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What do you whish for christmas 2008?

Let's hear it, what do you whish for christmas?

I am hoping for some Magnetic Viewing Film:

Sensor Ideas


 This came out of a toy that was a monkey with rubber arms. When you shot him like a slingshot he screamed louder than the sound of millions of people burning in errr umm Heck.

Something to keep your brain lubricated

This isn't robot related, but it's something to keep your brains flexible and well lubricated.


The programming, and sound.... just fantastic.

This also works as a good distraction when trying to work on your 'bot ;)


Does anyone here use twitter?  I'm plstuart if anyone is interested.

Threat assessment and acknowledgement robot

I found a old digital camera with internal memory, so I was thinking of making a robot that will explore a room, and if it ran into something or gets too close to something, it will take a picture of it. Then when I think it is done I will hook the robot into a computer and withdraw the pictures from the camera and see what it thought was a threat.

 ideas and suggestions?

Parallax Servo troubles

Ok i am having troubles working with this servo on my robot.  It is the same as the start here robot.  i type in the code

Servo 0,150

ans it barely moves then i type in

Servo 0,225

and it barely moves then i type in the whole code and it keeps turning and turning and it won't stop.

 The servo is a parallax continous rotation one.  I played around with the screw on the bottom and it has slowed it down and turned directions but nothing really.

any help will be nice



Hi guys.

 Just found this site from one of my many searches. Will get straight to it, though first of all.. I barely know anything about the subject.

 I want to have an RC Car (petrol or battery operated - whichever is possible) to be able to go round a track on its own. Basically what I'm thinking is, i have the distance of the track, the curves degress angles and such.. basiclly.. i give the program a sequence of events in code but in plain english...

Forward for 5 metres

Turn front wheels 20 degrees for 5 seconds

Turn wheels to normal position

Shaving off a couple volts...

I am in the process of wiring Walter. I have my RC receiver outputs going into a 28x but I have run out of input pins! I need to use 2 of the ADC inputs instead but the ADC's won't accept a pulsin command. Problem solved, I am using a spare 14m to do a little translating for me. The 14m will accept the last two pulsin commands and send them off to the ADC's on the 28x. Here's the deal, the two remaining channels (from the RC unit) are "bang-bang" channels --they are still servo commands but not variable, they are only centered (150), full left (225) or full right (75).

Mathematic for rolling olli


I am developing my second robot at the moment.  I'm trying to create LabView source code for moving the two arms to specified 3d points. I was looking in the net for sample code that do the same but I didn't find somthing useable. I'm especially interested in the mathematical background that makes rolling olli move his arms to objects that are detected before with the cam on the top.


Can anybody help me?

Two Picaxes talking to each other...

Wow, I seem to be asking a lot of questions lately... Let me know if I become a question "ho".. At any rate, I am working on the serout and serin commands to get 2 picaxes to talk to each other, I can't seem to find a schematic in any of the manuals. Has anyone done this? If so, do I need any resistors? Pull-up, pull-down or otherwise?

basic programming


 its there anyone whos gud programmer in basic language with picaxe 08M?? need help

Need help with a Torque issue (suggest motors or another method)

I'm purposely being vague because this is my next robot and I believe this to be my last issue to work through. I have the circuit working on a breadboard and this is the last piece in the physical build.


Blue plastic "gear" 



Gear on motor pushing on red peg


Side view of gear on peg

party 'bot

  ..Will smoke cigarettes and play caps.  (a game like beer pong or beiruit played with only one cup and bottlecaps)  For smoking Im thinking of using some of the bellows from a toy car launcher that you slam down on.  hopefully it can blow smoke rings.  I have though of several ways to compress the bellows, but they dont see plausable.  the rail gear could be used for the motion, but i would need 2 or 4 of them to keep the assembley from binding up.  or i was thinking, i dont know what this type of gear is called, but the one with the offset circles that can do up and down motion. 

Charge Controller Circuits

Hey folks, would any of you circuit-building guys start me in the right direction in terms of building a charger for a 10-20AH 12v sealed-acid battery? I think I have the basics down, but I could use a re-fresher... Trickle vs. Full and how does the charger know the battery is full? --I want to build a simple onboard charger for Walter and (really) I don't want to shell-out the 35 bucks they want for their little, stupid aligator clip charger. --Much love as allways for your knowledge!

How hard would it be to build an Arduino?

I recently assembled the Really Bare Bones Board, pictured below.  It's an Arduino clone in a smaller and more affordable package.


NPN vs PNP, a fundamental or just a mental difference

Like many here, I were in need of a bit of amplification of a weak signal. This signal had "low impedance", I suppose. The supplied circuit diagram shows two different ways of meeting my need.

The left circuit uses a NPN transistor. The right hand circuit uses a PNP transistor. I chose the one with PNP. Quite "arbitrarily". The BP103B is also known as FA300.

Need advice on a project I intend to make


 I'm new to the robots' business and I would like to hear some thoughts on a project I intend to make.

Two friends and I need to build a robot for a school project (we're studying technonoly amongst other subjects).

I had the idea of building an "open source" robot. By that I mean building a robot for people with only basic knowledge of technology that will be easly programmed by a simple sdk program that we will make as well.

Mechanical spider vehicle

This thing is awesome. It must have taken a hell of a long time to design and build, and then you've got to have a garage to store it in :) But I kind of want to make one anyways.


Picaxe 28X1 with Bluetooth Module?

I have been doing a little search around the net and havent found a clear answer if the Picaxe28X1 would interface with any bluetooth module and has anyone have tried interfacing with success? Any thoughts on this topic would be appreciated.

L293D problems


I was wondering if anybody elts was having slight over heating problems with the motor driver chip.

It realy heats up !!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this normal?