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Robot vacuum cleaner, thoughts?

So I've build the tutorial robot and me and a friend want to do something more challenging. We've decided to re-use the parts of the tutorial robot and make a similar robot, this time with a vacuum cleaning goal. It's not the goal to make one for personal use or even a good working one, it's for a school project so if it moves around and vacuum cleans a little bit it's good enough.

Raw sketch of the body, wheels and sensors (Sensors are red, wheels black, body is large rectangle): 

Effect of timers on PWM

All the pwm-pins on my Uno are occupied and I would like to use timer 1 or 2 to set up a timer interrupt to resolve some timing issues. I have learned that using timers cause losing pwm-pins, since the timers are also used for generating pwm-signals by the analogWrite function.

Wild thumper not responing - trouble shooting

Hello all, 

I am a beginner in Arduino, Electronics and Robotics - programming i can do. My Wild Thumper started to behaving weird. I fear that I have destroyed it, but I would like to hear your input.

Here is my setup: 

Best platform for self-balancing and running biped robot?

I had some questions regarding how much computing power would be required to make a small scale 2 legged humanoid robot, that could go running (or 4 legged like those Boston Dynamics robots)...what type of programming (Picaxe basic, Arduino, C?) and board would be best to use?  There would be so many servos, a lot of real-time balancing and vision data to process.

H Bridge Trivia

Sorry guys-constipation and the iPad have me pondering the imponderables again. Can anyone explain to me why there are or why there need to be four f*€k!ng ground pins on these DIPS? They all run to the same point-it's not like ins 1-4 get a separate ground.

Service Droid Wiring w/ 4 Channel Controller and Spider Controller

Been working on wiring up Vader (my Service Droid) using a Rover 5, Dagu 4 Channel Controller and Dagu Spider Controller.  Since I've never used this channel or these boards before I drafted a poor man's schematic in Powerpoint of what I think the wiring should be.  Would appreciate a peer review before implementing it. It's a little rough, but when cleaned up it could be useful to anybody else building a Service Droid kit as well.


12v motors 400rpm 13.14Kg/cm

Hi, I found a motor with this specifications:

Dagu 4 channel motor controller Specs

Hi All,

I was just wondering what the maximum input current would be for the dagu 4 channel motor controller.

I have built this circuit http://letsmakerobots.com/node/3880 to power my robot (the third one down).

I didnt have a multimeter at the time i finished it so thinking optimistically i plugged it in and switched it on only to get smoke coming from the motor controller board.

UDoo (arduino 2) and dagu motor unit controller 4 channel


Hi all,

I received a udoo board (www.udoo.org) as christmas gift. The board is fully compatible with an arduino 2 with the same microprocessor. Because of its compatibility there is the limit of 3,3 volt. In my project I would like to buy the rover5 as platform, but the logical doesn't seems compatible due to the logic signal of 5 volts of the motor unit.


1) Is my undestanding correct?

volume data for my project

I am working on C.A.R.L., but I need to come up with a way to turn the volume from an audio jack into analog data.

Could I just connect the ground line to the arduino ground and the signal wire to an analog input?



rover 5 gearings lubricant : Which one to use ?


I bought a Dagu Rover 5 (4 Motors 4 encoders). I notice that gearings make some noise. There is a little part of lubricant delivered with the rover but it is cheap. What kind of product can I use to do that ? (in other words, What type of lubricant to use for the gearings?)

Thanks a lot by advance


Two Dumb Questions; TX/RX LEDs on TTL and Wheel on Motor

Good evening everyone,

Two dumb questions:


I'm working on getting simple RX/TX traffic indicator lights on a 3.3v TTL system.


The LED is a tri-color RGB LED (datasheet).  I'm trying to accomplish something like in this post here, the Olin answer.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Hello LMR,

     I am currently trying to develop a PIR sensor with bluetooth 4.0 wireless transmission. I am ordering the HM-11 and HM-10 and a PIR sensor to do this. Can someone tell me what other components I require to do this?

Uploading sketches to a Mega 2560 via a Yun ?

Hello all,


I just received a Arduino Yun and like very much the easy way of wireless uploading of sketches.

How should i go about to upload sketches to a Mega 2560 with the as interface Yun via WIFI  ?



Thanks for any help.



design to print

I didn't do to much printing with my printrbot simple, just enough for setting everything, and now its almost perfect.


I designed an object with sketchup, convert to STL and load into Repetier, look great after sliced.  After the printing is done my dimension are a little bit wrong.

are there "hobby robot" servos that can move as fast as large motors / servos?

Hi all,

I came across this video (see below) of the Staubli TP80 and...how is it moving so fast?!!!

learning code ... the ups and downs

Thought id post this example to show what im going through in the learning and understanding prossess of coding. For the most part it is very frustrating ... i would have very limited understandig at the moment and practically new to coding have tried before but stopped as other things came up.

But have started again and finding it hard going ... but am having some success ..

Number one reason is not being able to find any site with a teaching process .... have found some great sites that show very good tutorials eg tronixstuff ... 

Programming issues

new to the programming world but have been learning.  I have a PING)) Ultrasound sensor on my robot and im just trying to get it to move forward than stop if anything comes in front of it. First i started by using a program to make sure the sensor was working (which it is) and to test the values. This is what i started with:






 LET DIRSC = %00000000

 PULSIN 0, 1, W0


goto main

T'rex controller fault

I have a new t'rex controller I intended to use with a wild thumper 6wd. While setting up the rc controls and testing the motor direction/reversing, I ran into a problem.  One of the motor outputs stopped working, and the fault led came on.  Both outputs were working initially, for about 20 seconds in total. But now this motor output goes straight into fault mode on power up.  Using a charged 7.2v NiMH pack btw.