Let's Make Robots!
A few days ago things i am located Louboutin sandals find creating a supporting appreciate analysis. The feminine main objective in the really enjoy booklet is … Read more
navigate by ultrasound avoiding obsticals
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this is my first robot and will probably take a while as i am only 15 and my gcse's are comming up but would like some input if the robot sounds good. i am using a … Read more
follows a balck line on a white surface
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University competiotion... This will be there I hope... suggenstions needed and are welcome...   Just for fun, don't know the prizes, but :) I decided to enter. … Read more
PC controlled wireless rover with live video feedback via bluetooth
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Having created my autonomous rover, I wanted to create one that I could control with my Mac and provide live video feedback. Bought this RC toy from Radio Shack for … Read more
Object Avoidance Navigation
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Started out building a basic rover that uses IR for navigation.  It's been a long wait, waiting for various parts, reading up on connectors, components, basics, … Read more