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Starting with .NET Micro Framework

My current project is a start here robot with .NET Micro Framework using a FEZ Domino board from GHI Electronics. The FEZ Domino is pin compatible to Arduino, but has more processing power (ARM7 core with 72MHz clock), 3 UART, 2SPI USB host and micro SD-Card support.

After building some Arduino based robots I think it's time for a change. Before I start build the robot itself some testings were needed to find out if the FEZ Domino is a worthy successor for the Arduino and can I use my existing Arduino shields.

Crumbot's blog

4-26-12: Poor ole Crumy, sidelined like so many other projects. Distractions have been rampant and with JAKTEK burgeoning my time has been hard to spread around. Not that I haven't spent good in-skull time on the old boy though.

Voltage regulator

Just sharing my first attempt at a voltage regulator.

This is a very simple thing for anyone to make...


It must be...


I made it.

I followed Oddbot's walkthrough here and all worked fine. Great work Oddbot.

PICAXE IR sensor debugging music!

I decided to harvest a peizo buzzer off one of my many salvage boards to use while troubleshooting a new IR reflective breakout per Frits' description in Live Show #012. It works like a machine. I only fried one sensor (hasty connection straight to V+). Surface mount components are easy to replace though, thank The Maker. The video has everything but the sensor carnage.

Ahh, sound debugging \o/  I think I've entered my personal Golden Age of Robotics.  

How to - "Kollie Cyborg"

For those DIY'ers who want to take Lassie and turn her into a Cyborg, apparently there is an old Russian "How To"

It appears to be an amalgam of Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov disturbing work in the 1950's and some clever CG artist.

Full article in Russian here.

Reflow Controller Software Demo 1

23 April 2011

Uploaded video of the calibration routine used to adjust for overshoot.

22 April 2011

FezBridge - Android Debug Mode meets Fez Domino

FezBridge is an Implementation of the Android Debug Bridge (ADB)  on a .NETMF device, the Fez Domino from GHI electronics. It is based on the MicroBridge project from Inopia alias Romfont. The ADB is available on most Android phones (Andropid v1.6 or higher). This is one of the advantages against the Android Open Accessory mode. which runs only on a few phones.

My First Robot

This is my first robot. It uses a POP-168 power board (which is based off a arduino ATmega 168). It uses two DC motors for movement, and a parallax standard servo motor with a sharp IR sensor mounted on it for object detection.

inex POP-BOT

Competencia Nacional de Robótica Lasalle 2011 (Highlights of the National Competition of Robotics Lasalle)

Here I leave a very few highlights of the Competencia Nacional de Robótica Lasalle, that took place last Saturday.

Creepy crawler parts pics

The picture include: a baby doll that is too small, but is the sort of thing I'm looking for. The skate board is dirt and worn, perfect! The kids might not let me use this specific cast, but I know where to find another. Yup, this could work!

The case for lurking on LMR before starting on a large (ish?) robotics venture...

Ok... so let me start with... I've been humbled by the sheer simplicity with which some of these bots on here are made.  Functional and clean.


The one article that has made me rethink my strategy the most is  Oddbot's article Pushing the limits with encoders  


Autonomous Navigation Robot

The process of monitoring and controlling the movement of a craft or a vehicle from one place to another is termed as Navigation. By employing and implementing a suitable design, we can create a vehicle that can navigate from one point to another without a driver. Autonomous Navigation Vehicle (AGV) is an automated vehicle that does not require operation from an operator.

STL support on blogs.

STL Files are now able to be added and viewed on forum and blog posts as well as robot project posts.  

Attach .stl files using the file attachment panel.

The uploads have a maximum of 4Mb and your stl should be created so it is centered on x and y and the bottom on the z axis to be displayed properly in the viewer.

You may upload more than one file at a time and the objects will be selectable via a drop down.

Let me know if you guys have any issues :)

STL Viewer (beta)

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First steps again

My first steps in restarting my project was :

- Installing the Arduino IDE and trying to connect to my arduino board.
- Trying to figure out how the hell I connected the L298N driver to the arduino board :)
- offcourse writing everything down in a notebook

Next step is figuring out how I did the PWM on the L298N driver.
After that trying to reprogram my robot, since I lost the original source code, luckely for my it wasn't that big 

Ultra Sonic sensor working

Finally got the time to play with my pickaxe, and I've got my SRF05 working

Best Software for Robots

Best software for robots - linux software - http://www.linux-soft.org %)

Still working

My Jeep Mr Basic is still waiting for his brains... if I don't help him soon he will start looking for the Wizard of Oz...

My second robot is also in preparation, meanwhile I will continue enjoying all LMR's robots...

The perfect recipe

Some say I know all about computers... Some say I love my hardware more than my girlfriend... All i know is that my desk is always filled with laptops with different OSes, wires, bare PCB's, components and an arduino. That sounds like the perfect recipe for a robot!