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Arduino UNO R3 SMD or IC

Hi All, I am very new to this hobby, I am looking to buy the UNO R3 board but have noticed there are 2 types, one with Microproccesor as an smd , the other with a plug in chip version of the proccesor,

Which one of the 2 is preferable please.



Electronics question: LEDs on a slightly unpredictable power supply

Hi guys, Way off topic, but you guys have been so helpful in the past, and i KNOW you know the answers, so one cant but ask!

We are doing a camper van conversion, and i have found some sweet "decking lights" for internal lighting.

They are sealed, "3LEDs and a resistor", units, designed to run at 12V (off a transformer, the junction box is a simple parrallel arrangement)

Problem is, the vehicle battery will produced between 11 and 14V depending on charge condition and if the alternator is running.

Advice on servo motors

Hello everyone! my and a friend are working on a project for making a replice of the sentry turret from a game called Team Fortress 2, although the specific details of that dont matter xD we are currently having trouble in locating servo motors for different purposes of the build, so i was wondering if anyone had any advice or links on where i could find servers with the following specifications:

Dagu Trex Controller Issue [SOLVED]


I create a new forum to talk about a trex controller issue I encountered after one hour of use of this controller. I mounted the dagu trex controller on the dagu wild thumper chassis with the 30+6mm given spacers . For testing purposes, I connected the trex controller in LV and no external switch mode (2 jumpers on) with Zippy LIPO 2S batteries and a D8RII FrSky receiver. The batteries are in series on the batteries input. The channel 1 and 2 of the receiver (which I programmed to be throttle and direction on the 9XR TX) are connected on the TX/RX pins of the controller.

Solar outlet Power

Hey friends! Work is still slowly going on my robot project but something else came up that I could really use some ideas on...


What I'd like to build is a solar powered AC outlet (110v US standard). Ideally it would take in power from the sun, store in a battery, and go out to an outlet. A friend of mine is doing some major go-green efforts and I wanted to help out, however Im a bit rusty on my electrical engineering lol.


secondary level arduino electronics kit?

i'm wondering if anyone sells a kit of components for like a secondary level of hobbyist... like a next step up from an arduino inventors kit.  Something that includes a bunch of components such as:

LPC dev tools first release

Some of you are aware of my ongoing project to develop a good toolchain for the NXP LPC1114 and related processors.  I have finally posted an initial release of what I have so far.  It is really rough, but mostly works.  If you are interested in getting a head start or if you just want to take a look at what I'm doing, the files are here:


Feedback is welcome.  Please don't tell me "your documentation sucks," I already know that :-)


Move robot along curved path (with differential steering)

I am building a robot that looks roughly like this:

(Image taken from this site and modified by myself.)

Dagu Micro Magician Robot Controller V2

Hi All, my Name is Peter, this will be my first post.

I have this controller, Micro Magician,  and was woundering, to run an I spy tank or similar, do I need to add a Motor controller or can I just use the motor out terminals on the Dagu Micro Magician Robot Controller V2



Adding a switch

Hello all.

I was just wondering how I would add an on/off switch to this circuit so I can turn the power from the batteries on and off?


Frying Up Some Pi

Ugh! Someone I was trying to help with a cheap L298N h-bridge pointed me to this video from TheRaspberryPiGuy.

At 10:41 of the video he plugs the 5V line into his RPi's I/O pin.

What type of projects are you using your BeagleBone black for?

My daughter and I have started building a robot with our BeagleBone black.  You can see our robot here http://letsmakerobots.com/robot/project/my-first-working-robot. I was wondering what others were using their BeagleBone black for to give me ideas for other projects we could also work on.

ADXL345 Breakout + UNO hookup doubts about voltages i2c

Hi I'm new to the forum and also new starting to experiment with arduino and sensors. I've bought an adxl345 breakout board to hookup to my arduino uno using i2c. But I'm having several doubts. I've already read i2c protocol datasheet, and went through arduino resources talking about level translation and how arduino manages a HIGH or LOW value. But I still have doubts regarding how to wire this breakout board properly and to avoid frying it.  I've attached pictures of the breakout board as I don't have any schematics for it.

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Wild Thumper 6WD Voltage / power question


I have a Wild Thumper 6WD chassis with the T'rex Robot Controller board:

I want to be able to run this in high power mode so that I can connect a Raspberry Pi a Robotic arm with six servos and a Camera so want to use the 5V & 6V outputs at greater than the 800ma available in low power mode. I have a 22.2V LiPo battery that I could use however this is obviously to higher voltage for the motors that are rated upto 7.5 volts. 

Does anyone own the RocketBot App?

Hey folks, 

It seems that I have completely lost the instruction manual to my own app, the RocketBot Controller. I guess it didn't make the transition from Google Docs to Drive.

Is there anyone here who bought or is using my app who downloaded a copy of these instructions? I would love you forever if you could send me a copy.

If not, I am going to have to rewrite TFM...

Free trial 24 channel Veyron Servo Controller

It's time again, go and grab your free 24 channel Veyron Servo Controller. All you have to do is write a comment there or shoot the DFRobot guys an email. We would really like to see a review after you tested the controller.


Parts for my first Robot

Hello all, I am looking to build a robot and was just wondering if everyone could look at my list and see what I am missing, even if it is something as simple as a wire I have missed, please tell me! I hopefully have most of the parts I will need, but I'm doubting myself which is why I'm asking on here. It is just a basic, obstacle avoiding robot however I hope to add extra things in the future.

Arduino Mega 2560                

400 Points Solderless Bread Board 

Searching for Servos

Hello all, I'm looking for servos like the ones that were used in this robot.


If anyone can name me the servos used for the wheels (they seem incredibly small?) and the servo used for the ultrasonic sensor that would be fantastic, this robot is exactly the sort of thing I want to make and I can't seem to find anything similar anywhere.

Thanks in advance! :)

Making a humanoid, guidanace needed

Hello everyone,
Am planning to make a humaoid,just a one which walks.
with 6-8 servos. Am not sure which microcontroller to use, will a arduino Uno be better than picaxe 40X2 or picaxe 28X2 in picaxe 28 starter board for this project?
am new to adruino bt a little familiar with picaxe.
The robot has to walk first(for biginning),then i will try to upgrade it.
I have ordered some servos: