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"Day of the Sun" - St.Gallen - Switzerland - Solar Transport Event

"Day of the Sun" - St.Gallen - Solar Transport Event

St.Gallen hosted an event to generate interest in the "Solar" direction.

High point of the event was Solar Car racing.

School from all over St.Gallen where asked to enter mini Solar cars to race on a track.

The prizes where pretty good incentive too.

My very first CNC project aka "klyCNC"

I have just finished the mechanical building of my CNC..


List of notable tags on LMR

Look at these LMR tags. And notice how easy it is to attract some major search engine attention towards important (or fun) subjects on LMR.

* How to make your first robot (google)

* Instructions on LMR (google)

Go Buy a Bluetooth Audio Receiver!

I just bought a bluetooth audio receiver and you should too. It was about $40 (I won't add a link, there are many many different kinds out there).

It is absolute heaven to not be tied to our main house stereo with that damn headphone plug! I can zap audio from my iPod, mobile, any of the lappies and our main sit-down computer. For all that is holy in the world, go buy yourself one, you will not be sorry.


Hi guys,

I've finally found time to test te ADC and PWM capabillities of my picaxe microcontroller :)

Sorry for my bad english, but I'm a little bit tired ;)



added an SRF05 ultrasound sensor for some cool FX ;)

UNIO memory breakout board

A few weeks back I aquired some memory chips(samples rock). These are the special unio memory chips, essentually 1 wire for both input and output. As this is an 8 pin chip with only 3 of the pins being useful, I decided to try to make a simple breakout board with some small 5x5 hole pcb boards I grabbed from SF. These unio chips can be used with the20x2, 28x2 and 40x2 and the three pins are vcc, vss and I/O. The chip id is 11aa040(4k memory)

As recommended, I've added a small pullup resistor to the board. This is the results of...

Yard Gnome Blog (was Mobility Scooter!)



 I am building an outdoor robot named Yard Gnome to help around the house. I'm starting from a mobility scooter, kettcar and other parts.








Cost so far:






The Pulse - 2010w15

LMR on the Brain
Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43.

A NXT robot playing tetris

A NXT robot playing tetris.

It uses a DSP board for the image processing and decision making, then uses different colour LEDs to indicate the NXT robot which key it should press.




First experiences of AvrUsb500 v2 programmer

Last week I got this avrUSB500v2 programmer kit from tuxgraphics.org. The kit has all the needed components except the ATMega8 chip. You have to purchase that separately. Here are the kit's components and ATMega8:

Note that FTDI smd-chip is conveniently already soldered to PCB.

Yellow Drum Machine gets kicked at Campus Party Europe


I'm Michael, an innovator and concept making practitioner from Denmark.

I am about to launch myself into the world of robotics, and I am looking forward to blogging with you all.

In this video you can see how Frits kicks the Yellow Drum Machine at the Campus Party Europe 2010.

Drive system

Hi guys!

In my everlasting search for... well, basically anything interesting on the interweb, I've come across the RD02 drive system. This is a pretty powerfull motorcontroller, packaged with 2 encoded motors.

Some random features are:

Robot-SM advert

A small advert of Robot-SM that will be held on Sunday. You wil be able to watch it live here on LMR, if you haven't seen it yet the preparation is already available live on the front page.

Back Once Again

So after a long absence, I've decided to lurk around here a bit more recently.  I'd lost interest a bit - I blame the lack of a dedicated area for tinkering - having to clear up stuff at the end of the day, then lay it out again got a bit frustrating.  Plus, I got distracted by other things :-)

So anyway, I'm back now, relearning some things, doing a lot of reading, studying a maths course on the side, programming at work, and maybe just maybe I'll get a chance to make something....


Hi all,

In the last three weeks, and especially the last week, I've been working on V3, trying to finish it.

Oh well ... it will not happen because:

- it is a very large project and it consists of a very large number of parts

- everything that could have gone wrong ... got wrong

- I'm running out of time

- cutting parts using the V2 in an apartment is just crazy, I had enough of the noise and more so of the dust

- killed all my endmills

- almost destroyed the V2 forcing it to go faster

State transition table

This weekend when I should have been fixing my tiny bot, or making a prototype force sensor, or testing some of the dozens of parts I ordered recently, instead I pulled an old rc car out of the junk pile and wired it up as a robot!


Camping Party Project - Proposal

To all LMRtians who attend Camping Party Europe 2010 in Madrid.

How about a very simple group project while we are there? Just for fun (and, if successful, a little publicity).

I propose a repeat of the famous Tweenbots project. The Party takes place in a giant conference center with multiple "zones". Let's make a robot (duhhh!) and leave it at one end of the center and let it find its way accross to the other end.