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Hello All

This is my first post on LMR. My inspiration came from a video I saw by Boston Dynamics of their robot Big Dog. I started off originally with a hexapod but during the design stage it became clear that it will be to expensive as I was looking to use high precision brushless DC motors and lots of custom machining. I then turned to less legs and more strict parameters.

All parts/components needed to be:

made using simple tools.

individually not to expensive

New robot reqs

With my background as a software developer, I know the value of setting requirements before you start working on something.  If you don't, you end up aimlessly adding features or tweaking functionality until you aren't really sure what you were trying to do in the first place.  So I am going to lay out my requirements for my new robot (whose parts I just ordered last night).  This first robot is meant to be a proof-of-concept.  My long-term plan is to use the knowledge I gained here to create a second, larger, stronger, more functional robot.


So I was going to post a blog with a picture but I can but the picture was about my robot  SOLAR-1. It has a IR sensor, a Light sensor, 2 LEDs, Picaxe mircocontroller and that all of the major part of the robot. It will avoid object and when its in a dark place it will turn two a very bright blue LEDs located above the light sensor. Thats all for now cheack back next time for some updates


I'm new here and to the world of hobby robotics.  Here is a bit of background on myself.

I discovered this world of hobby robotics when I was researching purchasing a roomba.  I've been looking for a new hobby for some time and this looks like a lot of fun.  I work as a software developer for a large consulting firm, and I always wanted to do some coding for my own amusement, but I could never find anything that interested me enough.  But robots are really cool.

Make over?

Just to explain the changed avatar:


This replaces my 2003 model. And is improving my sight by leaps and bounds. I really should've had my eyes checked years ago! Before LMR even!

The mbed system...

What do you guys make of the mBed system? Its gaining ground rapidly, and it has even entered the meager library of Fritzing parts. Now that's saying something. Anyways, looks like a great system. Breadboardable, ARM based, has an online compiler where you can write code and save it to the cloud (so it's cross platform and you have your data everywhere there's internet). Not an Arduino, but looks good for the aspiring geek looking beyond the Ardy.

So, what do you think of it?

Tripie v1

Well, I got a new work in progress its called Tripie.

 It will use 3 DOF per leg, the first design its based on the mini-hexapodinno.

 This is the rendered image how will looks.



Microprocessor: unknown

Sensors: sonar

Servos: 9ge

Plastic parts:  home made

Starting date: unknown


Comments are welcome..



Swiss Cow Head Laser Distance Probe

"Moooooooo" project is still on course........

Basic idea is to attach the Head to a Theo Jansen four legged chassis blogged here.......

Had some great fun creating a PolyMorph Cows Head.

Using a Skinning technique i could make a really thin layer of PolyMorph.

This means that it is amazingly Translucent - for adding lights.


In the Picture above you can see its secret laser system.

Science project

I've decided to do a light-following solar panel with an Arduino for my science project. However, I'm kinda stuck. I'm confused on how to get the numbers to compare, then tell the servo to go to that position...


Thanks for the help!

Trying the arduino

So i got bored tonight and decided to try and use the one and only arduino i bought which has been laying around for a few months. I made a really quick chassis out of shapelock then used some zipties to hold everything down (literally everything). Wired up a 293d, and i think a sharp? Looked through some code other users had posted and tried to get my robot to work. The motors run fine, i'm using a 6v battery pack for the motors while having it plugged into my comp to power the sharp. For some reason, and i'm almost positive it's the code, the sharp won't respond.

Computer Parts Salvaging

My work occasionally has a surplus computer sale, where they get rid of old or non functioning computers.  So I picked up a nonfunctioning one complete with keyboard and mouse for free.computer_salvage_010.jpg

 This is also probably a good time to show you my basement workshop.


The whole setup takes up a corner in the basement next to the central vac.

simple ardbot - start


I've just started on my first proper robot. I had a bunch of parts laying around that I had bought over the last several weeks, and when I was organizing them they sort of logically grouped into a basic robot:

Dimensional Ultralancer: Vulcan Five - Update 2

Hello all,

 Just an update at where I am at with the Vulcan Five.  I've written and tested some timers to generate the 38KHz output needed to drive the IR LEDs.  The motor controls, digital and Analog I/O all work great.  Now its on to making the PCB.  Low_Profile_Sumo_043.jpg

The first thing I did was cut out some paper to and try to determine a good fitting top cover.


Unofficial Propeller Expos for 2010


Free Food and Robotic toys!!! Yaaa!!!

Control Picaxe with computer

I've managed to control my picaxe with my computer and thus with another picaxe microcontroller (which I'll need in a project later on)...



dual control rc and arduino without a switch

i had made an airsoft tank and wanted it both to freeroam and be controlled by rc. and found it to be quite simple actualy using the ping code. this is just the begining of the code but the robot will nagigate with ping and when the rx is switched on will stop the arduino. and when switched off will let it continue. i did this using an unused channel on the rx. when the rx is swithed on but the tx is not it sends out no pulses but when the tx is switched on its send pulses high then a servos range. using the ping code it reads at 17 inches. so modding the ping code.

Weekend at WalMart

The new WalMart just opened last week here in Saskatoon.  I decided to visit it which was probably a mistake cause most of my time was spent looking for a parking spot and waiting in line to pay for stuff.  The reason I went was because supposedly this one is the largest one in western Canada.  I probably should have stayed home because I wasn't able to make any progress on my sumo last weekend, however I did find something cool.

The Valkyrie projects blog

Hi all,

If no one has anything against it, I will use this blog to post projects done with the Valkyrie.

To start with, here is the design flow I found to work well for doing stuff with the Valkyrie. Actually there are two flows, one for PCB making and another for cutting, milling etc. Note that I'm using Linux to do all my stuff, for Windows I have no clue which software to use. 

1. PCB's

a. The PCB is designed with Eagle which can be found here: http://www.cadsoft.de/

Walter Line Follow

Just a quick look at the beginning of my line follow set up...

Vendors I Like

I've noticed a few folks on LMR have mentioned their preferred vendors -- I though I might do the same on my blog.  There are more I'll probably add, but these folks are fresh in my mind. Everyone already knows about SparkFun, Adafruit, Electronics Goldmine, SeeedStudio/NKC Electronics and Gold Phoenix PCB -- this list includes stores I haven't seen mentioned.

__General-Purpose Vendors__