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LMR, global project, possible ?

Hi everybody, I just had this crazy idea, and where else if not here to post it.

Do.. Document your Robot!

It is about a year ago I made a robot called "Skiwalker".

It's parts are used for other robots, and I would have forgotten all about it, if not every now and then when I logged in, someone wrote to me; "Hey, that is a nice walkthrough, cool, helped me, inspired me" etc..

That is so NICE! It often makes my day, to get that kind of feedback without warning for a long forgotten thing I did.

And all I did at the time was to remember to film / take pictures.

How to Arduino first steps.

Ok, so here we are, making a small tutorial to everyone that wanna know what arduino is..

I have some experience with it already, but its low one, so i will start this how to, to everyone that wanna start can follow this first steps.


 Day 1:


Congratulations to ''Let's make robots!''

Hi everybody, I would like to congratulate all the members from this website. I think that we’re building a very interesting community and we’re sharing very good material, ideas and concepts for robots. I would like to give a special congratulation to ''Fritsl'' for all the dynamism he gives to the Let’s make robots!

So it turns out making a lifelike drumming robot isn't as easy as you'd assume

Well, I finished the construction, added the second drumstick up front, redid all of the circuitry on a PCB to eliminate the breadboard and clean things up, soldered up ribbon connectors instead of having loose wires everywhere, and glued down everything that was still hanging loose. So it's done, mechanically. Now I've turned attention to the coding.

Almost done with LDM construction

23.jpgAhh, I've made a lot of progress. LDM is now almost complete, construction-wise. I still want to cram in a second drumstick up front somewhere, and of course I need to attach that sampling board hanging out in space (I'll probably just hot-glue it to the side), but there's enough there to start working on the code.

Trouble with the bass drum

The first Solarbotics GM10 motor I mounted or LDM for the "bass drum" quickly started getting stuck, as if the gears were faulty. I cursed, cut the hot glue to get the motor off of the robot, and soldered up wires for another motor. With the new motor glued onto the robot, I tested it and, just like the first motor, it worked great for about a minute or two, and then started getting stuck as well. So now I suspect that the gears are just getting damaged when the stick hits the ground repeatedly.

Stanley from DARPA challenge

Yesterday I went to the danish exhibition that is featuring Stanley - winner of the DARPA desert challenge some years ago (2006 maybe).

Now that's an awesome robot with some fancy equipment! I think it had 5 or 6 laser range finders on the roof constantly scanning the profile of the road in front of it and mixing this together an image from a camera on the roof of the landscape far ahead in order to recognize flat surface for driving on. It is based on some sophisticated machine learning algorithms so that it can adapt and learn from what it sees with its sensors

Bad robot!

Today was the qualification round of DTU robocup. My robot did not do very well at all - it tied with 7 others for the last place - getting 0 points!

When testing the robot on the robocup track the first thing that was wrong was that the lighting was so bright, that the sensors were all fully saturated all the time and thus couldn't see the line. That problem was somewhat solved by adding a lot of cardboard and tape plus some clothing on top to keep the light out.

Line sensor ready!

I have finished soldering the line sensor for my line follower for DTU Robocup. I really hope it works since I haven't tested anything during assembly :-D.

Check the awesome soldering, lol!



4/5/07 First Entry

So I'm getting ready to start a Robot Project page soon. I ordered a bunch of parts and am most likely going to have everything with a week or so. Got my first delivery yesterday and got all excited about it. I feel like a kid again. Since I am so close to NYC and go there on a regular basis I'm going to see if I can find any hobby store that sell a lot of robotics parts. Not that I don't like buying online but I also like to browse. Also sometimes I have no patience and I just don't want to wait for parts to come in. I'll keep updating this as things progress.


New line sensor

I had some problems with the 36 KHz detector when trying to read it from the picaxe, so I have switched to using 4 infrared photodiodes in a feedback setup with two LM358 dual opamp packages as shown in the following image (for one photodiode only):


This gives an analog reading and I will use this for linear interpolation between the sensors to determine where the line is relative to the robot center.

I am making a part II of "Your first Robot"

I think I have a lot of experience to pass on to first/second time robot builders, so instead of making a new "drumming robot"-kind of project, I am working on a new tutorial, "Part II of How to build your first robot" :)

Stay tuned, those with interest!

/ Fritsl

Don't program your robot.. Teach it!

(Update: Some time after writing the below, I made this, that may interest people doing navigation with Picaxe)


How to make a robot do complicated tasks & "act alive".. With ease..

Here is one guys humble input - I am sure you all have your own ways of programming. Just take it for what it is; My personal thoughts, use what you can :)


"My next project", by "fritsl"

.. And now I´d wish I could write something exciting and groundbreaking :D

The last couple of days I, and my creation "Yellow Drum Machine" has had our 15 minutes of fame;

One week ago, a google-search on "Yellow Drum Machine" returned nothing, nil, zero!

Asian Robot-theft

Ahaaa.. My robot is now also copied in some asian language!


Make your own robots & walkthroughs out there, guys!! 

(Still quite flattering tough, lol) 

Simple test with PICAXE and a monster truck

Just tried out controlling my radio controlled monster truck with the picaxe. It's a simple test run of forward, turn left then right and then stop. I put the car in a spot that almost made it reach the bathroom :-). Notice how the breadboard almost flies off when the car turns... a really solid construction! :-)


I'm looking forward to making something useful out of this car... it can go pretty fast!

Dang! I can't seem to embed video in a blog post???

At last!

My package from USA arrived today. It contains the Tamiya dual gearbox, some tank treads, wheels and other stuff. Now I just need some time...

36 KHz modulated infrared light detector

I have started working on a new robot that is mainly based on LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. This robot is aimed at participating in DTU robocup 2008 but time will tell if it will be finished in time. Anyway in robocup the robot must at least be good at following a black line and preferably it should be able to accomplish other of the tasks at hand as well, and this is just not feasible using the standard LEGO sensors and the very limited number of these it can use at one time.

Ultra Sonic wannabe radar

Just made an litte deveice which measures a distance and the from the measured distance detirmens which of four LEDs to turn on or off