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Not-so-mighty bot

So the Mighty Bot challenge (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/4979) got me wondering about the mechanical performance of my Qwerkbot project. It's not been optimised in any way for the task, and has no hope of winning, but maybe it's interesting for comparative purposes!

Qwerkbot weighs in at around 3lbs and is powered by a 7.2V racing pack. In the video it slowly shoves a pot of potatoes (total weight 3.5lb) the requisite metre- conveniently all the flat workspace I could find!

Quadruped robot

I am doing a project on a simple walking robot. It has 2 have a variable constraint mechanism. Do any of you guys can give ideas for my project with design ideas. Thanx

Howsit people. The design that we trying to consider is a hyperion type design. I have attached pics of a similar design. Could your'll please tell me how the driving mechanism for this robot works with its walking pattern. We are having problems figuring out the driving mechanism. Our task for the project is to make the robot go over an obstacle.



This afternoon got off to an auspicious start.  The problems I was having loading AXEpad onto my Mac seemed to have had disappeared since Thursday.  An hour later, I had the USB successfully loaded.  (For Mac users wondering how this is done, make sure you read the USB Setup section of the Picaxe manual.  One thing the manual neglects to tell you is that you have to also download a piece of software called a serial driver, which you can get for free from FTDI.com or from Rev-Ed's website.

The BIG robo-project

The story so far:

I am currently studying engineering at Alevel (edexell advanced engineering diploma) im coming to the end of the first year on this course which, so far has been great. next year I have to complete an "extended project". we will spend 5 hours a week for the entire year doing this, it will be largely funded buy my schooland I will also have complete acsess to Sheffield hallam university's workshop and expertise.

Trial and Error...lots of error



The parts finally arrived on Monday from PICAXE.  Over the weekend I also traveled to a local electronics store (Alphatronics, near the South-Center mall in Seattle) to purchase a soldering pencil ($18), some 330 ohm resistors ($1.25), some additional pins to solder into the circuit board ($0.50), and some terminal casings for wires ($0.75).  

$10 logic analyzer

After a lot of umming and ahhing and general procrastination I decided to dig this out of the cupboard to give it a whirl again.

Quiz: guess what "this" is...

No prize beyond eternal glory. Guess what "this" is. (Newbies, my squares are 5x5 mm.)


Bonus points for pictures that might have inspired "this". Even more points for sketches of possible applications for "this".


Non-robotic electrical installation

Just thought I'd share what is helping to fund my evil tea making robots. Other electrical projects!

My mother owns a beauty salon that pretty much does everything: hair, waxing, massage, and tanning. The gross part is that when in a hair salon, hair gets EVERYWHERE. Sure, people sweep it up, but the act of tossing it into a trash can and taking that can out throws hair all over the place. It then gets tracked all over the place, even into the ajacent section that has tanning beds gets covered in it. Blechhhh...

Command Line Sudo-Sandwich Robot

Well, inspired by xkcd-kid, Bre Bettis and Adam Cecchetti made a functional sandwich-making robot, that can be operated by the command line.

Day 1 n 2 : 27/02 n 01/03/09 - Locomotion and Bumpers

Day 1:

Assembled the piece on a whole and tested basic locomotion....

Day 2:

Improvised on locomotion and turning and also installed some bumpers....

Roboduino Tank Tread Base

We finally have our base for the Roboduino. I made a post to our site at: http://arduinofun.com/blog/2009/03/01/roboduino-base/

So, here goes..

These are videos of my robot. A few improvements since these were done, more to come. Polou servo controller, python, wxwidgets, polymorph/shaplock plastic






Hi guys! I'm new here, but I've been following this website for quite sometime. So I decided to create an account today. Anway, I have multiple robotic projects going on, but I wanted to introduce myself first.


I'm currently a high school senior, but I will be attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute fall of this year. I'm planning on majoring in electrical engineering and duel major in computer engineering.


I gotta plug Sparkfun...

Hey guys,

I just wanted to do a little pat on the back for Spark Fun. I just got my order today (Sat.) from an order I placed on Wed. It was simple USPS Priority and got here in 3 days including the day it took for them to package it up. Not to mention they have stopped using packing peanuts and are instead using this recycled, compostable crinkly paper stuff. I have orded from these guys about 6 times now and have gotten this level of service every time. Man, I just simply love good customer service. These folks have my business from now on. 


This is my first attempt to make a custom remote controller, and also my first customized Arduino.
After seeing this post made by ObbBot I wanted to try to make one myself.

I figured that if I purchase one remote controller it would be cheaper than buying two of these and paying shipment to Portugal.

So, ripping the guts from a game remote controller I get two joysticks, a couple of buttons, two nice motors and one small lcd.

OK. Fine! You won. Big deal...

All my projects has been mechanical excercises and/or remote controlled thingys.

And after I posted my first biped here I recieved messages like "It needs a micro controller!" For that reason I've refrained from posting any of my other projects...

I even posted a rant on the forum about that robots might be robots even though they dont have brains.

Nudging newbies in the right direction

As this site continues to grow and get more popular, the prevalence of "incorrect" postings (non-useful subject lines like "Help me", posting questions or ideas as Robots, asking questions in the shoutbox, etc) has increased to the point where more of our members are concerned about it.

The Store, Part 2

Well, hello again everyone. Thought I would do a little update on the store. It has an official name now, the website is set up , and website design is almost complete. I also have a few robot designs ready to sell, including the start here robot.


Of course, I would love to have more robot designs to sell. If you would like yours to be one of them, please contact me!



First post!


So I'm really new here obviously, and I have made a few forum posts and bot page comments but I haven't actually introduced myself or mentioned any projects I've got going on. My name's Patrick, and I hail from a northern Ontario town called Sudbury. I'm currently in my third year of a Computer Science degree after having spent a bit in the Electronics Engineering Technician program at the local community college and having worked a bit in Toronto for a while.