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Need help

For some reason gedit just stoped working on my BBB and is giving me the following error;

(gedit : 1072): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display

this occurs whether I'm ssl'd in or windowed.

I did an echo $DISPLAY and the value was blank.

So my question is what is this value supposed to be?

I changed it to :1 no luck, :0.0 and couldn't ssl in at all.


Mike the newbie

Yet another possible robot microcontroller...

Hello again!

Take a look at: http://geoffg.net/ 

Then: http://www.circuitgizmos.com/products/cgmmstick1/cgmmstick1.shtml   (I mention the "stick" because of it's size and format.)

These PIC-32 based modules can be used to make entire little 'old style' microcomputers or..... the stick looks GREAT for making a very nice robot controller.

Translation the shaft encoder data

Hi All ,

Have a nice day

Looking to build follow along golf caddy

I'm thinking about building as a winter project a motorized golf push cart. I know that I can just buy them but I can probably build it cheaper and it would be more fun. But I am completely new to this kind of stuff, electronics, I do have some experience in building r/c helicopters, and I am a software engineer. Here is what I would like the cart to do:

Arduino mega issue

Hi everyone, I'm new to this web site and also to robotics so please bare with me, I have a arduino mega 2560 and a mega sensor shield version 2. When I installed the sensor shield onto the arduino mega board the feet where the power selector has been soldered touched the outer casing on the USB connector and cased a short on the board which in turn burnt out the little component ( I'm guessing resistor) next to the USB connector. I have fixed the cause of the problem but would like to know if I can still use the arduino mega with this component issue. Thanks

Learning to use WiFly RN-XV module, any advice?

Recently I have started trying to add WiFi to my robots. The WiFly modules seem like a good choice. Reasonably priced and they fit in an XBee socket so that I can easily swap the hardware between Xbee and WiFly. For this reason I added an Xbee / WiFly socket on the ComMotion shield. Unfortunately I know nothing about networking so I have a steep learning curve ahead.

adding a second dht22

I am using a dfrobot lcd, http://tinyurl.com/kfgbkf9 , and a dht22 temp humidity sensor, http://www.adafruit.com/products/385 , I want to add a second sensor, inside, outside or upstairs, downstairs kinda thing, could I get some clues, I think I just don't get how to name the second sensor, would like to add it after the delay in the loop. Google was not a ton of help?



How to Make a Robot

I am totally new to this world and want to make my first robot Using pic or microcontroller.

I want to make with the parts i have.

Pic12f675,16f877,At89c51,At89c2051,LM339,ultrasonic rangefinding,Lcd,Breadboard ,motors with wheels and many more.

Can any One help me to make my first robo.

Cricket Chirps

Without the shoutbox it seems oddly quiet and lonely. How did we ever have LMR without it?  :-)

"Hello?......"   (echo's down the hallway)


quadcopter board for balancing robot - motor control assistance/ideas needed

I'm planning on using the Micro MWC Flight Control Board DSM2 ESC's X4 Brushed Integrated

Any propellor you want, as long as it's black

Today, on the IRC channel, 6677 posted this link:


where Parallax has open-sourced the Verilog code for their propellor chip.  This could be very interesting.

SRF04 vs. SRF05

I used the SRF05 on a previous robot I built a while back and it was pretty impressive. It was also a little expensive. I just got a deal on a box of SRF04's and got them but I can't really find the main difference between the two models.

Can someone illuminate me?

New to the site

Hi everyone I'm new to this site and would like to say hi it looks a very good site and lots of interesting stuff to do I am very new to electronics and would really like to learn about it and would like to know if any one knows of any good start up projects or information to learn the basics of electronics to progress me further on Thanks

sensing water flow in a pipe


I remember my dad yelling at my sister and I since we took long showers.  My sister had the hot water turned off more than once on her although I never did.

One motor is faster than the other?

Hi makers

Im trying to make my remote controlled robot working. Im using an Arduino UNO with the official motor shield R3. The controller is at this point a simple breadboard with 4 buttons on. The wireless communication is handled by RF links. Im using the Tamiya Twin Gear motors with the following DC motors. Im using the 203:1 gear ratio. Im powering both the shield and the Arduino using two seperated 9v batterys. 

Device signature 0x000000 while burning bootloader


So I bought 7 Atmega328's and burned bootloader's into 5 of them.However for 2 of them I get the following error:

avrdude: Device signature = 0x000000
avrdude: Yikes!  Invalid device signature.
         Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override
         this check.

I'm using Arduino Duemilanove as ISP and got the com settings,board selection and programmer settings correct.

Attiny Interrupts and communication

Hi everyone!

For the past few days I have been working on a "smart" servo. Basically, I want the precision of a standard servo combined with continuous rotation and low costs. 

The plan is: Put two brightness sensors on one of the inner gears and use them as a quadrature encoder to calculate the angle. This value is then sent to an arduino or directly used to reach a set position. 

What I have done so far:

I decided to use a HK15138 Servo from Hobbyking because they are about the cheapest servos you can find at this size.

Practical Uses of Artificial Neural Nets?

I have read over the theory behind neural networks and found open source code to help implement them in various ways.

I was wondering if any LMR users out there had put neural nets to any practical uses on their projects?  What kind of neural net did you implement?  For what purposes?  Was it worth the effort?  What problems in robotics do you think are well suited to neural nets?