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Putting 5 volts on a LED

I have a couple of LED's installed but when used with a resistor the light intensity is not that good (ultrabright LEDs). If I loose the resistor and hook it up to 5 volts it's great (and so far working). I guess I'm just drastically reducing the lifespan of the LED. Anyone a clue how long they will hold this way? Or of any other consequence?


IR leds, the PING sensor and resistors

As an absolute beginner in electronics I was wondering about a few things. Will IR proximity sensors be affected by IR LED lamps? This because I am thinking about adding one to the lazybee (just for playing arround with it) but I would also like to have some IR led's for nightvision (the cam can see IR light).

DC motor question

Is it possible to add position sensors to any dc motor? I want to buy 2 standard geared ones but am not sure if I would be better of buying a set of motors with postion sensor included. For now I don't really need them but it would be nice if would be able to use them in the future.


Geared DC motor 0.6a with 1.2a peak

Anyone knows where I can find a couple of geared DC motor that consume 0.6a with a 1.2 peak (6-12v). I am getting blind from all the pages i visited so far, none fit the exact description. The ones I found are either lower (I would like as much power as I can get since it has to drive arround a 3kg platform) or higher specs.

Thanks in advance!



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