Let's Make Robots!
Navigate around the house (2D SLAM)
Using a
This robot is similar to the Willow Garage Turtlebot. The base is an iRobot Create. Zagros Robotics supplied the Create mounting bracket, additional decks and … Read more
Carry stuff around (eventually)
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This is a custom mobile robot base.  It will carry an addition 30lbs of payload.   The chassis is laser cut from 1/8" Aluminum and uses two Globe12VDC motors w/ … Read more
Whipped up to test Android robot control software
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This robot was developed to test Android robot control software (quickly).  The robot uses the following components: RP5 Tracked ChassisPololu RP5 DeckArduino … Read more
Remote Controlled or Autonomous Robot
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This robot uses a Technological Arts Microcore11 HC11 processor, (2) Devantech SRF08 Range Finders (I2C) and a Devantech Magnetic Compass.  QRB1134 based homemade … Read more
I built this robot for a friend of mine in exchange for some awesome machine shop work.  It features the following components: Max 96 Round Mobile Robot Platform … Read more