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Robot that reassembles itself after being kicked

A pretty interesting video, if a little slow. It certainly inspires me to experiment with this sort of thing myself.

I gotta say though, the last five seconds or so are my favorite part :)


picaxe 28x1 with srf08?


im trying to connect the srf08 to my picaxe, no luck so far.


i connected it like in pic.jpg

i know the red and yellow lines are correct. what about blue and green?


ad for software im really lost.. any document ive seen uses different commands

 if you can tell me the right commands for range finding or givir a sample of a code that would be much appreciated

A question about sound and the Picaxe 28x1

I have been following this thread http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1194 and was wondering if I made the connection like so:


1. I cant use the darlington driver because I am using servos. What would I connect into the pin slot? It would be pin 3 since I am using 0-2 for servos.

Can I get a little help ?

I need a little help with my Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller.... I am trying to use it with my arduino robot but I have no clue where to start code wise  ... where can I get sample code ... or even a guide on how to code for it .. I am sort of stuck on  this .... any help is appreciated greatly :)



Where to begin.

Hello, my name's Rich, and I am sort of new... No i'll say new to robotics.


I have made a robot before.. (It was a robot from a magazine, here in the UK) But after about 5 months maybe. I was putting the controller together and adding the board, But the bit's did not fit properly, and over the next few more bit's that didn't fit properly or nowhere to slott them because other bit's didn't fit. I mean even the body of the controller didn't fit around it..

So I'll class myself as a no-bot newbie.


Vex robotics kit

Ok, well my dad wants to go 50/50 with me on the vex R/C starter bundle here, Can I have some reviews on the overall system? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum

Analog input 1?

Hey guys.

 I ordered and recieved most of my things and was building my first robot! (looks like crap, but hey, off with the looks)

Anyhow, i was going though the manual in the START HERE page. At one point it simply says to plug the singal wire to Analagod Input 1. Fine, i thought. BUT WHERE THE HELL IS IT???


Argh! I have a PICAXE 28X1 board,but I'll include a few pictures anyway.


Any help would be appreciated.

Servo mounting for "up-down" movement

hello, i was just wondering: which is the best way to attach a servo to a chassis so that it can move an attached camera up and down (no left-right) ?


YAAPQ = Yet Another Arduino Programming Question

 After struggling to wrap my head around programming the Arduino in C I completely understand why Frits recommends starting out with the PICAXE...However, I am too stubborn to give up and switch to the PICAXE so I have another question.

Led controller

Hi this is an led controller  there can only be one led on at a time it was on crocodileclips i don't know what its called but if anyone does that would be helpful. when A is high 0 is on if B is high 1 is on if A and B are high 2 is on and when A and C are high 3 is on or somthing like that.


a few questions regarding picaxe 28x, ,voltage regulators and SRF08


well im working on my first robot and i have the picaxe 28x1 board from the start here guide

i am trying to connect an SRF08 to it, i understand i should connect it with i2c,

i looked in the picaxe 28x1 manual (http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/picaxe_manual1.pdf page 28)

and it says that the scl and sda are legs 14 and 15

my question is, where are these legs on the board?

is it really input 3 and input 4?


my second question is about the v1 and v2 on the board

Newbie questions

Hi im azu, im new here, and I've finally decided to jump into robotics.  I took everything apart as a kid, figuring out how everything was made and i still think short circuit and wall-e are the two best movies of all time.  Little did i know programming them was so easy.  So i decided to jump right in and make one similar to the "start here" robot.  


best sensor for object sensing?

well more like geese? ha!

 i was thinking maybe just using a sound sensor to go towards to sounds of the geese..

would that be the best way?
i dont think infared would be the best since the geese are outside and it could sometimes be bright.

sound help needed

im waiting on parts to finish my blimp bot and to make a line follower walk though. but whilst thinking about the line follower i came up with wacky racer crazy line followers. This is something im sure every one will like. what im after is code for a horn sound and a plane engine running sound and a car engine running sound plus a skiding sound. i havent  tryed to code for these sounds myself yet but it would save me alot of time if some one has already got them and i can post the walkthouhgh quicker. also im only useing a peizo not a speaker

thanks in advance


Servo Oddness

Ok, just got sensors and servos for my robot. I am using a picaxe 28x1 . Here's the thing, I know there is a bug in the picaxe a.4 firmware and it may cause servo problems. When I do  the servo command (servo 0,150 etc.) the servo does not do anything. When I plug in the battery pack (I am using two power sources) the servo buzzes a little bit thats all. I assume that this is because of the buggy firmware. When researching this bug on LMR I discovered that some people got their servo to work by using servo 7,150 when the servo was plugged into digital input 0.

motor driver idea

Hey all,

I'm trying to create a bot that uses a lot of forward/backward motor action, and I'm hoping to make a low-power, small, lightwieght motor control using switch transistors. However, my electronics experience is -5. I came up with this idea that seems simple and effective, but I'm sure there's something I don't understand about the process. So with that in mind, here's my ultra-simple H-bridge.


how to get 7493 to work

i have been trying for the last few nights tyring to get my counter to work

the wireing should be correct ,


grnd- ground

input a, to pin 9 on the arduino and it is set to a constant 150 PWM

input b - connected to Qa

Qb, Qc Qd, to LEDs

do i need to hook up the R pins?

 i know the PWM works

and there is power going to the chip

but no counting is going on, so any help would be appreciated

Arduino coding help

Hello I recently visited the arduino playground site to look how to control two servos and when i used thier code it brought up an error thing is anyone willing to post some code for me on controlling two servos please.

Computer Networking (and your experiences)

After exams I was going to throw a LAN party and the game was going to be Starcraft. I just got the computers talking and sharing files to eachother, so the next step is to add the others and install the game. The specs of the comptuers are:

Pentium II

32/64mb of ram

basic vid card, one of them has a 9800radeon vid card

all 10GB but one has a 250GB

floppy disk

CD drive

Help! Servo is only turning clockwise

My servo is only turning clockwise the same length everytime no matter what number I have in my code.

servo 0, 150 or whatever number. It goes until it hits the end.

I have 3 wires black red and white. The black is on the pin I soldered on the Picaxe 28x1. 

I have a standard servo that I bought here: http://www.hvwtech.com/products_view.asp?ProductID=878

Everything else is working. My SRF05 led is blinking when I imput the code. And my motors are working with the code.