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how a sonar range detector works?


I have now been working with a IR range detector. But i have tried to find some information on how a sonar work, as some of my firends said that it will be better to use.

Any1 know how a sonar for obstracle/range detection work?

Tank chassie, pull apart


Just brought this tank, so just wanna hear if any1 have tried to pull it apart. As to begin with i only need the bottom of it, the tracks and the engiers.

It is a RC tank, and is about 80cm long. And the cannon can fire BB bullets.


 'Hope that there is some one out there, that can help me. Thanks.



Design of a UGV for rough terrain

I am an absolute beginner in building bots.

I want to build this vehicle( electric one) for irregular terrain.

size is 2m length 1m height and 1m width.

should be able to climb ditches .5m in height(vertical)

and also carry some weight(200kg load)

I am through with the design selection part.

Motor with Arduino

Ok, I've read around a bit, and I'm still not certain about how to power a motor with Arduino. I'm looking for the absolute simplest way possible. I don't really want to buy a controller or anything. I was wondering if I could use a 9v battery combined with a MOSFET to power a 9v motor. Would this work?

 Would this also allow for speed control? 

Quick Feedback on a Theory?

So, for fun, I found this website where you could "create" your own AI, Pandorabots.com: which worked with AIML. On this website, they give you a list of keywords your AI reacts to in the AIML file that they provide for you. (Since you have the option to use Alice or the Elvis bot as a base, the list is pretty large.)

Arduino voltage regulator and other questions.

 Hello, I have a few questions I hope somebody or several people can answer :)


Give a soldier a hand?

I have a problem and I hope someone here has a solution. Here's a little background on me to set the scene. I am a U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician (the guys in the big green bomb suits that take IED's apart). I am not the most electronically sound guy in the world and robots? HA HA HA!!! I can drive the tracks off our Talon, but I don't even try to get into how it works. Just a big expensive remote control bomb-killing car for me. Here is my issue. It may sound trivial to some of you, but to me it's mind boggling.

Need help to build a obstucle avoiding robo using GH 311RT sensors

i am having this ultrasonic  sensor



Anybody please tell me how to interface this sensor with arduino, i planning to create a obstacle avoiding robot using two dc motors and a servo with this sensor.

Please help me with programming and circuit...


Urban RoverBot by MakerDino of SoR

This robot was made by MakerDino fellow member of SoR Forum. I loved the design so I wanted to share it with you guys.



hello all, this is my first post on this website so i hope i don't sound to much like a noob.


I recently bought a pololu 3pi robot and tried programming it with a USB Programmer, but couldn't get it to work with Arduino.  Does anyone know how.  Its this -> http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MKPO2

XMOS XK-1, configuring to work with HD44780 LCD.

Well this is the first actual hardware I'm going to interface! (I tried with my color LCD.. but when that failed.. figured I should start a bit more simple)

 The code is borrowed from a MIDI Synthesizer project, I just took out the LCD part, along with the buffer code. He was using the XC-1, which is just a 4-core version of the XK-1. The code should be fairly easy to implement, but I'm afraid I'm missing some of the basics when it comes to the XMOS pin usage. (I've gone through the tutorials and understand them for the most part)


PSP Screen Pinouts.

Edit: Learned what I needed to from previous question, didn't wanna create a new forum for every Question I had (we'd be at node 20,000 in no time).


Stupid / Beginning Questions

I'm somewhat new to arduino and finally found out about libraries.  Unfortunately I have looked for instructions on how to create one and how to upload an existing library.  So if someone could give me step-by-step instructions on how to get this library i have here sitting on my desktop to something i can use in code. (please dummy-down the instructions).

It would also be helpful if someone could provide me with a small sample code for a robot that uses Ping)))

Where to start with robots?

Hi there

I want to learn about robots, what they are made of, all the parts names, how to build/program robots and where to start with robotics? (mainly just the stuff to get me started)

Are there any websites that have this information on them?


AIML to C converter?

I know there are a few C to AIML converters out there, but are there any programs that do it the other way around?

Battery pack connector

One of the wires that connect the battery pack to my microcontroller, that go in slots labelled V and G, disconnected from the microcontroller. Does that mean I have to solder it back on? Is there another option?

Arduino + a doorbell's wireless modules

hello, hope you had a merry christmas, and will have a happy new year!

I found a wireless doorbell, and i would like to know it it would be possible to attach the button of the doorbell, to the TX pin on the arduino, and the receiver to the RX pin, sorta like this:


I think i would then be able to serial print what ever i want, and serial read it with the other arduino. say controll severall motors, even if it just has one button, would this be possible?


When you get suspended bits (or nanoparticles for the science geeks out there, haha.) of iron compounds in a solution made up of water, oil and some other bits of scientific goodness, things look like this.


Living Doll?

I had this epiphany a while back about a robot. What if you put a stuffed animal suit over a robot? (Exposing the sensors, of course) This is basically the foundation of most toys, but I think it'd be really sweet to have a "living" doll walking (or wheeling) around the house without shrill barks or other annoying noises going off every 5 seconds.

Or perhaps the near Wall-e look is getting old for some? I dunno. For my robot, I wanted to create a white, Dayna from a Witch's Tale-ish, mouthless cat with a black bowtie. Maybe a rabbit instead?