Let's Make Robots!

Jinnarin's First Robot

Hi everyone. After weeks and weeks of tracking down parts and waiting for them to arrive I have finally started construction on my first robot today, i'm so excited! I am following Fritsl's tutorial "How to make your first robot". I would like to thank Fritsl for inspiring me to make a robot!! This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but never knew how.

 Now on to the pics!! (sorry for the low quality pics, I am hoping to get a new camera next week.)

Environment mapping

I'm currently working on an application for mapping the environment with a range sensor. Right now it's only a sharp sensor (GP2D12) mounted on a servo that is turning slowly, while the readings and corresponding servo angles are being sent constantly to my PC via serial. The program then converts the angle and distance to x/y coordinates and draws a map.

My 1st non-breadboard circuit :)

I know..a lot of you good folks could solder before you could walk and probably sleep with a soldering iron under your pillow (hope you remember to turn it off :), so here is this guy in his 30s bragging about his first circuit. Pathetic.

However soldering is a major challenge to me and actually the main reason I didn't get started with robotics years ago. It's just not easy for my unsteady hands. So I'm very happy to declare that I just finished my 1st working non-breadboard circuit. It's a motor+servo shield for my Arduino.

Finally doing some bot building

Yay, I finally am getting to work on my XMOS project. I've had a three foot stick of 1/2" x 3/4" aluminum angle stock for weeks now. Today I lopped two six inch lengths off, nibbled out some pockets for the servo housings, and drilled em. Reall impressive, eh? ;) At least it's moving along again.

Robotic Self Healing Chair

that‘s an awesome self healing robot , i have found that video while i was searching on the web , watch that !!!!!

Funny video

By no means robot related, and I will not try to draw any paralels :)

It is about time! (SpeakJet visited)

Hey, I can hear it now! You've been here for HOW LONG and you haven't POSTED A BLOG????

Hey, I'm I just not a very "daily blog" kind of person. It takes me FOREVER just to design and build something. Course then it is often "over-engineered" - so of course it takes me a long time, and I just don't take the time to blog. :-(

Anyway, the time has come that I at least try a little bit to break this bad habit...

For awhile, I'll need to catch everyone up with what I've been doing - maybe I can do that over the next few weeks (or months). :-()

HaBot photo

Habot v1.1

Function work now, trying to do funny thing.

1. tank can go forward, backward, turn right and left.

2. Detect the object distance

3. stepper motor can turn to absolute angle.

4. detect distance on every angle of stepper motor and find the shortest distance of every angle.




So, I've been to London, UK.

The entire department at work went there for "seminar" which means we did two 30 minutes meetings, And spent the rest of 3 days shopping, sightseeing, going to concerts and other touristing...

Our plane back was delayed and the bunch of us spent the time talking about what we'd done. Some had bought shoes and clothes, one girl had bought jewelery, one had bought records, and so on..

What about yourself? -someone asked me:


My wheels arrived. They're too small! *sob*

In the virtual, matrix like world inside my head, 3 inches is alot bigger than in reality..

Here are the motors:

Stepper Motors

And compared to the wheels: (!)

 Motor Vs Wheel


Got an accelerometer

Well got a Mesmic 2125 for Leo, actually at Radio Shack no less. I hooked it up to his MCU and was looking at the output stream. It's going to be interesting trying to integrate the accelerometer output into his code to make drive in a straight line. I'm going to have to make a sampling routine, because he'd act schizophrenic if he acted on each byte of data. Hitting a bump can change his pitch and roll drastically.  

Nonbots in the robots section - "tisk tisk" or "boo woo"?

Should we ban all nonbots from the robots section? You know: robots that are not. That do not even exist? Ideas for an upcoming robot that only exist in the maker's mind. Maybe on a scrap of paper. Maybe the materials are "in the mail"?

I really don't like it when people post such projects. I don't care if the robot turns out to be really awesome real soon or if the idea never comes to fruition. I just feel that the robots sections should be reserved for actual projects that actually have something to show.

What are we, the Nobel Committee?

Annoying servo jitters (resolved?)

I noticed some extreme jerkiness between the ardbot's pan/sweep servos and any interaction with the bluetooth modem. My original code was using the Servo library that ships with the Arduino IDE. Switching to the SoftwareServo library (see http://www.arduino.cc/playground/ComponentLib/Servo) seemed to resolve the jitters....although I can't really explain why at this point.

Solar Aeroplane-Bot - (Weekend Project) Teaser Video

What do you get if you strap a Solar cell wired up in a Miller-Engine configuration, with the output powering a Pager motor with a propellor stuck to the front.

Yes a Solar TableTop flyer........... This is the Prototype - the replacement is 99% finished. (just need 1% Sun)

The "In the Hanger" Aeroplane is waiting for the "Real" sun to come out for Video Shoot.

Can you Guess what the Theme will be haha hoho hehe.


VVV Video Teaser VVV - actual speed.......

Reading characters/strings with arduino serial port

Finally, I can send and receive messages between the ardbot and my pc, over bluetooth. This post on the Arduino forum was very helpful:


Balancing control. Tilt angle / rate sensing.

I have read here and elsewhere of different techniques of estimating tilt angle, rate of change of tilt angle.

Many of these use a combination of an accelerometer and rate gyroscope. There is also extensive use of Kalman filtering with both of these sensor types.

I may be a little naive, but I think this could be over complicated.

Surely a single accelerometer can be used to derive the instantaneous angle of a body and also the rate of change of angle? 


Hello there.


Sorry about the test blog. I am very pleased to have found this website. It has actually motivated me to get along with my robot project. There are some very cool designs on this site too. 

I am going to add a list of the major components to my robot page now. 


Nice to meet you all. 




Ok so for one i moved it to a blog and two it now has some different functions.

The first thing i added was a password. In-order to get to the main menu, you have to type in a sequence using the input buttons.

The second new thing is the distance feature. I sat down and changed the sharp's numbers to inches and figured out to what extent to change the distance to the next one. It is pretty accurate but only goes up to 12in and down to 4in.

Timers and ... stuff

Hi all!

Been pretty busy lately digging in the big black timer.pngmystery box called Timer  on those nifty AVR controllers.

I think I finally have a clue how they work, and more then that, how they can be put to good uses. 

One application I'm going to do now that I have a clue, is to (try to) do microstepping. Yeah I blabbered about that other times too.