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I need an asthetic opinion...



Just let me know, does this "work" visually with the Sharp sensors? --They are moveable and can look to the center and the outside, very practical but do they look right?


How to choose the transistor and the current limiting resistor of the H-bridge?

I often see the H-bridge circuit for the 3V motor(Model: 130), VCC is 3V, the transistors are 8050 and 8550,

I have some 6V motors, can I lift the voltage of VCC to 5v and use this circuit to drive these motors?

Is this harmful to the 8050 and 8550?  

Water Powered Jet Pack!!

How much fun could you have with one of these?


help, loop slowing down farther the object is

i need a little help with my coding....for some reason, when i run it it slows down the farther the object in its path, then i bring an object closer the faster it  cycles through the loop and i cant seem to find the reason why

so here is the code 

ignore the functions at the bottom that is for another time when i try to get those to work 

any help will be apprecaited


Profile image

Of course, this question isn't very important, but although I have successfully selected a profile image I can't change it...

Any help?

Picaxe - Now for Mac & Linux!

I am yet to try it, am downloading for the first time as I write, however, just released:

http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/picaxe/ -> Software

Robot Manipulator


i am a studnet of engineering .i want to make ROBOT MAnipulator,but i have no idea how to start,what to do..as its my first time to make Robot..

so i need help from u people.as its sounds here people know very well bout robot..

do tell me what are the basic to make robot..?

i also want to add Light sensor in between the manipulator so when object come in between manipulator finger it automatically closed..

i have actually no idea..

share ur knowledge so i could do better ,,

thanks all.

code i found for just what i have built. help :)

i need to know what is wrong with this code. I know absolutely nothing about coding. but i can build anything. (kind of a hobby) I can build it but have no idea how to use it yet.

arduino deci.

ladyada motor shield

lithium backpack and various other batteries


here is the problem, the code i found does not compile. comes up with errors, but i dont know how to fix them, i have done several things and have got past a few, only to have others pop up.

how do i do a walk through

hi im ready to do a walk through for a simple line follower, but im not sure how to make my uploaded images sit against the correct text. iv got quite a few so it would look like a mess if they dont.


Question about transitors

My camera does not do close up very well. But here it is anyway. The top portion is for two red led's I added and they are on a separate circuit.





Dancing Seagull

So I've been stuck on the couch all day, unable to move because I can't move my neck (hate getting old), found this and it made my day better.


Robot that reassembles itself after being kicked

A pretty interesting video, if a little slow. It certainly inspires me to experiment with this sort of thing myself.

I gotta say though, the last five seconds or so are my favorite part :)


picaxe 28x1 with srf08?


im trying to connect the srf08 to my picaxe, no luck so far.


i connected it like in pic.jpg

i know the red and yellow lines are correct. what about blue and green?


ad for software im really lost.. any document ive seen uses different commands

 if you can tell me the right commands for range finding or givir a sample of a code that would be much appreciated

A question about sound and the Picaxe 28x1

I have been following this thread http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1194 and was wondering if I made the connection like so:


1. I cant use the darlington driver because I am using servos. What would I connect into the pin slot? It would be pin 3 since I am using 0-2 for servos.

Can I get a little help ?

I need a little help with my Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller.... I am trying to use it with my arduino robot but I have no clue where to start code wise  ... where can I get sample code ... or even a guide on how to code for it .. I am sort of stuck on  this .... any help is appreciated greatly :)



Where to begin.

Hello, my name's Rich, and I am sort of new... No i'll say new to robotics.


I have made a robot before.. (It was a robot from a magazine, here in the UK) But after about 5 months maybe. I was putting the controller together and adding the board, But the bit's did not fit properly, and over the next few more bit's that didn't fit properly or nowhere to slott them because other bit's didn't fit. I mean even the body of the controller didn't fit around it..

So I'll class myself as a no-bot newbie.


Vex robotics kit

Ok, well my dad wants to go 50/50 with me on the vex R/C starter bundle here, Can I have some reviews on the overall system? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum

Analog input 1?

Hey guys.

 I ordered and recieved most of my things and was building my first robot! (looks like crap, but hey, off with the looks)

Anyhow, i was going though the manual in the START HERE page. At one point it simply says to plug the singal wire to Analagod Input 1. Fine, i thought. BUT WHERE THE HELL IS IT???


Argh! I have a PICAXE 28X1 board,but I'll include a few pictures anyway.


Any help would be appreciated.

Servo mounting for "up-down" movement

hello, i was just wondering: which is the best way to attach a servo to a chassis so that it can move an attached camera up and down (no left-right) ?


YAAPQ = Yet Another Arduino Programming Question

 After struggling to wrap my head around programming the Arduino in C I completely understand why Frits recommends starting out with the PICAXE...However, I am too stubborn to give up and switch to the PICAXE so I have another question.