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Shout Box is Back Up!

Hi Everyone,

The shout box is back up and running. You can now turn it On or Off to your liking. It is default at Off, simply press the On button to start chatting.

The results after a Poll of two days concerning keeping the shout box or not showed the following results:

We are therefore glad to put it back up with a new feature.

Best platform for self-balancing and running biped robot?

I had some questions regarding how much computing power would be required to make a small scale 2 legged humanoid robot, that could go running (or 4 legged like those Boston Dynamics robots)...what type of programming (Picaxe basic, Arduino, C?) and board would be best to use?  There would be so many servos, a lot of real-time balancing and vision data to process.

Keeping you up to date on changes to LMR

Hi Everyone,

This thread is created to keep everyone up to date on changes that are made or will be made to LMR. We do want to keep everyone in the loop. Rest assured that we do not have plans to change everything drastically but, we do want to make things better for this community and this therefore means that some things will be improved. We are looking forward to consulting the community and having members vote on major changes also.

24/03/16 Added Spam preventing features

The Shout Box Disappeared!

Around 9:55 am EDT, the Shout Box disappeared from my screen on both my PC and from my Andriod phone. Anyone else experience this?

Voting System - Technology

So with so many ideas being passed around it's not possible to keep record of it all, so we'll look into a voting system. People have given us many already but so far we can only tell them to hang on to them and wait for a system. So now's the time - question is how to implement it? We're very open to ideas. So some initial thoughts about a suggestion box with voting:

MIG welder recommendations?

Okay, as I've said before, I used to be a maintenance mechanic. So, I am used to some very high priced industrial equipment. That being said, do you folks have any reccomendations for an inexpensive gas shielded MIG welder? I know I can't afford anything near what we had in the shop, but I am thinking if I got the right small welder, then I could weld different metals with the right wire/gas combo. CO2/argon for steel and straight argon for aluminum. Any help at all would be appreciated.

(SOLVED) 3d printer extruder not extruding enough?

Dear: LMR

Hello guys just to let you know I have been running into an extruding problem. It is definetly not a clogged nozzle or extruder because I have more than checked for both. You see the 3d printer is not extruding enough. I have to put force on the filament down the extruder to get filament moving.

The possible problems are numerous. You should know that I bought a new hotend for my 3d printer. The 3d printer hotend ran into a problem and the resistor came loose. That probably would be a fire hazard if I didn't buy a new hotend.

Raspberry PI robot book?

Hey folks! Just signed up about 20 minutes ago. Former Factory Mainenance Mechanic here, so I have a pretty decent knowledge of automation. My question is, is any of it useful for this hobby?

I just got a book called Make a Raspberry Pi-Controlled Robot by Wolfram Donat, and I am wanting to build something similar, but a lot more robust. Basically more like a robot mule. Something that can tote some pretty heavy payloads with a long working time. I have some ideas about that, but I will go into them later. Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi more than anything. Have a good day!

Why not make a Big Trak type robot?

It occurred to me, I haven't seen anyone make a Big Trak clone lately.  For those who don't know, Big Trak was a Milton Bradley's toy in 1979-80 that was recently brought back.  It was a truck that could be programmed to Move Forward a certain number of "units" (about 13 inches), Stop and Wait a certain number of seconds, Turn left or right a certain number of degrees (but, you had to test it on each type of flooring), Fire a laser gun, dump out stuff in a trailer, etc.

Speed controller

Hi all,

I'm curious as to what you guys are using for speed control. I've had a dig around the site and I'm not really finding the answer I'm looking for.

What I'd really like to know is, are rc car speed controllers suitable? I've been looking at them on eBay and they appear to offer high amperages, forward and reverse and relatively cheap prices.

Do these things work OK, with Arduino?

Are there better alternatives?

Does someone know of a post that will give me some insight?



Are TechShops any good, or is there a better national chain


I will be moving into a motor home eventually. I can't afford to fit an entire shop into one for many reasons. One being that most shop equipment is noisy and most rvers are retired and like their quiet.

So I'm thinking of a national chain of maker shops. TechShops seem to be good and have a decent range. I can have a 3d printer and some simple hand tools, and I should be able to build robotos without much problems. I should even be able to afford a Titan in the future, though getting it in and out of a motor home might be the bigger problem. :)

Any thoughts?

Use of the Website

Sorry but these stupid questions are not actually about robots as such. They are actually about how to use the LMR website. I couldn't find anywhere else on the site to raise these questions so my apologies if I'm doing something wrong. I have searched the site, found a few dusty corners I'd never noticed before, a few faqs and guides but still haven't found the answers I'm looking for.

Most Price Efficient Actuators for larger hexapod

I'm wanting to create a hexapod based robot out of PVC, maybe about 3 foot tall.
I'm not wanting to make it have to carry anything heavier than let's say 20lbs.

I'm still learning about some hardware in the actuators department, and know a lot of science, but not a lot of physics formulas. I'm considering trying to control each leg's from raise up to move forward by a solenoid, but need to know if I want to use a bi-directional solenoit, stepper motor, or something else to have the legs move forward and back when raised.

Question regarding Spider robot controller/Arduino Mega (1280)

Question regarding Spider robot controller/Arduino Mega (1280)

After some search I found the pin layout of the Spider controller:

One question:
Is it correct that the inner female pin is ground,
next inner male pin is GND
and outmost male pin is 5V?

All according to

USB ASP programmer not working with Arduino Micro

Hello everybody!

I'm currently working on a project using an Arduino Micro. Unfortunately, due to a soldering mishap, the micro USB port is not usable. Now, I'm trying to program the Arduino with its ICSP header using a USB ASP programmer. Whenever I try programming the Micro, I get this error message.

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Issues with LMR saving progress

Is anyone else having issues with the LMR site now allowing to save progress? i tried clearing browser cache and even using a different browser to no avail

Aduino Uno with more beef

I have been quite frustrated using generic Arduino Uno boards with peripherals such as digital compass, IMU, and nrf24L01 radios. The problem usually manifests itself as not enough usable I/O pins, not enough power or ground pins, wrong sex on headers, an most importantly,insufficient 3.3V power. I have boards from Dagu & RFRobot that satisfy most of these issues but I need the Uno pin format to cleanly interface with the Dagu Scamper ComMotion shield.

Solution. Design my own board.

IR Tank Battle Bots

I want to make 2 robots out of Lego with tank treads and a turret that will shoot an "Ion Cannon" at the other bot. When hit, the bot will rock its wheels, make a sound and a point given to the victor. I want these to battle in an arena of fish tank gravel, and the turrets only will have left-right degrees of freedom in a maximum of a 180 degree spread (powered by a servo)

RobotShop Acquires LetsMakeRobots.com

RobotShop, the leading source for robots and robot parts on the web already hosts one of the largest communities of robot and drone enthusiasts. In 2010, in order to better serve their community by providing free information and articles accessible to all, RobotShop acquired GoRobotics.net, one of the most popular and oldest blogs on robots.