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Solarbotics motor question

My robot is going to compete in a competition that will require it to compete in different competitions.  For one competition, it has to be very efficient, and basically keep following a black line longer than everyone else.  Another competition that it has to compete in is a tug of war.  The rule is, it cannot change its hardware in between competitions.  Naturally, for the endurance competition, you want to hook up a smaller voltage to the motor.  But I was thinking of using the following circuit in order to give the motor more voltage for the tug of war competition:

What can a robot do?

I asked a question here about a robot's reaction to input coming from standard sensors. I got a lot of good answers and a lot of very useful information however I am now finding out I asked the wrong question...

I am going to re-ask here and see what I come up with.

(Updated!) "jumping" "jetpack" mini, do not know what to call it, too cool to be true :P

UPDATE: WooT! Found the full paper on the project, man this thing is complicated :) See atachment, print it to have something to read those cold winter nights ;)

Heck, I just want to know what the pump and the valve are / where I can get them :) 


Inspiration to a walking robot

You may think this is a (bad) joke from me. But it is not. I love this thing, and I find it extremely inspiring.

If only I had the time, I would make a walker like this, only without a boy inside it ;)

Lord gimme time!

Wanting to use LMR site as a reference

I am (as most of you know) in my final days at school, and I need to list some work samples.  I'm planning on doing most of this online, and wanted to know if the admins would mind to terribly if I use links to my robots on the LMR site for reference.

I really like how the setup is here and it would be a way to get my instructors more interested, and would be a lot less work for me...


Just wanted to ask before I started using said links. Thanks so much in advance!

Discussion of object recognition with distance sensors

I would just like to open the floor to any thoughts on the code would take for a robot to do a sweep with a distance sensor and get an idea of what it was looking at overall. We have seen object recognition (edge finding) a couple different ways and code to send a bot to open areas. What I am wondering now is about checking distances at different points of the sweep and (here's the important thing) to figure out what it is looking at.

Servo problems

My Picaxe 228x1 arrived today with the servo upgrade pack. I have followed all instructions but can't get the servo command to work. It appears to be trying to turn clockwise past the stop - i.e. it turns all the way and then buzzes. I can get it to move ok with pulsout commands so I don't think that the servo or any connection is fundamentally broken. The following is my program - the servo 0,150 is the command that isn't working as expected (any position I give seems to give the same result)

Anybody got any ideas what I've missed?


Wicked motion/location sensor

Not cheap, no howto, just a commercial product. But great inspiration.

Wicked smooth snaky moves

What can I say? Really impressive algorithms!!

"Cool Happenings" in need of better name

Please help me.

You all noticed the writeups I posted in my blog, right? Maybe I should give some of you a click or two to catch up right away.


OK, now we are all up to speed.

Commercial use of PIC chips found!

So since I'm the only "electronics geek" in my family, I recieve a bunch of old cellphones/radios/computers/etc. to pillage and salvage parts.

My mother owns a tanning salon that has a networked controller for each tanning bed. One of these room interfaces stopped working, and instead of calling me to check it out, she just replaced it and gave me the broken module.


Custom CNCing for you Robot?

Has anyone ever had there robot CNCed? If so what website did you use? I looked at BigBlueSaw and the stuff there is beyond way too expensive, a 7x5 inch aluminum rectangle (1/8") with a couple of holes drilled in is $81.00, beyond my budget severely. I also emailed many other sites, and theyre quotes are in the 300's. So does anyone know of any cheap CNCing service based website they could share?

Philosophy of robot design

I watched this and was just like "what the random?!"


Anyone ordered from Cascabots?

Anybot out there ordered recently from cascabots? I placed an order 30 days ago and still have not recieved the order, or any response to my several emails to them. Has anybody out there suffered the same?


Adafruit and SuperDroid Robots!

I ordered Arduino Duemilanove, motor shield, usb and breadboard from Adafruit; Wheel track and motor from SuperDroid Robot. I can't wait for them to arrive!!! Does anyone know how long it takes to arrive? I live on the west coast by the way :)! I hope they come Friday or Saturday!!

Hmm...picaxe or adruino...

Hey guys,  I've been lurking around this forum and read a LOT of info on building robots! (Been digging up old posts @_@) I've noticed that Arduino uses C (?) as the language. I have experience in C++ and currently taking C++ courses at the moment (CS major :) ) Would Arduino be a better choice for me? I wanted to get the Bare Bones Board but I'm afraid I might do something wrong in the soldering process. I found the Arduino Starter kit: http://www.adafruit.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=68

The Trons - Self playing robot band

I was so jazzed when I learned about making music with the picaxe chip, I thought about how cool it would be to play instruments and have a voice synthesizer sing and such, and it's already been done.

check it out