands of the community here, we can make awesome new things! When I first started wanting to build a 3D printer in 2009, there honestly wasn't much documentation out there to learn from  like today, and lots of my questions were left to the Great Google. Here is an attempt to at least collect some info for those starting on the 3D printing path...

Price: $45 USD
PLA (polylactic acid) is used in 3D printers such as Reprap and Makerbot as a building material. It is easy to print with and comes with a nice eco-friendly message … Read more
Price: $35 USD
Each Rainbow Sample Pack gives you ten awesome colors in an amount that allows for great printing without all the commitment of a lot of one single color. We've … Read more