Let's Make Robots!
Bounces off walls
Thanks to the LMR society I was asked to do a review on one of Solarbotics robots. It's a little critter called The BeetleBot. So hold tight, here it comes. … Read more

Solarpanel flap-out device

Anyone seen a nice way to make solarpanels move on a robot (like flapping them in and out)? I can think of some things but maybe you guys have seen some cool examples somewhere. The plan is to flap them out when there is enough light and to flap them in when there's not.

Maybe I should buy a box of meccano.......

Stimulating the right part of my brain
Using a
Aye! Since every recruit goes through initiation I just ordered the START HERE kit from picaxe (well most of the parts). Cool!   And then I got hands on a stash of … Read more

Small change in picaxe code makes things twitch


I have my Rommel setup and hooked up some leds. So far all fine. Using the code from Lets start here I added a high 2 and high 3 (and low again) to make the leds blink in the direction the bot is turning. Like here;

high 3
servo 0, 105 : servo 1, 195
low 3

high 2
servo 0, 195 : servo 1, 105
low 2


When I add these 2 the led blinks briefly but then the servo's start to jitter when it moves forward? Lights are off by then....

Line dancing, gun slinging, barfighting Hill Billy Bot
Using a
Since I'm waiting for a new controller and my old bot somehow did what I wanted I'm starting something new (well, kind off). In the end most of the things I tried … Read more

Strange little thing

After taking apart all the old HDD's i ended up with a small piece that took me a little to figure out.

I stuck 5 volts on the wire and nothing happend. Well that's what seemed. Inside the copper sleeve is a small magnet. Tiny but it holds few grams. So I tried again, this time with the magnet holding a metal o-ring. And yes, with 5 volts it looses its magnetic capabilities. Amazing.

What a boring piece of kit.

Maybe suitable for a little spring operated hatch or a magnetic switch.

Could you pass me the salt please!

I found this kind of funny thing on the internet, especially for the ones with big diner tables :)


Salt and pepper delivery by robot :-)

Inner wheel suspension

A small bot and suspension. Big task. But after taking some HDD appart and looking at round things for some time I came to suspension anyway. For a small bot this will work, i'll try and make it functional in the Rommel robot. You need per wheel 2 rings of let's say 1cm wide, a bigger and a smaller one (pick your size on availability). The inner ring will be connected to motor or axis. Arround that the second (bigger) ring goes, and the idea: in between you put some rubber or foam like material (depending on the weight of the bot).

Dutchbot PICAXE

Yes yes, after all the parallax troubles so far and waiting for their answer I decided to go PICAXE for a new small project. Got the start here stuff and spent today collecting parts from old hardware (such as HD's and printers). Now all I need is and idea. Got 8 steppenmotors, a solenoid and some other scrap.

But whats cool? I really love the design of some other LMR dude (robot that looks like 3 pebbles)........ Then again I have 8 steppenmotors (small ones)..... Don't know yet, design or laughs.......