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Emergency de-soldering braid

So I need some components from an old modem board for a new project. I'm trying to rescue a DPDT relay and an LM386 op ap for a mouse bot.

However, the soldering job on this board is really well done, and I'm having trouble.  So I need my de-soldering braid. Is it in the basement with my soldering kit? No.  I must have used it up.

Where's my old de-soldering bulb?  Lord only knows.

What to do?

Old coax cable. Strip off the outer insulation. Pull off the braid. Flaten in vise. 

There you go.

Next Robot?

Well I am not sure what to do for my next robot. I would love to build a UAV but it is very pricy like 500 dollars. I'm not quite sure what my other alternative would be but I would like an awesome new robot to build. Anyway, I'll do more research, even though I did a ton already and see what I should do next. So we will see I guess....


Building a Herbie Style robot called "SCURBIE"

July 5, 2009

It took me a great deal of time to decide what my next project would be but finally after weeks or browsing this site I opted to doing yet another BEAM project before launching head first into the relams of programmable robots using such chips as the ardunio. I must admit thought it was kind of tempting to skip minor projects to launch a big one. ANyways enough of my rambling.

Swapshop-Blog Version

Ok, so ive made a robot, still workin on it. However, im lookin to the next one already, and for it, i need an arduino. Im dead broke, but i saw Swapshop in the forums, and thought it was smart! however, the most recent post was like 2 weeks ago, and i'm lookin for more traffic then that.

I was cleanin my room (for once) and found this stuff. im unloadin a lot of my old stuff for cash, and heres a bit of it...

Nicd Battery pack (1800 MaH)

2 Tamiya Gearboxes and Wheels

2 Leaf-Spring Switches

2 Radio-Transmitter like parts

2 IR detectors

SG90 servos

After some seaching for an answer about the strength, durablity, quality, ect, of SG90 servos, I found this video.

Their other videos show more of the development process (a bit) but this video lets me see that the SG90 servos can hold their own.

Though they may not be ideal, I'm willing to sacrifice some quality for the great savings as long as they work like this.

edit: Then I found the second video.... 

Time to move on?

The Arduino Duemilanove was my first microcontroller that I purchased, and has been my main micro on all of my projects, robotic or otherwise. At one point, I felt that it was time to move on from the Arduino, and search for a more practical solution, so I purchased a PicKit v2 and some PICs.

Updated my website.

I updated my website... Morris Works ... I have updated the projects section to include my archived pictures and videos of older projects I created. The older projects include my very first project, a symmet! There is also my photovore race car dubbed "Sun Catcher", a photopopper named "Hopper", my Basic Stamp controlled autonomous robot called EXPLORER, and a handy bread board voltage regulator. The schematics for them will be up soon.

Money to people with time


Thanks for all the mails.

They take time to read, I will return to everyone.

I think the pool is closed for now, I need an overview, so more letters for now regarding this, thanks.

PS: Remember that Dan is doing the same; he is paying for hosting of LMR. And Del / Rudolph is spending serious amount of time upgrading the kernel to LMR II. And rik and jklug and you and you, and everyone who is writing instructions and submitting work they have spend hours on. 

Most stuff that you guys write is pretty funny.

It's in the title; Most of the stuff that you guys write is pretty funny.

I think.

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one finding the sht that is written funny. Or are you serious?

This is not like youtube where any one is writing. It's pretty nerdy in here, similar minds. And usually funny!

There, I made a blog entry on a robot-builder-website! 2.000 robot building people will read this.

Qwerk control with Processing 2

Here's some more progress towards a processing-based control panel: got mouselook video feed, and keyboard controlled motors/LEDs/sound effects now! Also, I've upgraded to filming in High Def (that version is here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMHlcNt5O60&fmt=22)

Stuff to do

Stuff to do..

Think I've finally figured out Jaimies Spider Tank walking mechanism, pretty cool. You have to picture the legs with your head tilted sideways at a 45 degree angle, while scratching your head and rubbing your stomach. I wonder if this is how Jaimie figured out the walking mechanism to start with. Think I'd like to build a small model with some hobby plastic bits to verify thoughts. May get a few model airplane hinges to build with, or just make some small hinge joints some way.

Routerbot (Without hacking the router)

I am intending to build a routerbot. This is my design idea. This is my first major robot so please comment and suggest if even the slightest urge arises.

I will call the robot flat friday.

Design brief so far...

What I want the chassis to look like (minus the gun)

What I want the chassis to look like (minus the gun)


My inspiration for the robot.


R3's eye, and trying to aim the robot

So I'm trying to add an "eye" to R3. Mechanically it's simple enough, I just stuck an LDR between ground and one of the analog inputs. Since the input has a built-in pullup resistor that should effectively create a voltage divider. No problem, that works as expected. Now I want the robot to spin in place, stopping every 45 degrees to take a light reading. Since the motors are just modified servos with no feedback it took some fiddling. After a bit of trial and error I find that running both motors for 300 millis rotates the bot 1/8 turn.

'Making of' FOBOT Video

I've been quite busy & I know it's coming in a bit late, but for interests sake here is some of the background footage behind my OddBot Video Challange entry.


Touch Screen with Phidgets

Not much to say.  I'm tired. Just installed a touch screen mod for an aspire one D150 netbook and playing around with my phidget software.

I'm starting to get a little tired of thinking I have anything productive to bring to the robotics community.  Seems everyone laughs at phidgets and such.    I don't know.  I guess I just have the summer blues.  I don't feel like working on projects because I would rather get outside while it's nice and do other stuff. 

Anyway, another video, hope you find hit useful.


Programming a Picaxe in Ubuntu

Well, a small comment in the shoutbox caused several guys to download Ubuntu. Good choice, I like it! Here's a walkthrough to programming a PICAXE in it.


STEP  1) Download the Linux Axepad here- http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/software/linaxepad_100.tar.gz

STEP 2)  Extract the files to a folder on your desktop called "LinAXEPad" or whatever you want to call it.


i am lookin for new and creative robot ideas. I have an arduino mega. what do I do?

Enclosures for random electronics!

Well, most of their cases aren't very big, but they have alot of choices! Waterproof, vented, locking, PCB screw-able, you name it! Also have enclosures for keypads, scanners, touchscreens.. pretty awesome!



video of yellow drum machine 3

ok, i know the competition is over already but 3 hours before the final due hour, my computers power supply went to "sleep"... more of a "BANG......SIZZLE.......SMOKE*......sleep". so i couldnt submit it. however unfortunate that was, i thought it would be a waste of time if i didnt submit it any way, just for the hell of it.

....yes, i did cry.

firstly i would like to apolagise to fritz if this invaded any copyright laws that i was unaware of so please dont sue me.

anyways, this was my video.