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Linux on the Propeller

I caught up with Steve (jazzed on the Parallax Forums) last weekend in person - he has been working on porting linux to the Propeller.  Sounded a bit ambitious to me, but he has been working with Heater and they already have Zylin's ZPU processing core up and running on the Propeller - uclinux can be compiled for ZPU - the only thing missing is memory.

Jazzed has been working on that, too - he showed me a prototype he's been working on that expands the Propeller Platform with  32MB of sdram -

3D Printing


Found this online and thought it may be of interest to people on here.


It's a 3D printer you can build yourself. It's a bit beyond my building capacity, but I'll bet there's people on here that can build one.

FIRST Robotics Competition '11 Regionals, San Diego, CA - part 5: Finals and Duckie Damsels

My final installment for this series. I didn't stay to the end but I caught a couple of the final matches and got a souvenier for the memories.

Vid 1: The intros to one of the matches. I think they were waiting for the third red member to arrive so I stopped the camera. When the bot arrived, crew dragging it onto the field frantically, the crowd went crazy. It had no claw, no mini-bot, nothing. A pure defense bot. It was the talk of the pits.

Robot Party - October 6th!

The videos from the October 6th Robot Party are now live! :) You can view them all in this YouTube playlist.


Embedded are snippets from Lenore from EMSL showing the Egg Bots, Eric Relson's Mech Warfare robot, and Che Edoga's humanoid!





Serve and protect

2. Forbidden City

Artoo, we have to protect the empire

Ready for Campus Party

I am ready for the Campus Party.

OddBot was so kind to send me the LMR poster he already had to the Shenzhen Mini Maker Fair.

Sorry for the wrinkles but it's huge and i did not have the space to unfold it completely.

I will bring it to the Campus Party in Berlin in August.

Getting Started with 3D Printing

LMR is a great place to work together, learn and build. When you put cool new tools and tech in the hands of the community here, we can make awesome new things! When I first started wanting to build a 3D printer in 2009, there honestly wasn't much documentation out there to learn from  like today, and lots of my questions were left to the Great Google. Here is an attempt to at least collect some info for those starting on the 3D printing path...

HMOD-1 Update 3

HMOD-1 Update 1

HMOD-1 Update 2

HMOD-1 upper body under construction:


Looking into Klann linkage

Started looking at Klann linkage.  Reversed some dimensions from the patent.  They seemed overly "symetric", likely suboptimal.  I may want to look at running an optimizer on that basic linkage.  Here is an animation of the Klann cycle, done similar to what I have done for Jansen.Animation of a step period with a proposed Klann-like linkage

BoB the Biped and me: We love quiet sunset walks on the beach.

This is just a happy blog about how my BoB is fully mobile and can navigate obstacles. The sensor is just hanging loose but if angled the right way it works fine :) I'm using an HC-SR04 sensor with the newping library for fast distance readings that don't put a big hitch in the smooth walking. I have the library set to timeout the sensor if there is no signal after about a foot or so. Distance readings are only taken while BoB is facing forwards, be it on one or both legs.

BoB the Biped and Me: LEDs, camera, action! (updated)

I finally got a quartet of routines that produce pleasing lighting effects out of BoB's toothless grin. Using CYZ-RGB LED pixels for hardware. If you have any other ideas for light sequences I'd love to hear them, please.

edit - July 14th, 2013

Added test code slightly different that what is seen in the video but essentially the same.

Learning Electronics Via The J5 Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Hello to the LMR community. This first blog post is basically just an introduction for me and what I am about.


YANBO's on hold for now...

Thinking outside the box(es) requires one to identify and solve the real problem. "You've got to free your mind instead..."

Yeaahhhh ØVVVVVV

Min pakke er teknisk set ankommet, men der var ikke lige nogen der kunne tage imod pakken, og post huset lukker kl 17 og med mindre jeg tager tidligt fri så kan jeg først være der kl 18:30, og hvad værrer er pakken kan først afhentes imorgen, hvor de åbner kl 10 imorgen og lukker kl 12.  Ringede til dem for at hører hvordan og hvorledes total ubehøvlet kvinde menneske, spurgte om pakken kunne hentes senere idag eller om posten kunne kører forbi igen, men nej det var umuligt.

Nothing worth reading

Boe bot arived and will be learning how to program. Thank you i will keep at it pictures will come later.

Just got thru the first chapter of the boe bot and there is alot in the form of programing to learn i a bit I will be starting lesson 2 and i belive it is going to cover servo zeroing. Huhh.   Oh well i guess it is important. 

Servos zeroed. Under stand the principles of them now. In laymans terms they are varible speed motors. Still at it thou.

Robot Beginnings

Well I am starting! Will keep you posted on my progress and once it is done put it in here as a robot. :) Woot.




Live Phidget Cam

Check it out here if you're interested: http://semicton.com/SandBox/PhidgetInternetLamp/PhidgetCam/tabid/101/Default.aspx

IPCamera and my phidget Internet lamp.

Having a few problems displaying images from my IP camera. Seems when I use AJAX to update the image every 3 seconds, my server is caching the image from my IP camera, so I've decided to just give a direct link. I'll work out the image problem later.

Updated my website.

I updated my website... Morris Works ... I have updated the projects section to include my archived pictures and videos of older projects I created. The older projects include my very first project, a symmet! There is also my photovore race car dubbed "Sun Catcher", a photopopper named "Hopper", my Basic Stamp controlled autonomous robot called EXPLORER, and a handy bread board voltage regulator. The schematics for them will be up soon.