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Printing with trimmer line

As many of the shout box regulars have found out i have my printer up and running. when i finished it i had no material to print with and a massive desire to see my monstrosity work amd remembered something i had read online.People were experimenting with trimmer line (the stuff thats used in weed wackers/weed eaters etc...) but last i had looked into it deltas and bowdens were the new and most people were running 3mm filament. well after looking around i found .065 inch line which measures out to ~1.68mm.

Soldering tutorial

Hey there

When first starting out on electronics, I found soldering really frustrating, mainly because I was missing a few good tips and tricks that make it a breeze! So I've just finished off a video tutorial, and thought I'd post it here in case anyone finds it helpful :)



The robots we've always wanted

In a recent thread, some LMR members started listing robots they loved and which inspired them, either real or from sci-fi novels or movies. My interest in robotics also finds its origin in our great sci-fi canon, and people listed some really cool robots I'd never even heard of. I thought it may be interesting to split this off as a forum topic and hear about even more robots out there and how and why they inspired our fellow LMR members to build robots themselves?   

Architecture @ wifi controlled mecanum robot

Last year I made a mecanum robot controlled by a Spectrum DX8 radio transmitter. Goal of my next project is to control the bot with a tablet. Plan also is to add a video camera on the bot and plaback the video stream on the tablet.

Arduino robot playing keyboard (music device)?

Hello everybody, I'm on 3rd year of production engineering, so I'm starting about making projects. I also play on keyboard, so... One of them is, as stated in subject, is robot with 61 arms playing music from MIDI files (which would be on SD card for example). I was thinking about using electromagnets on every arm, so robot will be able to punch keys-chords. There would be only robot - no PC, no laptop. Would it be possible? Robot punching keys from MIDI files - it would look like real-life Synthesia robot, playing music not on PC, but on my keyboard.

Questions about Wild Thumper 6WD with Wild Thumper Robot Controller

This is my first post and my first attempt at starting a robot and programming said robot. I have some questions regarding my Wild Thumper 6WD with Wild Thumper Robot Controller.


Are there any stores in Bahamas that sells the starter kit

Firefox Webpage Buttons Work With Visual Basic 2010 Buttons!

Hello There .......I have a long time to write here! Nice to be back.......


I have a big problem here and i want your help........I made a program in visual basic which is running a firefox browser...I have a coubles of vb buttons and i want when i click them to work the same  in firefox page...The page that firefox is running is preloaded...I upload a  picture with the program. the page that is on it is Webiopi for raspberry pi ...



Please Help Me If You Can

Control of 32 DC motors

I'm building some sort of musical instrument using 32 small (12-24V) and cheap DC motors (no servos!) which need to be controlled (on/off and speed) by a computer. Can anybody get me to a place where I could find a solution for that or give me some hints on how to get that done? It would be great if it could be something similar to the lynxmotion SSC-32U USB Servo Controller (http://www.lynxmotion.com/p-1032-ssc-32u-usb-servo-controller.aspx), except that it should not be used for driving servos, but control the rotation speed of the motor.

Web Site User Content


In order to share ideas and progress etc should create a blog on here or use something other like Weebly and link to that? Is there a project page on here for individual projects or is that what the blog is for?

Sorry if I am being a bit dumb.

Great web site by the way, full of useful, interesting and inovative stuff :-)


This Will Get Me Going Again

I started trying to get into Robotics and Electronics abour 14 or so years ago, when Robot Wars was on the TV weekly. Always been interested in tinkering but never really got much further than that.

I did manage to build a couple of basic bots, a passive Robot with a couple of bump switches / capacitors and relays, a small RC controlled roller called SeargAnt and a Basic Stamp wheeled robot with home made Infra Red Detection and Bump Switch collision detection whiskers called R2D3.

Any complaints about your scope?

No, not variables. I'm wondering if anyone using a newer tft screen oscilloscope has any regrets about it. I'm talking the Attens, Owons, Rigols, Hanteks and Siglents in that U$300-500 range, 100-200Mhz, 1Gs area. I'm probably wasting money either way, and wasting time thinking about it, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about it.

My First Robot - HC-SR04 rather than InfraRed Range Finder

Hello - 

I am working on my first robot project and thoroughly enjoying it.

I have already had to post once on the forum about a little motor issue and that got answered very quickly by you all and hoping you can help with this more challanging step...

I am following the Start Here instructions but I was unable to buy the IR range finder but did manage to find HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor.

Robot From RC Car with One Motor


Can anyone point me to a tutorial or the like to help make a simple robot from a single motor RC car. I know two motors are more popular and would be better but at the moment I only have 1 x RC car with a single motor and I gues a small actuator for the steering.

My thoughts were that I could control the drive motor and the actuator for the steering using a compatible arduino nano like this:

Pedophilic crawler?

 Viewing some of the robot chassis on aliexpress and came upon this one that is called a "pedophilic crawler".  Is there another definition I am not aware of or is it a bizarre translation error? 

Good for a laugh either way! Ed. 

Screen shot

Stuck on my first project (Motors)


I have started building the Starter project on this site under Start Here section and while I have managed to do most of it I am stuck on two parts and was hoping for some help.

I have managed to get to the part where I program the servo to turn and do Servo Fun part of the build without a problem.

Motor Problem

The when testing the motor to see if they work is the first issue. I program the instruction for 

high 4

low 5

Need someone to write a review of the Overlord 3D printer

YOU decided who is getting a Overlord 3D printer for free!!!

The lucky winner ist Mr. jinx....congratulation!!!

UPDATE Feb. 3rd:

help me to make my balance robot standup right


I made my first self-balance robot using:

-arduino uno

-TB6612FNG dual motor driver

-motor DG02S


-châssis home made

-Kalman filter

-PID for PWM

-DFrobot battery 7.4v 2200 mAh

the problem is:

when pwm is under 50 the motor don't move !!

Christmas/Birthday Shopping

I have a friend who has and Arduino Uno, but hasn't used it for anything. While he does have access to tools and soldering irons, he is reluctant to do anything with the arduino, being far more interested in programming on his computer. I want to take advantage of the holiday/his birthday, and find something that will let him apreciate the arduino. Any ideas?


He is a freshman in high school, and is competent in electronics, and a far better programmer than I am.

     Thank you in advance, Kidbot