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Picaxe programming

I ve been trying to write a code for my robot, but no luck. This is for a school project so it is sort of urgent. I tried adapting Frits Start here robot code. I will learn coding but i dont have the time at the moment.

if anybody could help that would be great !

Arduino Lilypad

Newb here! I'm a music/ea major thats just starting to get into electronics and programming. This is my first try :p

I'm making a basic project as part of a programming for artists course, essentially manipulating sound objects with sensors. I will be using Max/MSP and Arduino to program the thing. 

What kind of wood is this?

I bought $20 worth of wood and shaped it and everything, but I don't know if it is a very reliable wood. I bought it from Home Depot, however it was in the scrap/returned pile, and so didn't have a label, does anybody know what kind of wood this is by looking at it?




There are a bunch of pictures, just use the arrows and magnifying glass. 


this would make a great hack for tracking

this could be a great tracking device if it was hacked and added to a robot. would be great to know how to install the technology it uses into a robot



help needed with stepper motor code

i plan to build a robotic arm which is moved using a stepper motor and a pot is used to give its posotion, it will use a 08m and the speed and set position will be sent by serial, the 08m will then turn the motor towards the setposition at the speed sent when it gets closer to the set position the 08m will slow the motor down twice, stop at the set position and send a message saying its there. The code below is just a test code for controling the motor speed and direction and is on a 28x1.

PID Speed Control

Hello All,

I am new to the site and would like some help with DC motor speed loop control.

A basic proportional  control loop actually works.  The problem I am having is that I need my main power supply to vairy, yet keep the motor speed constant.  The project deals with a helicopter where I need to keep constant speed independent of the battery voltage slowy dropping off.

I have designed and used PID loops for DC gear motor position control, but I am having trouble using similar equations in this application that required speed control and not position control.

So you love tracks but...

.. you are not able to find the rigth size, or...

you have enough time but not enough money for them, or...

you need real though ones, or..

you just want to enjoy with new ideas, and..

you are able to build..


then  maybe this link will provide some ideas to make you happy ;)




I specially liked the hinges ones.




Btw this is my first post so if is misplaced plz  just move it. And pardon me my bad english :)

LED Pain

Hey All,

ehh... what's wrong here?

i just took appart the robot i made to learn to use the picaxe with the manual  when i got to "the flashing LED test" i did what it said but the led didn't light up! yes...   i turned the led the right way!!! and yes the chip was turning the right way!! and yes, the motordriver was taken out! and the yellow servo-thing was also taken out!   im really confused!  and i even tried with and without the darlington-driver?!

what do i do wrong?!?!!         or what can cause this?!?!

how do i use the srf005??

jubiii!!!   i finally got my robot working but i don't know how i use the srf05/srf005....

i connected it like the drawing i found from "frits1"so that the mini-LED was flashing...   but how do i USE it???

you know...   how can i tell it to do something when the disance is ....cm and then do something else when the distace is ..........cm??       

plz tell me!


also! here is a test of the robot !

PICDEM2 and SRF04 Sonar Sensor Help Requested


 I am a beginner.  I have got a PICDEM2 plus starter kit from Microchip. com. 

 I am using an 18F1320 chip that came with the board/kit.  I would like the chip to run a sfr04 sonnar device.  basically if the sonar detects an object then the L.E.D's on the board will light.  I am programming in C and am stuck. 

Has anyone got a programme or could somone please point me in the right direction.

 Any help would be great


Filtered Linear Power Supply

I was wondering on a site about wireless video transmission, and ended up on this power supply board:


Isn't it very very interesting?? 10 bucks and you have a selectable 3.3, 5, 12 output voltage with input between 4 and 35 volts!

Is there something i'm missing or is it very cool?

ARM CPU Assembly programming help.

I have a project in mind but I need some help getting started from you Assembly programmers.

I have a chip that I want to get a programmer for and then be able to program it.

The chip is iMX31L which seems to be related to ARM1136. I did a search for ARM programmers in google but I want to make sure I am getting the right thing.

I have been reading the datasheets here: http://www.freescale.com/webapp/search/Serp.jsp?qt=imx31l&QueryText=imx31l&baseUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.freescale.com%2Fwebapp&PART_NUMBER=&SEARCH_OPERATOR=Contains&Go.x=15&Go.y=13

PING giving false readings

The PING sensor on my bot is working for the most part however it sometimes thinks someting is in front of it when nothing is there...I could have sworn I saw someone with a similar issue on here but I cant find the post now.  Any thoughts? 

Conventions for Naming

Not that this is a particuliarly important discussion, but ...

Is there a logic behind the naming of different bot versions in an upgrade? For example, what makes a robot become 2.0 versus 1.2? Is there an actual standard somewhere?

And is a robot's version based on software? Hardware? Either/Or?

That's all. Go.

magnetic strip physical feedback

Check this article at hackaday.com The original post was on a myspace-page, but I cant manage to link to the single article


Online and offline


Just bought the picaxe 28 starter kit. along with parralax ping)))

I just realised it the ping))) works well when the serial download cable connected to the board but the ping))) not working when i plug out the  serial download cable from the board.

Another words, it works Online mode and not during Offline mode. I've check the 5v to the sensor and its gd.

Anyone can help solve this.



Write a algorithm for Chris and be Loved...

Well folks,

I have been working on this problem for 4 days now and don't seem to be making any headway. There has got to be a math or programming geek out there that can figure this one out. The video should be self-expanitory, and the chart with the values is right here. In addition, I attached the pic as a file as well (full size) so you might be able to see the numbers a bit better. --Sorry no scanner.