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Serial communication problem

 I am trying to interface my arm9 based single board comp to the PICAXE 28X1 (starter kit board). The idea is to interface the single board computer running Linux to my PICAXE over serial and try to send commands to it over the serial line. I wrote code for my PICAXE that can listen on the serial line and transmit the same characters back. The arm board recives characters sent by the PICAXE but for some reason characters sent by the arm board are not recieved by the PICAXE.

New ways of seeing things..

Hi all, I am so excited about this. It may not be much to anybody else, but to me it is!

You all know how we only have the IR's or the Ultra sound to work with when we want to check distance? Yeah, if we have millions we can also get a camera or two, and laser range finders..

However, I wanted something cooler.

This is not that, I am sorry.

However, I am working on something cooler (I hope, but it may be far fetched), and when doing so, as a spin off I made this. 

And it is pretty wicked, I think.

Simple tracking project

I have been thinking about this, any ideas? i mean like what components i could use, using radio frequency not rfid or neither gps. could really appreciate help.


Baiscally it should have a screen where i could track my robot within 100m? try to keep it cheap i guess 









It is supposed to be something like a phone where it has a screen and i can see the object like a radar. it would also make me able to flash an led at the other end of the wireless device p

Robot with Tracks

Hello, just a question to all who made a robot with the tamiya track set: did you implemented any kind of track tensioner? or just calculated the size and "stretch" it over the sprokets&wheels ?

Help with motor driver?



As many of you know, my experiences building robots have been painful at best. So, I'm taking a step back, and I will follow Frits's wonderful tutorial.


Because I live in America, I'd prefer to buy my parts from a U.S.-based site to avoid longer shipping time,additional fees, etc.


I've run into a problem: Frits's tutorial calls for 1 L293D Motor driver. At mouser.com I found a short list of products similar to what I need.


Which will work?: 

Help with program editor

Ok so I'm making my first robot. I wanted the cheapest one out there so I'm trying a similar project to Fritsl's Little 8 project.

Anyways, now all my parts have come in, and I'm almost done building it but I wanted to try the program editor to see if it worked all right, so i hooked up my motor board to some power, to some motors and hooked it up to my pc. See the thing has a switch thing that you can change from "prog" to "run" so the board has a run mode and a program mode (I'm sure people who've used it know what I'm talking about)

Serial to Ethernet adapters work with picaxe?

Will a picaxe work with a standard serial to ethernet adapter?  I thought it would be nice to be able to connect it to my laptop via ethernet since my laptop doesn't have a serial port.  I have a usb-to-serial adapter but I'm always forgetting the damn thing and since I'm a network admin I've always got ethernet cables lying around.  I've done similar things with reprogramming dead routers remotely (have modems connected to the serial ports and just dial in to reprogram)


dealing/separating strings in BASIC

I didn't know whether to put this in absolute beginners or here..

anyways, what i'm trying to do is use my ADC port to get some values from one of my sensors and once i've done this i want this value to be displayed on a three digit seven segment display. I know how to right single numbers on the 7-segment display, but i wouldn't know how to deal with, say, a three digit number. 

header pins question

Does picaxe 28x1 microcontroller board use 0.60 - 1.0mm header pins (round or square).

Another Ultrasound Sensor

Hey guys, check this so far unknown UltraSound sensor:


I kinda like, compared to SRF05.. maby.. :)

CR123A batteries

Has anyone here used R/CR123A or 18650 batteries in their bots?  They seem to be a good power/size ratio.  Rechargables seem to be fairly reasonably priced.

I've seem the 138650 @ 2200 mAh w/protection PCB and RCR123A around 1000 mAh w/no protection.

where to place output pin

Hi guys.

i can't really understand why (i know it works, i just want to understand why :) )  you can connect the anode of a led (example) to V+ and the cathode to an output pin. shouldn't the cathode be connected to V- or Gnd?  (example shown on page 4 of the getting started picaxe manual)


oh by the way. in the manual it says this can be done with the darlington. Can it also be done without it?

(i could understand how it works with a transistor: output current goes to base and cathode of led gets connected to Gnd through collecter and emitter)

Arduino Nano arrived!

I finally got my Arduino Nano!  It's so tiny and has a blue LED underneath for power indication.



I have not had much of a chance to play with it, but it sure looks cool.   Can't wait to put this to use in a bot.  Thinking I may try an Olympic Challenge bot!

self balancing bot

check this Self-balancing robot on instructables. It doesn't stand upright for very long, but it's a very good starting point, IMHO.

Help with smoking pot(s)

Well, I thought this would be simple, I'm a bit embarrassed really. I was hooking up a simple 5k potentiometer to one of the ADC inputs of a picaxe28. I had +5v to one terminal gnd to the other outside terminal and signal to the center pin. I used readadc and a debug and the set-up worked and did what I needed, however after about 20 seconds came the evil blue smoke. What did I miss? Man, I feel like an idiot -such a simple thing to hook up. Any ideas?

Robot challenge $100 prize

Crabfu is inviting us all to a $100 challenge. Whoever makes the robot with the most "life".. He wants us to make robots that gives an illusion of character, like cute/bad-ass/mean/angry/cheerfull/nervous or something completly different.

Go ahead: impress, confuse, bedazzle and surprise the judges, and you could win $100 worth of stash from Trossen Robotics.

Hod Lipson: Robots that are "self-aware"

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader.  Watch this video featuring Hod Lipson as he discusses the future of robots. Hod Lipson shows some of his robots, which have the ability to learn, understand themselves and even self-replicate. Learn about the future of robotic development and artificial intelligence in this video from TED.

How to connect the SRF05 to Arduino Decimialia?

How do I do this? Ive seen things for the PING but not the SRF05