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Multiplexing for my chess robot

Base over Apex showed to me that the "ghost piece" i was talking about could be fixed this way below. 

 Oh yeah i am doing this because my shift registers... well something happened...no im doing this.

Stuff to do while waiting for parts.

I ordered my parts for my first robot (from the start here section) and not wanting to sit idle I have been finding and doing projects from instructables.com that involve soldering or other skills that I believe may be transferable to robotics.  Any other suggestions?  The hard part is finding parts locally, Radio Shack just doesn't carry a lot of electronic components like they used to.

Entertain the Dog robot

I have an idea to put an obstacle avoiding robot inside a hamster ball for the purpose of entertaining the dog.  The robot would have to be small enough to fit inside the ball and I'm thinking that when it encounters something it would simply reverse directions.  Would infrared ignore the ball itself and be able to see what is going on outside of the ball?  I'd like to keep this project as simple as possible since my dog has a tendency to destroy any toy given to it.  I would really like to do this project but wouldn't want to spend a great deal of time on it since it would inevitably be b

Need Help for AGV?

i'm working on AGV project rite now.low cost AGV.i'm totally dont have knowledge in software part that is programming part?especially to do the coding for the robot.but for hardware part is not a problem to me.can somebody help me with the coding part?i'm using atmel microcontroller and will attach with stepper motor.for sensor i'm using ultrasonic for obsctacels sensor.

Line Follower Robot using a PIC18F252 microcontroller

I am using C Programming to program a PIC18F252 microcontroller chip that allows a robot to follow a line then change directions in different direction on each end and also senses blockage and goes back. This is my code wich at the moment is giving me problems allowing the robot to change directions in different directions and sense blockage...can anyone see where i am going wrong and help out?????????


#include <p18F252.h>

maximum weight tamiya gearbox?

What would be the maximum weight i could put on the tamiya twin motor gearbox without stripping gears or roasting my motors? I've found out that my base is going to be a bit heavy......


Also, does anyone know what the dimensions of the gearbox are? LxWxH? any help appreciated. thanks.  

PIR to PICAXE interfacing

Hi everyone. I am thinking of making a robot which uses 3 PIR sensors RAPIDONLINE 61-1516  to detect and track objects emitting thermal energy.Do you think using a 9V battery this would
work?in terms of power consumption and stuff like,considering i would be using 3 of these PIRs and other sensors like microphone,buzzer etc.

need xmas ideas

hey all. i'm rudolph's person and i am totally stuck on what to get him for xmas. i know nothing about robots despite his trying to explain it to me over and over. i want to get him something cool to you robot peeps but here is the chalenge, it needs to be affordable. cool and cheap. so anyway contact me via form or email drleanne at yahoo dot com with like a link or sometrhing. cause i need the really obvious directions on this stuff lol

Futaba Controller Servo issues Picaxe

I am trying to use my Futaba Radio Controller, intercept the pulse and then pass it through a servo.
I guess that I could use a relay but I would like to process the signal.

Here is a basic bit of code:

   pulsin 1,1,b0
   debug b0
   pulsout 2, b0
   pause 20

this would seem to me that it would basicaly pass the signal from ch1 to ch2 but the servo is rather jumpy(servo moves back and forth).

I read similar post but resistors did not seem to help. it might be the controler.

Where to find a *cheap* range finder?

I'm looking for any place that I can find any type of range finder that's under $100 and I know I'm probably sounding cheap right about now. So far the only one's I've found on the internet are about $1000, and let's face it, that's way out of a kid's league, if they even have a league...Well, thanks in advance!!!:)

 also, anyone know where to get what i think they're called "minicontrollers"? Thanks! 

PICAXE Sound Detector Circuit



The circuit above is how to hook up a microphone to a picaxe to either have it detect the presence of sound (using a digital pin) or the sound level (readadc). The question I have is in a couple spots it connects a capacitor to the middle of a resistor. Does this mean you connect it to both sides of the resistor?

What type of wire would I need for a 9V battery?

I'm working on my first project for this year's up-coming sciencefair, but I'm TOTALLY lost! I've been using this old college text book I found at my school's library, but it doesn't help much, so I'd really appreciate the help. For my robot(Technesium) I'm planning on using a 9V battery(and if I should use a higher voltage, please tell me!), but I don't know what type of wire I should use. The book I'm reading says to use No. 12 wire, but I'm still not really sure. Also, I have one more question, how do I determine the current a battery has? Thanks for your help, really!

LMR-IIa Updates

Just a quick post to let you all know the few features that have been added with the IIa sub-upgrade.

The feeds listed on RSS feeds now work again

 blip.tv videos should now embed the correct video

 The User Map is now capable of showing only the user specified. In other words, when you click Location: San Bernardino, CA, US in my user page you'll only get me on the map, and it won't take 20 minutes to load!

How to reduce servo noise?

So it has come to my attention that like motors, servos too need capacitors over the power and signal lines. Well my question is exactly what value capacitor and on what servo pin. I looked online and could not exactly find it, maybe you have a link. I dont know if it is specific to what servo you have but here is the link to mine http://www.hobbypartz.com/topromisesg9.html

TLC5940 anyone?

Allthough these chips are actually called LED drivers they are apparently capable of controlling servos...up to 16 of them :) There is even an Arduino library available for doing so. Pretty cool stuff. But I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with this? If yes then I'd like to know more about it. If not well then consider this a tip to keep in mind the next time you run out of servo pins ;)

Basic electronics explained in cool informative way (Schematic and IR Light Update)

Basic electronics explained in cool informative way by Colin of Makezine, including simple electronic experiments.

Videos as follows:- (links are URL)

PWM Question with PICAXE 40x1

The 40x1 has 2 PWM pins. I have the code pwm 1, b2, 1 but I think I need to tell the picaxe that I want to use the pin as PWM since it can also be an output or input pin. Any ideas?

The "Uncanny Valley" of robotic appearance

I came across this Wikipedia article about how humans can have a negative reaction to robot's appearance as it begins to approach a human realistic level.

laser pointer and a 38khz sensor

would it be possible to make a laser flicker at 38khz?

I was thinking; if I had a modified laser that gave me a red dot that pulsed at 38Khz. If a robot was made to go towards a 38Khz beacon...

I thought this might function as a intuitive remote control.

The robot is programmed to do whatever, map its surrounding, search for metal or filming the girls gymn locker room. But when the laser is pointed anywhere in its vicinity it'll start following the red dot until the laser is switched of again. then it will continioue its original task.

A few 130 size 6v motors to swap, direct replacement for tamiya 130 size 6v motors

I have a few size 130 6-12v motors to trade. If you are using tamiya products that use the 130s, and want to use a L293D or it's equivalent. I'm looking for all kinds of things to trade. Email me offline to discuss things. If you don't want to trade they are $2usd each + $5usd domestic only. International orders please email for shipping quote.