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power needed to turn a dynamo

hello everyone i have a question

i have this dynamo 50 watt and am wondering what motor power is needed to get it turning 

ir remote help please!!! and thank you!


i need help with this when ever i try to debug this with any of the 3 remotes i have at my use i get the same reply like for example i get 0 when i just press the button and i get 2730 when i hold the button, i even have inclued a screen, and for the code i switched the debug to 2 cuz 0 gave me problems


Drive train for Heavy robots

I'm trying to build a robot that is vision based. To do that I'm using roborealm (Amazing software its FREE!!!!) but it neeeds to run on a PC. I can't seem to find a cheep drive train to move the computer + a light weight robotic arm. Can someone please help me?!!!


Help with Axon Microcontroller with stepper

I want to use Society of Robots Axon Microcontroller, but i dont know how this controller working with stepper motors.

I'm a beginner, dont angry if my question so stupid.

I'm realy need help!



Duel Servo control with a wireless Xbox or TV Remote?

Hi all,

I own a 60' telescopic mast for taking elevated (aerial) photos. At the top, I have a robotic camera mount for the camera. 2 servos, one pan - one tilt.

At the moment, I'm using an RC 2.4 ghz transmitter/receiver to control the camera mount. It works fine, but it's a bit of a pain carrying the rc transmitter around.  

Free Range Robots (and hallways)

Uff-da... So I have pulled the training wheels off of Walter and am letting him rove around sans fences. I have actually had great luck with pre-solving a lot of problems (table legs and driving under things) but still I am running into a few problems.

I ask this as an open question.

Simple Picaxe Programming Question

I have what are probably two very simple questions about picaxe programming. First how do I create a line of code that only executes once for example a noise that only sounds once when the robot turns on. And secondly what is the difference between the gosub and goto commands for picaxe. Ive refered to the manuals but have had no luck.

Starting programming with picaxe?



What is the best way to begin learning to program with the picaxe microcontroller? I searched for books, but for now I'd rather focus on free online ways to learn.

How did you learn to program picaxes?


Thanks :) 

PWM and HPWM motor control.


Just wondering,

I just took apart an old ps2 controller and got my 28x1 reading the sticks and had one stick pwm a led.


How could I use this to control 2 motors? 

Im using the standard 28x1 board and have an l293d plugged in an ready to go.

 What i plan to achieve is pwm on forward and backwards on two motors using 2 analogue sticks.


Any ideas or help would be great.

How to get a precise amount of voltage

Hi guys.

I am working on my ISD4002 chip and i am now going through the recording part. This is what the manual says:

"[...] a 32 mVp-p (peak-to-peak) maximum signal should be capacitatively connected to this pin for optimal sound quality"


My question is: how can i be sure the right amount of voltage is gonna enter that ANA IN+ pin? I am also not sure how to measure the source voltage (coming from the "line out" hole from my computer).


What are the must-have components?

Hi, i'm actually waiting for my picaxe pack, and with it i ordered some components like 330Ohm resistors and few leds, but i realized that i'm gonna need more stuff, so i'm going to order few additional things. Can you tell me what i should order? I think i'll need 4k7, 10k, 22k resistors, 4,7µf capacitors, and... and what? I have no idea...
Thanks for your help...

Saturday afternoon

Its a nice warm saturday afternoon and im sat here with my headphones on listening to music while my missus sleeps and my daughter is out swimming, theres a window next to me with a great view of the world going by and im about to start working on my cat laser project.


Im trying to make a power supply for it so ive got lots of soldering to do this afternoon, im hoping i can get the hardware built so i can start programing this afternoon.


What are all of your plans for your weekend and what are you all up to at the moment?  

Help with Sharp IR code

Im kinda new to this programming stuff so this is probably a really easy question. How do i get my robot to react to a increase or decrease of 20 points from my sharp IR. Right now  my code looks like this (b1 is IR reading)

if b1 > 115 then
 end if

 if b1 < 85 then

 my sensor reads about 95 when its on my black table but with different light sources or materials it can jump up or down. Instead of using 85 and 115 in my code i want it to react whenever there is a change of a specified amount.

Sharp again - part numbers confuse me

I am shopping for Sharp distance sensors like the one used in "Start Here". My local mail order supplier charges €26 and I am boycotting them for that reason alone.

So I am searching for other suppliers and I find confusing part numbers. I understand the difference between Analogue and Digital sensors. I want the Analogue kind. And I want to measure distances up to 11.8" (30cm).

Are these parts all that different? 


Several questions about picaxe, servos, servo-controller, connections, and life in general.

Hi everybody, i'm starting to have a lot of questions in my mind about the Picaxe, so i think it's time for me to open a thread :)

But before, just two useful precisions :

Artduino/processing resource

Was just looking for a good example to use to test my light sensor out and found this site: 




Looks pretty handy for examples.  

Ardunio Motor Control

Hello all

 just a quick note on building a motor control board for your Ardunio, use the following circuite:



 This will allow you to drive two motor forward and reverse using just a L293D, a 7404 and a few caps and resistors.

Note this is good for about 600ma continuious, so don't cook it!

Wireless for cheap?

I was wondering how would go wireless for cheap, i was thinking of using ir or rf but where would i get parts for them?