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Declare an Array in picaxe basic?

I want to make several led's blink in one direction the the other, i figured the best way to do this would be to have the output pins in an array then use a 'for next loop' to loop thru them.

But the manual dosen't say how to declare an array, so how do you declare an array?

Using Picaxe 28x1


Choosing the right connection for a network of robots

I've been reading up on robots, and in one of my books there's a chapter called Multiple Robot Interaction, which mentions having one robot as the queen, and the rest as drones. There are several ways of connecting, WLAN, Bluetooth, Infrared and I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of others. But which is the most commonly used/best way of connecting?

What to do with a drunken sailo.. err linear slide?

Ok I was cleaning up around the work bench and found this stepper and belt linear slide assembly that came from a printer. I had kept it to knock up a cheap x/y plotter, but I scrapped that idea and am building a CNC out of better stuff. It seemed like such a waste to destroy or scavenge the motor from it so I need some ideas of what to use this for. The stroke is about 350mm if something were to be attached to the belt, but theres no reason it can`t rotate continuously for something. I also have the metal strip that was used as a slide for the opposite side.

anyone got 2 spare 47k?? and you get LEDs!!

i just got my mail today with some stuff i orderd but i have forgot to buy some 47kΩ resistors and one 380Ω

i got everything i needed for my robot eccept some 47kΩ resistors and one 380Ω and i dont want to pay $15 for shipping just for two 47kΩ and one 380Ω! 

so..      does anyone have some spare 47kΩ resistors? then please PM me! (and if anyone have some spare 380Ω resistors, then please PM me too)

i am wiling to swap with ~5 red or blue(you chose) clear(super powerfull) LEDs i have, for two 47kΩ and one 380Ω!

Complet newbie needs help with Picaxe 28x1.

I m such a newbie, please forgive me.

I have the picaxe 28x1 starter pack and i'm trying to do the "Test the System" tutorial, but im am so lost.

When it says 'connect to pin 4' i notice there are two pins side by side on #4, which pin do i actually connect to ?

do i have to connect both? Been using the pin closest to the Darlington chip, with out success.

Also there are two 'v' pins on oposite sides of the board, which one should i use? or does it matter .

Robot event calendar

There is a lot of robot related events around the world so why not make a Robot event calendar?
This way LMR users know were to go and show there robots and met other LMR users.
Here is a few links to start whit.

Odense robot festival 10/12 Sep. 2009 http://www.robodays.dk

DTU robocup 14/16 Apil 2009 http://www.dtu.dk/subsites/robocup.aspx

Lowest RPM of an electric bike motor?

What is the lowest possible RPM of an electric bike motor?  It seems to be the cheapest alternative to a slow gearmotor.  Thanks.

Would this motor be able to lift 150 lbs?

Would this motor lift me?  150 lbs or so?




Its for my walking chair, it will be chained to a shaft and the shaft will have about 150 lbs (NOT static load) or so of force to deal with.


Thanks :)

Switching voltage regulator but what after it ?


Here is a hopefully simple question, and a little explanation to go with it.

Okay,here we go...

I am currently adding extra sensors and bits and bobs that eat up power on my robot and I would like to give my robot a bit more power to work with and so that it can run longer. That is simple thanks to12 AA batteries

My robot uses a Picaxe 28X1 and from what I have read it doesn't like more that 12V.

Here is the problem: my 12 AA's give out  18V ( and yes I did use a calculator! ) but I can only give my chip 12 of those 18V.

female to female jumper cable search

Im in a bit of a situation at the moment. i need some female to female jumper cables but cant seem to find anywhere in the jolly old uk that sells them.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Tom J

Edit: thanks to all for your help.
ive found a site that sells them but i think ill follow mike and make them as the price is high.

Best for Beginners?

I am an absolute beginner... i have very little experience in electronics, very little experience in mechanics... but i am an expert programmer...  my question is: what do you recommend for a beginner wanting to get into robotics?  I am thinking I might want to get a roboduino board but I see here a lot of people are using picaxe. 

The advantages of something like the roboduino is that the board is pretty self contained and wouldn't need a seperate board to drive the servos...

Any suggestions as to what type of micro-controller might be best to start with?


Apologies if this is inappropriate to post here, but if you have a dog, and you're sick of playing fetch overa and over and over and over and over and over....


- this might be the answer to all your problems...


tilt sensor connection need help!

i just got one of these: (sharp-gp1s36hez tilt sensor)

 tilt sensor

and im not sure about these schematics and i thought you could help me connect this to a picaxe 28x1 project boad and a 5 volt regulator!!!

it should be simple! :D

Low RPM Motor With High Torque Needed

I need a motor that has a lot of torque but the shaft looks like this:



I CANT FIND ONE!!  I need it to be cheap though... If anyone knows anything at all, please let me know.  Thanks!

P.S. Even if I have to slightly modify the motor, that's ok for me too!

Cheap Lcd for picaxe etc


I am new to LMR but for those looking for a cheap lcd I have found a brilliant one on ebay for under five pounds! It is 16x2, uses the hd44780 parallel driver, so can be used with picaxe etc, and even has a backlight!

I have just bought one but have yet to try it with a picaxe, will let you know when (or if) i get it working. Just follow the link below:

Im a beginner...i may also be crazy

Hi, im looking into making a robot for a university project and have a few ideas. Ive played around with a MIT handyboard before and am now thinking about doing something a bit more serious.

I would like to make a security robot, that can collect information about its surroundings and then send them to a host program running on a pc to upload them to the internet for remote viewing (eg upload to private youtube account).


ROBOT sends:

video/audio , temperature,moisture.

SERVER processes data:


After i finish up my mini sumo, i think i will be working on a micro mouse. I need some help with the deisgns and algos