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2 or 3 joint legs

Looking at making a quadruped or hexapod and not sure about the best config for the legs. I've made a quadruped before with 3 servers per leg didn't seem to gain much from the extra flexability.

So wanting to see what others think and see where it goes

Sources for Motors and Steppers with searchable index?

I am shopping for a motor for a hobby project, but am having difficulty finding a good source, that has a searchable index.

I like RobotShop for its large variety of parts, so that I don't have to pay for shipping from a motor source, a driver from another, etc. But, a list of hundreds of items, with no way to sort them but price, makes the job quite tedious.  The brief description is not really helpful, since it often omits important information, such as voltage and torque.

lawn mower bot help

I built a robot mower using a new cub cadet swivel mower and added two invacare motors to the rear with a 24v 40 amp alternator.

Load-bearing Knee Joint

I'm trying to work on a larger project, am on a budget, and as such, I do not have a welder.

Looking for a Small High Torque 12V DC Motor

I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me… I'm looking for a High Torque 12V DC Motor. I've been unable to find one that meets advertised torque values.

Important considerations:

#1. 12V DC
#2. 120 RPM or greater
#3. Body diameter approximately 25mm
#4. Shaft diameter 4mm
#5. Torque (Sustained) >4kgf-cm; (Peak) >8kgf-cm
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Where are view counts?

Where are the view counts - the number of times someone has viewed my robots or something elses? Those are always entertaining and keeps bringing me back to my instructables.com and youtube.com dashboard. Maybe I just missed them.

geared motors and wheels

HI Guys!

I try to build my first robot (the robot, which is described on the start page of this website) and i got delivered wrong wheels. There are very small (approx. 2cm diameter) but i need bigger wheels. Did you have any idea where can i order matching wheels for my robot?

Thank you in advance!


Crazy Engineer

How to attach BaneBots wheels to motors?

Hi all.  A few years back, I bought a pair of BaneBots RS-775 12V motors in the hope of making a really fast robot.  I messed around with them when I first got them, but did not get good results because I could not find a way to securely attach decent wheels.  I now finally have time to work on it again, and I believe I have a better plan this time.  I would like to use the BaneBots T40 wheels (the 2 7/8" ones) and the matching hubs.  The hubs only come in 3, 4, and 6mm bores, and my motors have 5mm shafts...

bionic limbs

need help creating something simple, any ideas?

Pin type force sensor?

I am using a linear actuator, that has an acme screw type of actuator.  It will be used to apply up to 400 lbs of force to a gripper mechanism.  I want to sense the force at the end of the actuator, which has a 3/8" dia rod-end type of connection, using a clevis pin.  Ideally, it would have a 0-5v output for easy interfacing to an Arduino.

I have found clevis-pin type of strain sensors, but they seem to be  very expensive. One was $900, and I need 3.

My first robot: I need some help..

Hello everybody!


I'm an Italian twenty-something guy with a necessity to build a robotic arm and no idea how complicated it could be.

I need an arm that emulates clicking/tapping where I can input intervals in ms between "clicks/taps". No multi axis or smooth movements required. It can be as ugly as hell since it should simply test my lab experiments until they fail. I'm sorry but I don't know the technical terms to describe this machine..

I have a degree in medicine so almost no programming backgournd. But I have a lot of skilled friends!

Devasator DF Robotics

I'm hoping someone can shine some light on a frustrating issue I'm having with placment of componets in the very limited space inside the DF Robotics Devasator. Ideally I would like to use a Mega Arduino for this ambitous project. However the Mega a slight bit larger than the UNO. The L298 board, Arduino,breadboard and battery pack needs to fit into the very limited space. There is space for the Arduino at the front, however there would not be access to the USB port on the Arduino.

Dagu T'Rex Motor controller issues

There are no stupid questions?
Alright. I just started out to build a 6WD using the Wild thumper and Dagu's T'Rex Motor Controller. I got a new T'Rex from Dagu.
When I plugged the board through USB to my laptop, I see both the Motor fault LEDs brightly lit along with the power led.
I am not sure whether the board is faulty or not. Is there any way I can figure out if everything is fine or not? Appreciate your comments!

L298N board Blinking when connected to power supply

Hey Guys & Gals, 
so was trying to run one motor via L298N which was connected to

Can not pull up Raspberry Pi

Hello, I am new to Raspberry Pi and just installed the Raspbian Jessie operating system on my sd card. I use a laptop and the laptop does not have a hdmi port but the docking staion does. Is there any reason that this would not work?


Getting Started With Tamiya Twin Motors / Driving

Hi there!

I'm working on my first ever robot, and I'm afraid to move forward and potentially destroy the parts I have.

I don't even know how to read the wiring schematics / diagrams, so it's very hard for me to understand how to move forward in my project. I would appreciate any links to tutorials online that would help an absolute beginner understand the basics of resistors, etc and why I would need them.

I have purchased an OSEPP Arduino Basics 201 Kit, which came with a bunch of great things for getting started.

A robot for my Raspberry

Hi all,
i need your help for a personal project.

Servo problem

I'm suffering a a bit of grief and a bit baffled why ....