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Body - The Making of Blaster Shark (Sumo)

After settling on a layout for how I wanted the robot to look I set about making the body.

Motor Mounts

Absolutely not robot related rofl

Sorry, just had to share this :D

More powerful oxyhydrogen cannon

I have started to build a more powerful oxyhydrogen cannon for my second mosquito rover prototype, something similar like Estes Hydrogen Fuel Rocket:

Vmusic2 and a Great Company

I will get a walk-through up soon on this one but for now, I have to give some love to some great guys who actually care about customer service...

Arms for Edward

After lots of thinking about what my next robot should look like, I couldn't resist the temptation of trying to improve Edward. I never really made a good program for him and everybody who sees him ask me to switch him on and let him run around. When they do, i shrug and tell them "the batteries are dead" or "I'm still working on the programming".

Guibot's mothers shaver

Today I got a parcel with the post.

Wondering what it was, it was quite a surprice to find what I imidatly recognized as being Guibot's mothers shaver.

Guibots mothers shaver

Then I realized that about 1 1/2 years ago, I said that I would take it over if Guibot had problems coding..



:D Thanks man.. when will I ever get the time to do that? Wll, I guess I have to :) What power did your mothers shaver take?


WCRG 2010 Pictures and video

Hello all,

As promised the pictures from WCRG 2010.  Credits go to Fingertech for providing the video and pictures.

Line Following

Mine Sweeper


Hehe, found something funny on youtube!

Hi everyone,

Whilst roaming on youtube, I found this kick-ass vid about CtC's first atempts at programming a PicAxe microcontroller... Little contrast to what he is up to now with Walter :p


EuroBot 2010 - The Robots - Switzerland

EuroBot 2010 The Robots collecting thier points, many different strategies.

Direct link  :- EuroBot 2010 The Robots_part1.wmv

                     EuroBot 2010 The Robots_part2.wmv

EuroBot 2010 - Rapperswil - Switzerland - Gareths impressions

EuroBot 2010 - My impressions Video of the Swiss "Feed the World" robotic competition.

nonstearm link :- Euro Bot 2010  or ustream

Tools & metal for building robots CHEAP!!

If you ever need metal working tools or pieces of aluminum, copper, brass, steel, or stainless, cut-to-size and shipped at reasonable prices, please check out: http://stores.ebay.com/Stoners-Tools-and-Raw-Materials?_rdc=1

He has hundreds of stock sizes and shapes in stock at his on-line store, or he will custom cut pieces to your size for only $.25 / cut. Paul Stoner is a super guy to deal with, easy to communicate with, and gets your parts shipped right out.

No_Comment - Wot the "Bleeeeeeep"

No_Comment ..... only "Bleeeeeeps" please - my new plastic friend.

PicAxe 20X2 mainboard

This is the second board I received from sparkfun / batchPCB. The other one, a motor driver, is tested and done.

08M motordriver and power supply board


After a few weeks of waiting, my PCBs have arrived. I just soldered the components on the first one and it works like a charm. I had to drill out the holes for the resistors a bit and then solder the resistors on both sides of the board to get a good connection, but hey: this was also my first shot at having a PCB made and it works. Next time I'll be more careful checking out the dimensions in diptrace.

Western Canadian Robot Games = Great fun

Hello all,

The Western Canadian Robot Games in Calgary was a great success in Calgary for my new robot.  I will be updating this post with more videos and pics soon and also making a new robot entry for my sumo.  Enjoy the video I found on youtube.  I think Samm is in there too.

Boyakasha! Boss says yes to CNC

It's just that simple,

Boss-man says to geeky-computer-robot-carpenter-cabinetmaker-man, "Hey Chris, I've decided to go ahead with the CNC --You know that internet stuff, right? Hey- go to the "web" tonight and figure out which one we want..."

Done. I go to the Boss-man, say "Get this one" and its onto waiting for UPS. I'm looking at models around 2'x3' and 5" on "Z".

Word to ya motha'.

EuroBot 2010 Competition Switzerland Rapperswil-Jona from May 27 - 28 2010

I will be watching not competing (pending work) and will do my best to beam it on my ustream channel

(if they have wireless then maybe "Live").

Link :-Eurobot 2010 - Swiss and European Championship

Minimal Picaxe LED blinker

I just found a different way to make an LED blink with a picaxe 28x1:

   inc b0
   let pin7 = b0 >> 7
   ' do other important stuff here
goto main

The Pulse - 2010w21

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