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More info than you'll ever want to know about current LED technology

This is a great read if you like knowing about the current technologies going into the components we use to build our bots or other gadgets. It's heavy on the technical info just as an fyi. 

While reading it I was also surprised to find the company that makes those luxeon LED's have some damn cool tech.



Power Grid (boardgame)

Hello guys,

just wanted to introduce to lmr this cool boardgame i've played a few weeks ago. It's called Power Grid and the whole point of this game is to buy power plants and give power to cities to increase you profits. I really like it because there are no dice to be rolled, opposed to the majority of boardgames.

ROV submarine

I playing with the idea of building a ROV.

A ROV is a Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle.

I plan to start simple, with a webcam connected to a computer, and 3 motors with propellers controlled by switches, all of it strapped to a frame of sealed plastic tubes. Something close to this instructable

But the robot geek in me wont stop there! I want to build:

A moisture sensor (to warn if the electronics compartment has sprung a leak) 

Great quick reference tool for LEDs!

This little sliding tool may soon have a spot on my wallet right next to my CAT5 wiring guide card. I can do lots of electronics stuff, but figuring resistance for LEDs always makes my brain work too much.


Servo problem Picaxe


I have some Tower Pro 9 gram micro servo, I tried to control this servo using Picaxe servo command but it does not work. I have standard size Futaba servo those work fine with Picaxe. If anyone has any experience with this problem please let me know what is the problem here why is the micro servo not responding to Picaxe servo command.


It soon is time to have another LMR skype social weekend!

Yes, yes.

Will you get drunk, and join in? Theme will be telling people long tales about what you do when you are not making robots.

No one sticks to the theme anyway.

However, the word "Hello" is prohibited, anyone saying it will be kicked off the line.

Do you have a fast connection, can you host?

Is it possible to walk with only one servo?



i will make my start here robot, but while i wait for the weels/ ir sensor and motors, i only have a servo, the picaxe board and chip, and a few pieces of wire and metal.


do you think it is possible to make a servo walk/crawl with just this?




In the first video i made it walk, but it only works on top of paper... it has some "claw" shaped ends in the metal legs so it kind of works... :p


Help with XBee Explorer Regulated

Just received a couple of XBee & boards from SparkFun but I'm unsure how many pins are needed.


According to the schematic, http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Wireless/Zigbee/XBee-Regulated-v10.pdf, there's a DIO3 pin.


What is it used for?

Recommendations for WiFi components

Hi guys,


I'm thinking of using WiFi as a mode of communication with my robot from my laptop.


So far, I'm only able to find three modules by Roving Network on SparkFun:



what are the specs to lookout for in selecting the right module?

Quick question about voltage regulator?

For a 5v voltage regulator should I buy the LM7805ACT which has 3A 2% OUTPUT TOL 3-TERMINAL or the LM7805SCT which has 1A Pos Vol Reg? The second is slightly more expensive, but they appear to be pretty similar so I'm not really sure what the difference is.

I'm using it to regulate a 9v power source to an axe023 by the way. 



how to modify an Hs-55 micro servo to act like a GM10 motor

Hi all,

 I planned to use the HS-55 micro servo for my YDM-clone, but after playing a while with an arduino, it's seems that it's not fast enough to achieve nice rythm patterns...

Do you know if there is a way to modify it to speed it? (Maybe removing the electronics or something)

if not, do you know other good alternative  to GM10 motor? as I can't find any resellers in europe  (and i don't want to pay shipping cost from UIS that double the price of those tiny motors).

Thanks in advance

Line Follower using Atmega8

Hi all, I am new here and about to make a debut in robotics with a simple line follower robot.

I have chose AVR ATmega8 as my microcontroller because I found out that we can chose which pins we want as input and which ones as output. So this seems pretty cool for a microcontroller. Also i figured out that it is cheaply available here.

windscreen wiper motor with three brushes...

Hi all,

I always thought/assumed that brushed motors had two brushes in them. Mine has three. How does it work?



Simple Question about Programming the Arduino

Having built many robots and programmed in several languages, I am new to Arduino and C.  I wish to make a subroutine and place it in a working program.

I have two programs that are running perfectly right now at this moment. I want to combine them together and have the second short program be able to be called many times as a subroutine and be placed in the larger program. I can't for the life of me make it happen.  I usually get some error when I trie to compile it.  I just want to know how to make a subroutine.

Motor Problem

I recently built the start here robot and was succesful and everything seems to work. I have one problem though that I don't know what the cause would be. The right motor (a solarbotics gear motor 9) runs slightly faster than the left motor and causes th robot to continually turn slightly to the left. Does anyone know how I could fix it or even add to the program to correct this?

Tilt Switch - Inclinometer- with Analog Signal (Spirit Level Style)

Here is an idea on making a simple Tilt Switch. (aka Inclinometer)

It would be cheap and contains no mercury

The Idea is So:-

Version 1

Take a  clear tube either flexible tube or curved glass tube.

Place an infrared Detector (led) at both ends.

Place an infrared Transmitter to shine in the middle part.

The inside of the tube should be filled with a semi dark liquid  or thick oil ......

..... the important thing is to make sure that there is an "Air-Bubble" in the tube.

Someone has got to miniaturise this -

Ripsaw-MS1 Remote Gun Tank.


Taking professional looking pictures, with a regular digital camera!

I just HAD to point out this post in the Arduino forums I seen, this guy takes AMAZING pictures! And explains how, even answers all your uber questions. Good for newbs like me! :D Great writeout!


 None of this is mine, just had to make sure this was out there, especially for those up and coming bots! :)

Just an example below:


very fast grippers

This has to be the fastest robot hands I've seen...



The best way to manage 2A motors.

Hi all, i'm wondering how i can control a motor with 2A current flow at 6Volts. I'm hacking a toy and the motors that make it to move requires that current... so i can't proceed to my plan A: the L293DNE, because it manages a maximum of 1.4A.

I don't know if exist a similar chip but wiht a higer current limit.

If You have ideas for that... PLEASE HELP ME!