Let's Make Robots!
Robie has a mode autonomous and can avoid obstacles and falls, a mode manual wich we can controled him everywhere in the world, a mode guard: if there is a intrusion in my home Robie send me a video mail, it can play mp3 music
Using a

how to charge my robot's NiMH battery 24H/24

I hope your attention because I'd like your advice on how to load it !

Let's me explain:

I have a charger with delta peak A2Pro that loading my battery "when robot off . " http://www.net-loisi...peak-p1441.html

My goal is to let my robot over 24h/24 in order to use it when I want . "I did a test to determine the robot turned on autonomy without running , it is 8H . so if I go one week it is off !!!!"

how to transfer my sketch with APC220 "pc to arduino"

i can work my robot with the apc220 "module rf" but impossible to transfer sketch of pc to arduino!
i must plug the usb cable for transfer my sketch in the arduino and after i can run my sketch with the apc220.

How can i transfer my sketch without connect usb cable?

thank you!

4WD arduino romeo programming (how to do several action in the same time)

Good morning!

i have make a robot with :

-platform arduino

-ROMEO 328mo

-three sensor infrared

-apc 220 wireless

-1 battery nimh 12V for motors

-1 battery nimh 9V for ROMEO

i made a sketch for controled the robot with my keyboard and processing "it is good!!

i made a sketch for have a autonomous robot "it is good!!