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workin of ultrasonic sensor

can any1 pls xplain d working of ULTRASONIC SENSOR?

or working of anyother environment independent sensors? 

sensors for obstacle avoidance robot

hi friends,

i want 2 build a obstacle avoidance robot which wil detect any obstacle on its way and have to reach a goal post some distance away....

i hav tried tsop and ir sensors..but its not working properly ...since i cant able to fine tune the distance in tsop..


so please tell me which sensors would b useful that can also b tuned according to d distance of obstacle..



it would b helpful if u send d circuit design too



thanx dudes

micro controller programmer..

hi frends,

i hav started doing one simple autonomous bot..wich needs some programming.

i got some 40pin micro controller..but dnt hav programmer kit ..since the microcontrler burner kit  is very costly, i cnt afford..

so telme some idea to design some simple burner kit...even if its specific for some IC no probs... 



it wd b very useful if u send some design of burner kit..wit corect specifications..


thanks guys

how 2 run stepper motor

hi, ive bought a stepper motor which has totally six wires...but i dnt know how to run it continuosly..

pls help me in dis and tel all d component details and sequences to run continuously...




gripper robot

hi dudes,, currently im workin on a robotic project..

TASK: robot that can lift 250gms of cube block.of dimension 10*10cm(block shd b lifted atleast 10cm height).and it should also move 2 certain distance with that load......

pls tel me wich motors would b very useful to lift dat much weight...i hav chosen DC GEARED motor....wil dat b useful