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Sharp GP2D120 IR Sensor Readings



I just built my first robot following the "First Robot" tutorial. The only problem I am having is with the Sharp GP2D120 IR sensor. When I run the code as per the tutorial (i.e. "readadc 1, b1" and "debug"), the values for b1 are displayed as:


123, $7B, %01111011, '{'


The readings do not change even if I put something in front of the sensor. Do those readings provide a clue as to what is wrong with my robot?


Thanks for any help you can provide.



Problem to control servo with picaxe

Hi everybody, 

This is the first time i use a picaxe 28x1 and i already have a problem...

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Max712/713 Help!

I have been toying around with different power sources, and in my travels have made a few battery packs recently... The problem is, I havn't bought a charger. Awhile ago i got a few samples of Maxim IC MAX712/713 NiMih/NiCad battery charger ic's. I downloaded the datasheet for it here, but I have a few questions.


Clock movement as lightweight gearbox

Anyone ever try to modify one of those cheap battery operated analog clock mechanisms as gear train?  It would make an extremely lightweight gearbox for small bot.

Some quick research on the web provided some insight on how these things work:


Then I tore open a broken clockwork that's been sitting around for ages. OK, I tore it open first, then did the research. ; j

Thinking of ways to run 2 continuous servos.

2 questions that should tell me wether this is possible or not.


1.  Is it possible to connect 2 servos to the same potentiometer?  

2.  Is it possible to connect the signal lines of 2 servos to the same servo pin on a PICAXE?  Or would this overload the         poor little chip?


Pretty amazing robot video

 While I don't think they're as advanced as they look at first sight, they are still pretty darned impressive.  They must be using some tiny processors and servo controllers.




Hello, I look for an advice on the cards of programming for a future robot. I am going to build a "robot sumo" wrestling! But my problem it is because I do not arrive has to find a good card(map), I hesitate between some card(map) of programming as: PICAXE-28X1 or Cerebellum: http://botrics.com/products/cereb/ . I have the impression(printing) that it is the almost similar sound card but the picaxe in the air(sight) of credit note more memory(report)? Can you give him(it) advice(councils) to choose one maid card as my "robot sumo" wrestling?


Cheaper shipping to LMR with members help

After problems shipping Mr. Basic world wide we decided to stick to DHL which is more reliable and has parcel tracking but is also more expensive, making small packages too expensive.

After reading Frits's blog about "Money to people with time" Jack wondered if DAGU could do something like this to reduce our shipping cost.

We are looking for a people who would be willing to accept a large shipment of parts and then redistribute using cheaper local mail to nearby members. These people would be offered a fee for their services.

Picaxe project board


First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong forum. But onto the question:

I've recently been designing my first robot, following the "start here" tutorial. I have most of it designed and drawn up in SketchUp, but the last thing I need to place is the project board (AXE020 for 28X1.) I have the dimensions of the board, but the one thing I would like to find out is whether or not there are any holes to screw the board down with, and if so where they are located (specific measurements if possible) and the diameter of the holes.

 Thanks in advance.


Im very interested in PIC's but dont noe where to start :P im using the 16f690/16f680/16lf84a as these are what i have currently. Anyone could guide me as to what beginner kits i need and any tutorials that are good. I have looked at baseoverapex's tutorial. It not really clear. Hope you guys can help


LM3914 Dot/Bar Display Driver Question

I got some of these because I thought I could use it on a project I am working on as well as one on the drawing board. I will admit I haven't read the entire datasheet word for word but I have looked for the part that talks about how to pick which one of the 10 LEDs hooked up that I want lit and to what levle I want it lit (really bright or barely visible).From what I read I thought it could have 10 LEDs connected and light anyone of the 10 and to a certain degree of brightness. Maybe I was wrong.

Just starting, help me decide which parts to get

I want to start getting into bulding my own robots and I have been looking around this site every now and then for the past year or so. I'll probably start with something like the "start here" bot or at least use a lot of the info for messing around. I already understand basic quite well so I should be able to pick it up fast. I'm trying to figure out all the things I should get and here's what I got.

C Programming Software for Mac

Hello LMR. I have recently been introduced to programming in the C language. Do any of you know or reccommend any specific software for programming? I am using a Mac Leopard 10.5.7.....

tactile button.

i know this i damn stupid. but i dont know how to count the number of times a tacltile button is pressed with a bs2