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Lathon, DUAL NOZZLE 3D Printer on Kickstarter

Hey everyone,

We are a startup called Lathon3D and are running a Kickstarter campaign for a new 3D printer. The LATHON has two nozzles that can print in two different materials and two different colors. Below are test parts with blue ABS and red Thermoplastic Elastomer:

The LATHON also has a massive 12"x9"x8" enclosed build area. The best way to explain it is to show what the LATHON made in a just 3 seperate pieces.

Birthday present for raspi

Today comes the announcement Broadcomm are releasing the details on their video core iv gpu which is similar to the harware used in the raspi.
Eben Upton has announced $10,000 bounty for the first to come up with a new open source driver that takes advantage of this release.
Happy Birthday Raspi!

Mini-Smoke Maker

Any ideas how to have a smaller robot make smoke (safely)? I was thinking either a mini-fog maker or dry ice/water being kept in a tube and then opening that when it's needed.

Wild Thumper with T'Rex and bluetooth module acting weird and unexpected

Welcome !

I've just received yesterday wild thumper 6WD with T'Rex controller, DAGU bluetooth module and 6DOF robotic arm .

As soon as it was possible i tried to set up chassis with controller and bluetooth module and have some fun with it. ( I was looking at the stairs near my flat for few weeks as one of the things i'll have to climb !! )


I am adressing directly to the admin of the site (Fritz  ;-) ), but other LMR can support my idea.


Where is the mershandising section of the LMR website ?

very large tee-shirt

ridiculous LMR vanted hat

luminous solar powered LMR umbrella

so large bumper/hood sticker

crazy strong LMR fridge magnet

abosutely awesome geeky LMR laser color pen

Anyone else playing with LPC1114?

I know Mr. 6677 is playing with one off and on.  Anyone else?

I started using LPCExpresso, LPC1114_CodeBase, and FlashMagic.  Everything was going great until I found CodeBase is far from complete :(


Any suggestions?

raspberry pi arduino,

So im pretty newish to robotics and programming in general, but ive done some reading and have started down my own path.

my robot(including a picture, description, wiring diagram and code) is posted here http://letsmakerobots.com/node/40350

Mr.Basic motors connection

Hello Everybody,

I have a question, and after I read a lot of this in this forum, I saw many answers but I didn't understood nothing. My problem is I am a programmer not an electronic, so if someone could help me I will be very appreciated.

I bought a Mr.Basic system and I will connect it to an arduino uno + arduino motor shield. I have some simple questions.

The batterie support has 2 wires. Where do I connect them?

The motors has 4 (2 each other) pins. Where do I connect them?

Controlling powerful motors

Hello guys,


I want to control a powerful motor not like the ones used (servo motor) I need something of the ones which work on 110\220


I am not sure if it is possible using picaxe, if so is there any tutorial or has anyone done this before?


Obvioiusly it should be powered externally and controlled by picaxe


If this is not possible what can the strongest servomotor provide me? Can it for example to move the steering wheel of a car?



Quick Capacitor Question

Hello everyone, I am designing a circuit using a LTC3588 chip and in the datasheet(page 14 bottom most picture) there is a diagram I am using to help me. In the diagram it specifies voltages for the capacitors; my question is the voltage rating of a capacitor is only to specify the safe voltage right? it won't have any effect if I use a higher voltage specified capacitor. I am pretty sure it doesn't make a difference, but I just wanted to be sure.

RS-232 Wireless comms with XRF radio

Hey peeps

My first post in a very long time...

I've got a project on the go at the moment, gonna post it as a robot soon, which is a robotic dragon quadruped called Dimitri (not sure why, but I like it)

Since an Arduino isn't clever enough to do all the things I'd like this robot to do, I'm gonna have most of its brain inside my laptop and communicate wirelessly.

I'm having problems getting a connection with my current setup, here's a photo:

Cannibalizing a broken printer/scanner. Suggestions?!

My boss asked if i wanted a partially working printer scanner combo jobby today. Dont think he was expecting me to rip it apart for parts.

Ive only got SO far into pulling it to pieces, i will have to go and get a complete Torx driver set tommorow, ive gone as far as i can with >T15.

Anyone got any suggestions as to what i should do with this thing?!

Light following robot

Hey there guys. Well I found this project here on this site and i wanted help since it doesn't work. I already tried it 4 times and yet nothing happens. Since I'm new to this, I don't really know how to read robot schematics. Maybe I did something wrong with the circuit and since I do not know how to use a transistor. Please please please help T^T

$20 to try BotFeeder 3D Filament - 2nd Wave

BotFeeder 3D Filament is made in Taiwan with high quality & consistency.

With the success of the first round of "Try Me Program", BotFeeder is going for a second round.

How to connect Xbee module (series 1) with wild thumper controller

Iam trying to connect Xbee module (series 1) with wild thumper controller using (pins D0,D1)

i have used XBEE explorer from sparkfun to regulate 5V from wild thumper controller to 3.3V to operate the xbee module

but i need to now how to set XBEE explorer at programming mode to upload my code ,then how to set it at xbee mode to work as a reciver from my joystick ??

My connections :

Vcc at XBEE explorer     >>  middle pin at wild thumper conroller

LMR Social Protocol

This is a general question on "LMR Social Protocol".


Whats the social protocol on finishing a robot that a family member started and never finished, and how should I post it on LMR?

(i.e. under my account, or get his login and post it under his)

Light Painting Wooden Robot Arm

The music sounds like the subliminal tracks I used when I was recovering from surgeries but that is one pretty arm.

VEX Robotics Team 2252C in need of funds

This is team 2252C from VEX Robotics, where teenagers from middle and high school participate.

28x1 coding


Writing an updated LED chaser with a 28x1.  The chaser is fine with output on pins B.0 to B.7 and portc 0 to portc 6 it also contains an interrupt on portc 7.  All this is fine.  however, I only want to start the sequence if porta pin0 is high.  When I switch off a.0 I want to stop the program.  However with the following IF statement the code continues to run even after a.0 is switched off:


if porta pin0 = 1 then




goto main