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Excel ... Tip

Hi all just thought i would post this which could be handy for those who use Excel .... as i have seen post where people work out things for there robot projects in excel.

Requesting help: How to identifying a battery connector


I'm currently in the process of up grading the batteries for my current robot project to use 18650 Li-on batteries. However, the battery holder for the  4 x 18650 does not have a conector such as the one on the alkaline battery holder.

Can someone help me identify the connector?

I'm not sure if the connector is a Fut J, JST, BEC, etc.

Thanks in advance. 

Large robot chassis with 50W MP3 player

Dagu is now selling the chassis for our Venus robot as a separate product for $435 USD.
Please note there is a discount for people who log in and an additional discount for LMR members.

This is an ideal chassis for anyone who wants to make a large butler robot. It is an aluminium chassis with 2x 200mm (8 inch) drive wheels with rubber tires plus 4x caster wheels for stability.

Verbal Skills and NLP

I'm starting this forum for discussing verbal skills in robots including but not limited to natural language processing.  I'd like this to be a place to discuss conventional and out of the box ideas for improving verbal skills in robots.  This could involve:

Christmas Specials for LMR members at DAGU

Now is your chance to grab a bargin from DAGU. From now until the end of December DAGU is offering discounts for all LMR members.

Go to our website: http://www.dagurobot.com to find what you want and then contact Mr. Lee at DAGU. Tell him you are an LMR member to get discount prices.

Ideal Battery for the T'Rex Motor Controller and Wild Thumper 6WD Chassis

Hello LMR Rockstars!

What's the best battery to use with the T'Rex Motor Controller and Wild Thumper 6WD Chassis? I'd like as much speed, torque, and runtime as I can safely get. I've been using a 3S (11.1V) 30C 2650mAh. Could I go up to a 4S (14.8V)?

Robotix 2015!!!! @IIT KHARAGPUR

Technology Robotix Society is proud to present ROBOTIX 2015, its annual technological extravaganza, to be held during 30th January – 2nd February,2015 as a part of Kshitij, the annual Techno-Management Fest of IIT Kharagpur.

How to make a robot look steampunk?

Dear: LMR

Hello this is me Noah. You should know I am trying to build a steampunk robot chassis. This robot is going to be made of cardboard, arduino uno, and other materials. What I am trying to ask you is this how do you make something look steampunk, what materials do you use to make something look steampunk, and how to design a steampunk texture for my robot? I could use all the help I can get so thank you. By the way this is what I have done so far.

From: Noah 

Simplified occupancy grid mapping

I have a setup, where a distance sensor, such as sonar or IR, rotates about 180 degrees and takes a distance measurement every few degrees. What I would like to do is to create a occupancy grid out of these measurements on an Arduino or, more specifically, I would like to compare two different algorithms, which create the grids.
One of these algorithms would be made by myself, but in order to make a solid comparison, I would like the other algorithm to be the one which is mentioned in occupancy grid materials and research papers, which utilizes a binary Bayes filter.

Wearhouse Arc- Wireless headphones reinvented

I will tell you a little story about Nelson, our hackerspace member here in Shanghai. Xinchejian, the Shanghai hackerspace is quite a breeding station for new engineers. Nelson did prototype a new kind of headphones which enables you to share your music with many others via Bluetooth and an App. Control play/pause, volume, next song etc. via a touch sensitive surface on the right earcup. But I will shut up now.

Disassembling RC Car for Chassis

Hello, I am putting together a quick robot, and I figured I could skip a couple of steps by purchasing a remote controlled car, taking the frame off, and using the chassis as a preassembled remote controllde base.


Has anyone does this before and has any tips? What cars are good for this, and do any specifically have better chassises? Thanks!

How to affect a variable timer in lbink ?


I tried to make the first example blink, everything seems very easy till I tried to give a value in the green field ? How to find this green field ?

I didn't find it in tutorials



For unni

Think you will want something like this for code on 28x1 from our brief shoutbox conversation, you will have to pick the value from your sensor, I used 5 as example. This is using adc pin 1, and pin B.1 to go high and turn  on your relay. Have no idea if this works or what you have for sensor, also you might need to turn relay on with a transitor depending on current draw. Please remember picaxe does not like over 5 volts.

;for unni

Shopping Festival: Site Wide 15% OFF on ICStation

It's shopping festival today!

Enjoy site wide 15% on 11-12, Nov.
No need to use any coupon code, but just enjoy the discount online directly.


What do you look for in 3D filament?

Name one thing that you value the most in 3D filament. And why?


TARS from "Interstellar"

If you haven't seen it yet, the new Christopher Nolan film "Interstellar" features three robots that look like a cross between HAL and a ninja throwing star. _1412189530.jpg They're pretty clumsy puppets. If you've seen the movie (3 1/2 stars for me) what do you make of the realism of their motion? I don't see how they could work the way they do.

Obstructions on the field

Hello LMRians,

A week from now, a huge covered hall will be overtaken by an army of robots - over 60. My robots will basically be a bluetooth controlled robot and a transmitter (2.4GHz) controlled robot.

There will be other robots running on Bluetooth, Wifi, RF Modules, etc. I am curious about the major obstructions (frequency variations, data collisions, etc.) among/between robots,

The odd world of powering walking robots.

The servos I ordered for my biped project never arrived, so I got my money back and ordered new ones, which probably will not arrive before december. *sigh* Not to get bored I did some reading about powering a walking robot. Quite a surprising subject.


Hello LMRians!

I just wanted to make a final update on Yantra 3.0.  It is an art-tech exhibit taking place from the 8th - 15th of November in Kathmandu, Nepal.