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Arduino Speech Code

Based on a talking-lift-buttons project published on instricttables (credits to ICstation); I have modified the schematic to the following:

- Arduino Nano controls the audio storage chip APR9600 which includes 8 messages.

- Arduino generates random 8 numbers

- each number calls one of the 8 messages.

The result, it will look like as if the Arduino is talking out of its own mind.(more realistic if we extend this systems into say 50 phrases or more which may need different audion module than APR9600)

Suggestion for a new "Add Content" tab:Your crappy kickstarter

Since we seem to get one or two of those a week submitted as a forum entry, why don't we just make it official?  "Here's the place where you can come to overinflate the originality of and grovel and beg for money to get your just-like-every-other-project funded."

Motee - the tiniest & smartest motor controller in the World


I’m Karol Karczewski, the team leader of Lime Devices group. 
I’m happy to annouce that we have just launched our first campaign on Indiegogo:
The motor controller dedicated for robotics named Motee.

Dagu T'Rex Controller Magic Smoke


I am new to the forums, but I was told this is likely the better place to ask my question. I recently was rewiring my Dagu T'Rex controller and mistakenly reversed the polarity on the battery connection to the board, as result I let out some of the magic smoke. It was in the low-voltage mode when this occurred, and I identified D17 as a failed open diode. I am not sure just yet if any other components have been affected, however any recommendations or help I can get would be appreciated.


-Ryan H.

Web Control of Robot (RPi / Arduino) - Software Recomendations


I am enhancing my Arduino Nano based autonomous collision avoidance robot by adding a Raspberry Pi to stream video to a web page and provide manual control of the robot via buttons on the web page with the video stream.

So far I have installed Apache2 weberver and created a web page using Bootstrap with a button on it, I have successfuly connected the Arduino to the Pi via I2C and using a CGI Python script I can press a button on the web page to turn on an LED. 

NASA SpaceX Launch Invitation

Hello LMR,

As some of you might remember, we were recently awarded a small piece in the NASA SpaceApps Challenge.As a small gesture of giving something back to this amazing community, I'd like to invite a fellow LMRian(s) to  join me and a couple of my friends at the NASA SpaceX Launch at the Kennedy Space Center this September. It would be a pleasure meeting you in person.

Help me brainstorm up a new, perfect, Dog-chewing sensor.

This is my giant puppy Galileo (aka Leo):

aka "Vishnu, destroyer of leather furniture."

(These are only the last two examples.  There's one at the leather repair shop too.)

Design a Arduino intelligent hat for my worker father!

Father’s Day has just past several days and so happily, the present I gave for my father is of great help for him. My father is a building worker, he works quite hard to make money to bring us up, regardless of weather conditions. Year after year, he gets older and older, he is not as strong as before. How I hope the time can go slower and I can do the work for him!

walking gaits.

I've been building the body of a poppy 3d printed robot to use as my biped Plat form but I'm having trouble grasping the equations for dynamic motion. Essentially I understand it to be a 2 in part; a double pendulum connected at a single point with control using a single inverted pendulum model, then switches over to the other leg and continues the set up. Granted I need to do a lot more programming tutorials to further my understanding but I know I'm going to need a ton of help. Would placing an accellerometer/gyroscope in each foot and one in the head make the system compute better.

Quadrature Decoders

There has been quite a lot of discussion regarding Quadrature Encoders and Arduino. I have typically used Microchip PIC24 with embedded hardware or added external circuity to off load the cpu. I do want to have example code for class.

Autonomous Solar Panel Spider Project (Arduino)

Hello fellow robot enthusiasts/experts,

My name is Michele (Michael) and I'm from Italy. I really appreciate all your efforts and creativity for the love of robotics! It's truly amazing to see all your projects.

diy shoulder axle/pin/shaft/dowel pin?


I would like to 

- create a shouldered pin* in order to glue gearwheels** to it 

- ask you for any advice or link that may hint me towards a solution


any ideas are highly appreciated:

Pololu A4988 and Nema 17

Hi, I'm trying to build a balancing robot. I bought 2 x A4988 driver and 2 x Nema 17 motor.


hi !
 we are creating a drawing machine that does mistakes and turns red (LED)

ICs chips for sale

If you're looking for IC chips for your project now, this is the greatest offer to go.

30% OFF on all ICs chips on ICStation

Thanks and enjoy your day!


does Balancing Robot PID values become obsolete as motor battery diminishes?

Hi All,

I'm wiring up yet another attempt at a balancing robot (smoked a motor driver IC last time) and I just thought of something.

If I connect the motor driver to a 12V battery, then tweak my PID parameters, everything is going to go smoothly at first.  But then when the 12V battery diminishes, to say 9V, the motors will be a bit less responsive, and then I'd have to go ahead and tweak the PID parameters again.

Wild thumper trex controller wifi receiver problem!

Recently, I have bought a wild thumper 6wd with a trex controller to make a robot.

Hexapod problems with servos jittering

Hi everyone,  I am currently hands on an Hexapod, based on the same eBay kit as some other members, servos MG996R and then I want to control it via Arduino Mega 2560, in the meantime my tests are being done with Uno R3.

At the very end, I want to do some AI stuff thanks to ROS being executed in a Raspberry Pi also contained in the Hexapod.

General printer recommendations, delta vs xyz

I'm looking to get a new printer or printer kit. My printer head seems to have bit the dust and the Robox printer head is a large part of its cost?

Because of a change in circumstances, I am planning in living in an RV within the year. RVs are a bit hard on delicate machinery. Imagine a medium earthquake happening whenever I move.