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How many versions of arduino have you got?

I've got a few versions of arduino on my pc and I'm probably wasting space but I bet I'm not the only one.
Just wondering what versions are best to keep. I believe there are incompatabilities with existing code for some older or newer versions.
At the moment I've got 21,22 and 23 and 1.0.3.
Are there any I haven't got I should have and which of these should I ditch.
Also is there a way to tell each version where it's sketchbook is and keep it. I've noticed that when I switch ide's I have to change the sketchbook back. Really annoying.

Waiting for a Pixy and Thinking of Challenge

I don't know how many of you ordered a Pixy from their Kickstarter, but I've seen the camera mentioned several times on LMR.

I was thinking of issuing a challenge to see who comes up with the first Pixy aided robot but I think such a challenge needs to be better defined.

What would be a good challenge? Line following with Pixy as the only sensor?

Bioloid CM-5 programming

Has anyone here ever interfaced with a CM-5 via a serial connection?  I'm going to be borrowing a CM-5 and want to use it to control some AX-12 servos.

My plan is to piggyback off of some Java programs I've written to interface with Arduino.

I guess my question is, other than opening a serial connection and reading/writing the correct protocol, are there any gotchas I should know about before I spend a few hours debugging something simple (we've all been there, amiright?)



Trouble Collecting


First day joining LMR. Love this site! I found a number of robots that I would like to follow the progress on. But when I click on the Collect link I get a HTTP error 200... I am using Google Chrome has anyone had this before?

Really sorry if this is this wrong spot for posting this, I did a search and came up empty...

Propeller QuickStart Boards on Sale at RadioShack

Apparently RadioShack is putting their QuickStart boards on sale for $19.97. The normal price is $35 (possibly more at RS).

I know I'll be checking my local stores for boards (though I don't recall ever seeing a QS locally).

In case you haven't heard, the Propeller is a great microcontoller to use with robotics.

Spider Controller powering up through USB only.

Hey guys,

I hadn't used the the spider controller for around 2 months. ( was working great back then) A few weeks ago, I picked it up again, tried powering up through an external power supply, and booom. ( no it didn't blow! :D)

But it did not power up.

It works fine through the USB cable. I checked the switch. It was damaged too. I have replaced it with a new one, but to no avail.I am assuming that the 5V regulator might have gone out? What do you suggest guys?


New Arrivals Of ICStation - Plus Coupon Code‏

Dear LMRians,

10% Off On All New Arrivals, Enjoy it Now!

Coupon Code: 5ics ($5 OFF $50); 15ics ($15 OFF $100)
Discounts Valid until March 15, 2014. The price of the on sale items is not included.

Combining multiple servos together.

Does anyone have experience with using a wiring harness to supply servos with power? I basically want to cut all my servo leads and run a single set of power and ground lines to daisy chain all the servos in each limb of a biped (6 per leg, 3 per arm) together.

My Favorite Chip Sample!

I keep saying, I got into robots for the women...Max, back me up here. :)

cannot let motor go backwards

I'm programming to TREX motor controller. Somehow I cannot make the motor go backward. However, my code is pretty much the same as the sample code in the tutorial. Could someone help me out? Thanks a lot.

The code is like below, when the inputSpeed less than 0, it should set lmdirpin and rmdirpin to 0, and therefore go backwards, however, the code doesn't work and I cannot debug it out. And I'm sure the pin numbers are right. Can any one help me to figure it out. Thanks for the help.

What Causes Multiple Posts?

It sure seems like there are lots of multiple posts on LMR. I think it's happened to me but not very often.

Is it caused by someone hitting the "Submit" button more than once? Or is it just a glitch in the LMR software?

I'll experiment with the multiple button press theory in a reply below.

non-robot related, physics question

Hello robodudes!!! I've got a question, it's not for a school homework(I promise :| ), it's for something that I'm currently working on, I just can't find any other equations anywhere that describes what I needed, so I've made my own....and I dunno if it's correct. 

LMR Wiki Content

Hello LMRians,

Had an email conversation with Frits, THE LMR Webmaster, and he gave me the scoop on a soon (days not weeks) to be added Wiki to the LMR site. If you aren't familiar with a Wiki, look it up on the mother of all wikis, Wikipedia.org.

The LMR wiki will be the Go-To place for articles on all the various aspects of making robots and possibly articles (not reviews) about the various robot kits on the market.

In anticipation of the new wiki I thought it would be a great idea to:

Lathon, DUAL NOZZLE 3D Printer on Kickstarter

Hey everyone,

We are a startup called Lathon3D and are running a Kickstarter campaign for a new 3D printer. The LATHON has two nozzles that can print in two different materials and two different colors. Below are test parts with blue ABS and red Thermoplastic Elastomer:

The LATHON also has a massive 12"x9"x8" enclosed build area. The best way to explain it is to show what the LATHON made in a just 3 seperate pieces.

Birthday present for raspi

Today comes the announcement Broadcomm are releasing the details on their video core iv gpu which is similar to the harware used in the raspi.
Eben Upton has announced $10,000 bounty for the first to come up with a new open source driver that takes advantage of this release.
Happy Birthday Raspi!

Mini-Smoke Maker

Any ideas how to have a smaller robot make smoke (safely)? I was thinking either a mini-fog maker or dry ice/water being kept in a tube and then opening that when it's needed.

Wild Thumper with T'Rex and bluetooth module acting weird and unexpected

Welcome !

I've just received yesterday wild thumper 6WD with T'Rex controller, DAGU bluetooth module and 6DOF robotic arm .

As soon as it was possible i tried to set up chassis with controller and bluetooth module and have some fun with it. ( I was looking at the stairs near my flat for few weeks as one of the things i'll have to climb !! )


I am adressing directly to the admin of the site (Fritz  ;-) ), but other LMR can support my idea.


Where is the mershandising section of the LMR website ?

very large tee-shirt

ridiculous LMR vanted hat

luminous solar powered LMR umbrella

so large bumper/hood sticker

crazy strong LMR fridge magnet

abosutely awesome geeky LMR laser color pen

Anyone else playing with LPC1114?

I know Mr. 6677 is playing with one off and on.  Anyone else?

I started using LPCExpresso, LPC1114_CodeBase, and FlashMagic.  Everything was going great until I found CodeBase is far from complete :(


Any suggestions?

raspberry pi arduino,

So im pretty newish to robotics and programming in general, but ive done some reading and have started down my own path.

my robot(including a picture, description, wiring diagram and code) is posted here http://letsmakerobots.com/node/40350