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Hack your servo V1.00 - Turn your servo into a powerful linear actuator

Provided you have the tools and the servo you can built this for under a couple of bucks. The actuator extends with a rate of about 50mm/min. It is rather slow but very powerful. Get the full story:



Comments welcome!

A little help finding Things

Hello! I am new to the robot stuff... In I am planning on doing th "Start Here" Robot, But I have a great amount of problems finding the 1 PICAXE Servo Upgrade Pack and the 1 Sharp GP2D120 IR Sensor


Clean navigation using IR sensor

Anyone willing to give me a hand with this code please feel free to jump right in.

I have spent any hours trying to get this to work. I sure have gotten closer but the bot seems to get stuck n reverse for whatever reason. He will stay in reverse untill i bring my hand close to the sensor and then move it away very quickly.

He then continues forward. Sometimes it seems like he wants to turn toward the object he sees

Picaxe 28x1 with sharp GP2D12

I have made many changes to Fritsl's code, Some changes I understood and others I did not.



a computer output to a video / cable

recently i got a mini projecter.my laptop computer is only 800/600

i was wondering if i could turn a monitor output into the cables that are yellow and red(dont remember the name)

a computer output to a video / cable

recently i got a mini projecter.my laptop computer is only 800/600

i was wondering if i could turn a monitor output into the cables that are yellow and red(dont remember the name)

Anyone ever see a video of an electric motor with toroid stators before?

Hello Everyone,

I came across a video on Youtube of a motor that uses toroid stators. I have NEVER seen a motor use toroid stators before. 

This motor is called the "E-Orbo" and a company named Steorn is launching it this month.

Here is the link to the video.


There are two interesting things about this motor. First, a toroid keeps most of it's flux inside of itself. I never thought that toroids could be used in a motor.

Secondly, the company claims that it does not experience back EMF.

wireless camera and remote control.


i am very much interested in making metal detecting robot..but i am confused that which kit board you used and all other relevant information related to wireless camera...and what type of communication you used? is it radio frequency.infra red or blue tooth?? if possible then try to mail me at-   arora_grv030@yahoo.com       i will be very thankfull to you.... 

Luxeon Leds - what would be the simplest constant current driver for them


I have just bought 5 of these 3W High-Power LEDs 

I could drive them off batteries direct ....

...however i would prefer to feed them with a "constant" but adjustable (350mA-750mA) current.


What would be the simplest circuit i could use ?.....

.... and would there be a way to PWM them?. 


Specs :-

3W High-Power White (6000-7000K) 130 Lumens - 140 deg

PIC16f84A line follower robot

can anyone help me how to build a line follower mobot with the CPU of PIC16f84a... pls post the components and the schematics..and if it is possible some code segments...

Motor control

hi all,

does anyone know if its possiable to control the speed of a stepper motor/ Dc motor with a pot?

also if you have any schemtics on how to do this it would be helpful

 thanks to anyone who replied :) 

Robotic frustrations

I'm sure many of you have been in the situation where you are making some simple part for your robot, it should be an easy job, maybe 15-20minutes tops but something goes wrong.  3 frustrating hours later (or more) you finally get it finish after trying to work out what went wrong.

It's 10:30pm on a Saturday night, I've been in the office since 11am making an Xbee remote control for demonstrating the 6WD robot chassis so we can make a video. I should have been finished hours ago and relaxing in front of the TV but I couldn't get a LM317LZ regulator to put out 3.3V for the Xbee.

Embed Audio Signals?

So I got this nifty iPod plugged into Walter and I can easily control it with serial commands. If I were to want to sync say, movements of the head to the audio being played, I now can only do it manually... I.e. I would actually use a stopwatch and time when I would want each move to start/ continue and add the needed pauses to the code.

Which microcontroller?

Let me start out with saying that I bought a Picaxe about a year back and had absolute horror getting it to work with my PC. Nothing I did would work. I've been traveling for a long while now and am finally settling back down a bit, so I'm wanting to get started back in robotics.

I haven't built my first bot yet, but will be buying supplies soon. Can anyone recommend another MC instead of the Picaxe? Maybe the Arduino? Preferably something that has a good support group I can go to if I get stuck... which is more than likely.


A IC form of NPN transistor ?

Is there  such thing as a DIP package of transistors ? (not sure if that is the right way to put it) 
I need to control 12 digital connections and putting 12 transistors on a PCB will take up a decent amount of space 
so I was wondering if there is a chip like version.
If possible a high voltage ~40V and high amperage trnasistor would be perfect it it exists. 

how a sonar range detector works?


I have now been working with a IR range detector. But i have tried to find some information on how a sonar work, as some of my firends said that it will be better to use.

Any1 know how a sonar for obstracle/range detection work?

Tank chassie, pull apart


Just brought this tank, so just wanna hear if any1 have tried to pull it apart. As to begin with i only need the bottom of it, the tracks and the engiers.

It is a RC tank, and is about 80cm long. And the cannon can fire BB bullets.


 'Hope that there is some one out there, that can help me. Thanks.



Design of a UGV for rough terrain

I am an absolute beginner in building bots.

I want to build this vehicle( electric one) for irregular terrain.

size is 2m length 1m height and 1m width.

should be able to climb ditches .5m in height(vertical)

and also carry some weight(200kg load)

I am through with the design selection part.

Motor with Arduino

Ok, I've read around a bit, and I'm still not certain about how to power a motor with Arduino. I'm looking for the absolute simplest way possible. I don't really want to buy a controller or anything. I was wondering if I could use a 9v battery combined with a MOSFET to power a 9v motor. Would this work?

 Would this also allow for speed control? 

Quick Feedback on a Theory?

So, for fun, I found this website where you could "create" your own AI, Pandorabots.com: which worked with AIML. On this website, they give you a list of keywords your AI reacts to in the AIML file that they provide for you. (Since you have the option to use Alice or the Elvis bot as a base, the list is pretty large.)