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wrt54g as robot brain

Andrey Mikhalchuk demonstrates how to hack a popular wifi router to have an rs232 interface (or two). The openwrt project allows us to actually use that powerful hack. Andrey did what few people did before: he added a micro servo controller and TING robot's done!

The Pretzel Maker

Last night Grog and myself got to talking, and he said I should make a robot to do my job and allow me to reap the benefits.  While being a great idea, implementation would be troublesome.  I determined that to do every task I have I would need a variety of specialized bots.  Regardless the thought of making a robot that can make a pretzel is quite cool, so I am going to try and design one for me to attempt to make eventually.


So, the steps to making a pretzel that the robot would have to accomplish is -

Homebrew USB Frets on Fire (Guitar Hero -esque) Controller


All but the visually impaired will immediately notice that this isn't a robot. Nevertheless, it discusses some interesting electronic, interfacing and mechanical construction techniques.

The aim is to make a guitar-like controller for the excellent Frets on Fire game. I blame 668 for introducing me to this notion. Once you're addicted, I encourage you to blame him, too.

Holy Servo's Batman!

So I guess today is Day 1 of my impending doom.  I ordered my Diecimila (or however the heck you spell it) along with a solderless breadboard for it.  I also went ahead and bought myself a servo at Hobby Town USA since it is just down the road from my house.  I got the HS-311 Standard Servo.  I have no clue if this is a good, average, or crappy servo.  I figured it would do for learning processes and if it isn't applicible to a bot to start with, who's to say I can't find a use for it eventually.  So basically the point of this post is two-fold.


Landing in LMR

Hello you all.

 I stumbled into your site last weekend. And damn it! it's not like I really need another project, I have projects coming out my ears! But you guys are having waaay too much fun here. I'm going to just have to join in. Truth be told it didn't take much convincing. I've ordered a couple things and I have stuff in a box somewhere that are starting to look like a robot already. At least in my head. I'll post when I have something that other people can see too!

Tread Chassis Design Question

Alright, so I am new to robotics as well as this site, but here is a question I feel I have to ask.  I need to ask because it will effect a future project I want to do when I am more experienced in Robotics.


Alright, so the theory behind this question has entirely to do with ground clearance with a treaded chassis.  I notice that every bot with treads has very little ground clearance, and was wondering if there wasn't another way to do the chassis so you could increase the clearance and what kind of effect it would have on terrain options.


dual PWM test

Alright, so I'm just dabling with this stuff, but thought I'd see if I could create a small circuit that could split a pwm signal from a 08m/14m micro into a dual pwm output "for fine control of two motors". I wanted to control the output for each of the two channels even if the same pwm sig would be going to them, at least I could select which channel or channels would be on

This is the image of what it looks like. It has some fine tuning and I'll see about getting a schematic(thats not on a piece of paper).

while waiting for some parts

while waiting for some parts, I've got some little sensor that I'm trying to figure out how it works.

 It's part of the bigger project. the sensor is part of the waypoint navigation system that I'm working on.


Can anyone recommend where I can get Tupperware containers online? See, I'm working on a couple robot projects, and I was hoping to use a simple tupperware container as the robot chasis.

Cheap Servvos

Can anyone recommend a website where a servo is inexpensive?

Robot Website Question

I'm currently thinking about making a robot community portal website(sort of similar to newgrounds) after I obtain money to build my second robot. I was thinking about offering free swag from my cafepress store as prizes for monthly contests held on the site. Would robot enthusists really want free t-shirts,buttons,stickers,etc as prizes, or would they want hardcore robot parts? I'm sorry if this seems like spam, but I wanted to ask a community who has expertise in this field.



Development on LMR

Hi all,

Just a short update on where this site (LMR) is going, why, when etc :)


We are now kindly hosted by BEE3. However, we cannot get the server access that we would need for more people to really work on the site, have a development version going etc.

Toner Transfer PCB

Yesterday, I made my first PCB since about 1978!  I used the toner transfer method, and it worked really well.  It's a little break-out board for an Atmel AVR, the ATmega8.  I've also allowed space on the board for a couple of extra chips (up to 18 pins) and four TO-220 driver transistors, for things like stepper motors.  Today, I'm drilling the holes in the board (1mm) and I expect I'll solder in the parts this evening.

My Robot Butler

Not to take users off this site but updating two postings of this is getting tiring. From now on you can find info about this project here. I will leave the funny video up.

Where we are all moving to

The best thing for me in a project like this LMR, is that we inspire each other, collaborative development is actually what we do - even though many of us would say that what we do is completely unique ;)

Today "a robot" is most likely not walking around but has tracks or wheels, can navigate autonomously, and that is in many instances just about that.

Of course I know that this is also highly influenced by our "start here" project.


AVR is in the house!

Last week I purchased the AVR ISP mkII programmer for the Atmel AVR series of chips and I had previously bought some ATtiny26 chips for use in motor controllers, line sensors, etc.


components that I'm working on at this time -

So these are a couple of the parts that I'm working on. As mentioned in the original bot post, these are the camera side of things. I'm just waiting on parts(arriving friday!) before proceeding with this gear.



--[Areas that I'm going to be focusing on]--

-Steering setup

sensor upgrade

I´ve made an upgrade to this bot, i´ve implement an ultrasonic sensor..
Now i´m programming the navigation system, and it´s being another challenge for me  :)  

i´ll be out for one week so see you guys soon   ;) 



Harry Potter Fans are disappointed with the Harry Potter 6 release date

Harry Potter Fans are disappointed with the Harry Potter 6 release date