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How to connect Xbee module (series 1) with wild thumper controller

Iam trying to connect Xbee module (series 1) with wild thumper controller using (pins D0,D1)

i have used XBEE explorer from sparkfun to regulate 5V from wild thumper controller to 3.3V to operate the xbee module

but i need to now how to set XBEE explorer at programming mode to upload my code ,then how to set it at xbee mode to work as a reciver from my joystick ??

My connections :

Vcc at XBEE explorer     >>  middle pin at wild thumper conroller

LMR Social Protocol

This is a general question on "LMR Social Protocol".


Whats the social protocol on finishing a robot that a family member started and never finished, and how should I post it on LMR?

(i.e. under my account, or get his login and post it under his)

Light Painting Wooden Robot Arm

The music sounds like the subliminal tracks I used when I was recovering from surgeries but that is one pretty arm.

VEX Robotics Team 2252C in need of funds

This is team 2252C from VEX Robotics, where teenagers from middle and high school participate.

28x1 coding


Writing an updated LED chaser with a 28x1.  The chaser is fine with output on pins B.0 to B.7 and portc 0 to portc 6 it also contains an interrupt on portc 7.  All this is fine.  however, I only want to start the sequence if porta pin0 is high.  When I switch off a.0 I want to stop the program.  However with the following IF statement the code continues to run even after a.0 is switched off:


if porta pin0 = 1 then




goto main

Making a PING sensor control a DC motor

Hi, guys. I'm kinda new to this robot-scene. I've been doing it for about 3 days i bought a arduino uno r3 and a few other odds and ends to make a simple robot. ive got 2 DC motors(3v), A PING sensor, and everything else to make a robot(don't feel like going into detail lol). I know how to run the motor and the sensor by themselves but i need some help making the sensor and the motor cooperate. Any ideas


P.S. i have programming knowledge so i dont need it (dumbed) down lol

KiCad problems on windows 8


Don't know if this is the best place to ask about this sort of stuff, but here it is:

Is my new robot a patent infringement?

I am new to LMR and have posted a couple of projects. I just finished a new robot based on John W Jamesons Walking Gryo, which he patented in 1981 and sold rights to some company. Mine is based on his idea of using a gyroscope (flywheel) precession to generate foward robot motion. I just finished my video and draft of my crude working version of his idea and realized it is infringement. So, it would not be wise to post my draft, right?

I will carefully consider all responses.


I am posting a video if you are interested in seeing it work.

LIDAR Lite Development

Sparkfun had a link to an interesting article about supporting the development of LIDAR-Lite:  http://www.dragoninnovation.com/projects/32-lidar-lite-by-pulsedlight

Rather pricey but if it can provide better scanning capability over the ultrasonic sensors it might be fun to use. Any one heard about this?

 3/14/14 Pi Day Update

San Francisco Circuits - Custom PCB Manufacturing & Assembly

Hello Robot-Humans,

It's a pleasure to have joined your very fun community.

I hope we can help with some of you that may have needs for custom circuit boards, either for your personal or professional needs.

We're located in San Mateo, California and have been providing PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services to our customers since 2005.

Resistor Question

So, I've been continuing work on my SH Robot, and installed the resistor today to play with the servo. No response! I looked closely at the chip, and it's marked 331/471 rather than just 331. What's th difference here, and could it be the reason for my servo not responding? If I place a regular inline resistor so that the contacts in the ic socket are connected it works fine.


Thanks in advance!

Interleaving Five 20Hz camera signals into a 1kHz machine vision system?

Hi All,

I'm still waiting for my Arduino clone and resistors 'n' LEDs in the mail, so this is jumping ahead a little.  But I was wondering if anyone has or knows of a way to somehow get five 20Hz cameras to each take snapshots at times that the others aren't, like perhaps 4Hz apart, and then combine all 5 signals so that it can be interpreted as a 1kHz video feed?  

I'm guessing that if something like this could happen, one would need a Parallax Propeller to best handle this type of task?  Thanks!

Superfast camera actuator

So I came across this video of a camera actuator that can mimic the high speed movement of eyes.

They say those are piezo- actuators, i wonder if any of you have more info on that such as where to buy or how to make one. I am hooked!

Here is the article link:



Indoor navigation system?

So I'm working on a delivery bot for my office, the hardest part of which is the navagation system becuase I want it to be autonomous. 

I have Wifi Access points I could use, maybe or gps repeaters. 

Have any of you tackled this challenge or have some advice?



trouble with nanpy

I have nanpy 0.8 installed on my raspberry pi, it is hooked up sucsessfully to my arduino mega2560.  I cant find a lot of information on usung the servo library or anything else, I was hoping that someone could point me to some example code for servos or give me a quick pointer on using nanpy's servo library

Seeking advise on choosing a Wifi Camera for my robot

Hello everyone, this is another newbie question I will post here. Thanks for the help from you guys.

Programming the robot to make a square

Hi, just built my first robot.


How do I program it to go straight 30 seconds make a 90 degree turn go straight another 30 seconds….


Programming the robot to make a square

Hi, just built my first robot.

How do I program it to go straight 30 seconds make a 90 degree turn go straight another 30 seconds….