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Where could I buy a cheap BLDC motor position controller?

Hi! Can you please help me if you know any cheap web for buy a motor position controller? I am looking for a BLDC controller that does position control, like a servo motor.

Spider controller is not recognized in Arduino IDE

After initially successfully testing the Spider controller, I unplugged the spider and when i plugged it back in, my computer wouldn't recognize it anymore, in Arduino IDE the serial port shows nothing. Has anyone had this problem with the Spider before?
When I uploaded the initial code I might have selected 'mega 2560' as the board type instead of 'mega 1280'.

seeking inside chassis view of "articulated track drives"

Hi All,

I've googled my search engine to the max and have come up with only one inside view (linked below) of the mechanisms of a robot with articulated tracks.  What i mean by that is robots like these:

I've found many photos of ones that either move both the front or back tracks up/down in pairs, and others that can move each track up/down independently (while still driving).

Semi Functional Robot for a film

Hello! I am an amateur filmmaker, but have never dabbled in robot construction before. I was hoping to use a robot for my new film, and it doesn't have to do much, just basic mobile functions, like a toy car (move forward, basically). I was going to construct a body/ face out of non integrative parts (like the arms/ head doesn't have to move: I don't have enough skill to undertake that). I was thinking of purchasing a 2WD Beginner Robot Chassis V2 or something in that vein, a basic robot on wheels, and putting a body on it. Any suggestions??

dagu trex motor output voltage fold from 12v to 6,6V

help !

motor output voltage was 12v before testing with two motors(3 min testing).

no smoke, nor bad smelly, nothing melted.

and now ,just 6,6V maximum.

power in is good with 12V.

that situation dont change after 2 days of testing. battery or PC alimentation for input.

12V PC fans for output or  12V  wiper motors   , or nothing , always 6,6V at maximum speed


Can anyone ID this component --- "U5" markings AD=307

I been trying to Hack an Ableton midi controller..... and yes you guessed it ....."a whisp of internal Blue Smoke"

The part located as U5 ... markings AD=307   (the carbonised markings are clearly visible with magnifying glass)

Its is a 5 pin device.

its some kind of voltage regulator ... i think ... ie directly after the usb in connector....

Tutorial or equivalent for Compiling the OS for the Dagu T'rex controller

I have programmed extensively in the past but its really in the past.

Does anyone have a tutorial or crib sheet or list of todo's to build/compile the Arduino OS for the Dagu T'rex motor controller.

Nothing elaborate but enough to get started.




Dagu T'rex controller Windows USB utility

I am searching for a Windows utility to aid in tuning up variables etc. in the Dagu T'rex controller.

I thought there was one.  Does anyone know where?


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Mobile Robot couldn't pass smoothly and stack at any obstacle


Hi all 


this is my first post .

I am in the process of designing an obstacle avoidance mobile robot controlled by fuzzy logic , the idea of this work is that the robot should moves straight in an desired angle given by the user and if it faces an obstacle in his way , it should avoid that obstacle and then re-correct its heading angle to the desired angle . 

Another take on Jibo

Warning-contains drinking, several self-deprecating Asian jokes and scary references to NSA agents masturbating to underage girls.

(Link  to youtube if video embed doesn't work.)

True Roomba Hacking?

Hi, All!

simulation leg mechanism with freeCAD

I want to share a 3D simulation program I have used. Short story, it is not user-friendly but quite powerful.

the programs is named "freeCAD", but it is not the only one using this name. Here is its home http://www.ar-cad.com/freecad/

In my design I have two cam wheels that control the movement of a leg. There is a 4-bar mechanism involved. Not all movements are exactly in one plane, so it is a 3D problem.

Linux Arduino Users

Looking for others who may be developing Adruino code on Linux hosts. I am not able to configure my systems to utilize the four numeric keypad arrow keys(4,8,6,2). Pgup/PgDn/HOME/END all work. Tryping the formulars for the selfbalancing robot filters without the normal keypad is a pain. Only solution so far is to configure the IDE to use an external editor. Problem is only with the editor, menu keys and serial monitor behave as expected.

serial port grayed out in Arduino IDE

I just purchased a Red Back Dagu Spider board and a hexapod kit.  But when I plug it into the USB, the serial port on the Arduino IDE is grayed out so I cannot upload any porgrams.  I've tried two different cables.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your insights.


Halloween bust Arduino sketch

Hi..New to code; I ask for advice on sketch shown below(attached txt also). This is another halloween bust that needs 2 motors+3 servo's all set to move randomly.

- Movement does not look so random..I do not know how to add Random seed which some say makes it better ?

- how to make entire movement triggered by 4-pin PIR sensor (ping & echo)? or even a shorter range IR reflection optocoupler ?

 #include <Servo.h> 

Servo servo1;         // Define servo1

Servo servo2;         // Define servo2

Arduino based butler


this concept as simple as it sounds; has some challenges.

The bulter is carring a tray where host palces drinks and cookies.

Butler looks for transceivers fixed on the furniture. It it progarmmed to reach and stop at 3 ft from each transceiver, greet the guest (welcome to my house; please take a drink) and after say 1 minute, move to next guest.

VADER Spider Controller Arduino Upload Issues

So it's been a while since I last got a chance to work on VADER (see http://letsmakerobots.com/node/39884) , but I recently was able to dust him off and finish up the wiring. VADER is a Service Droid mounted on a Rover 5 Base with a 4 channel motor controller and a Spider Controller.