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(i've read it's a picaxe 08M inside...)

Building Circuit Diagram Software

I have seen quite a few folks on here replying to others with circuit diagrams. My question is what software does everyone use/prefer? I know some use Photoshop or Illustrator. Anything else anyone would reccomend?


smoothing servo movements

Finally I finished zezinho's hardware and now heading to the software. 

When I have it programmed to jump into random poses I would like him to move smoothly instead of quickly jump into another pose.

Someone have any tip to achieve this using Arduino code?

Simple Servo Drive Help.... ie small - light and simple.

What is the simplest processor i can use for driving a single Servo plus   1 input/1 output (digital)

I am talking minimalistic here - ie small - light and simple.

My Plan is to construct a light weight Flight Robot.

It could be i use a servo or maybe a custom linear actuator for steering...

Muscle Wire example is one idea last video (thanks emuller)

How do we vote for the Mr. Basic comp?

How do we vote for the Mr. Basic contest? Is it just with the stars?

Where To Start

I am new to building robots but not new to electroics. i did systems and control at school which is basic, led resistors, transistors, sensors and simple designs like, input process output. I have also done basic circuit board designing but nothing to do with robots.


So my question;

Where is the best place to start making & learning how to create robots.


I am very excited; can't wait

Would anyone be interested in an XMOS challenge?

UPDATE: If you have a YouTube account or use YouTube, add/view our "MyXMOS" channel for latest videos and XMOS news!



The 9.9 version of the XMOS Development Tools is now available:

Problem with my first robot


I have a problem with my first robot following firtsl's tutorial, i've done a robot like the part II of his course and i've put the same code. (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/254). It take sometimes to understand the code but finally i understood it.

You can see in the video that the comportment of the robot is not the one I expected. It seems to reverse the motor to many times and i don't why.

Can I check if my new flashy Futaba s3003 is fair dinkum?

Okay so I got a few new futaba s3003 servos cheapish, and while I'm looking around on other sites to see some prices, I notice that somone left someon else some negative feeback for the servos they bought, claiming that they were not legit futaba servos.

Not knowing a lot about futaba, I'm not entirely sure if I have real futaba servos - at this stage, they were so cheap it hardly matters, but for future reference - how does one spot a fake?

A bit of advice on choosing the right battery


I've been running around past few days trying to figure out a suitable power source for my yet to build robot. It will be powered by two 12V gearmotors (about 1amp stall), on a simple diffrential drive. I am looking for a balance between power consumption and efficiency. My rough estimate is that the robot will weigh under 1kg (2.2lbs) after construction. 

Subsumption Archecture

Hey all I found this very interesting idea in a book (The Robot Builder's Bonanza) for a way to code a robot. Instead of having a robot that merely goes straight till it hits something you have several "levels" or "layers" of code. The first one being an obstacle avoidance sorta thing, and then on the next level an aimless wander. This wander section of code which would ask the obstacle avoidance level if it was OK to move. If it was OK then the random wander would do its magic but if there was an obstacle then the obstacle avoidance would take over like a sort of reflex.

CMU cam 3

Is there anyone familiar programming a CMU cam 3? I was just wondering if we could program the camera using Visual Basic?

Picaxe.xml in gedit ?

Is it possiable to the picaxe.xml file in gedit-for gnome users, rather tha kate ?

i've got some LEDs, voltage-regulators, servos, etc.

if you would like to swap parts with me go to this (always updated)site to see what ive got:                                                     http://www.flickr.com/photos/39713005@N07/sets/72157620478638480/

[French] Science & Vie Hors-série n°247 : Le siècle des robots

(sorry for those who don't speak french)


Science&Vie a sorti ce mois-ci un hors-série spécial robot (150 pages, pas une seule pub!), et c'est vraiment très très intéressant... Les articles parlent de tout, l'historique, les applications militaires, ou en médecine, les robots au quotidien, les nano-robots, les interactions homme/machine et même la robotique amateure ququi nous est si chère...

Declare an Array in picaxe basic?

I want to make several led's blink in one direction the the other, i figured the best way to do this would be to have the output pins in an array then use a 'for next loop' to loop thru them.

But the manual dosen't say how to declare an array, so how do you declare an array?

Using Picaxe 28x1


Choosing the right connection for a network of robots

I've been reading up on robots, and in one of my books there's a chapter called Multiple Robot Interaction, which mentions having one robot as the queen, and the rest as drones. There are several ways of connecting, WLAN, Bluetooth, Infrared and I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of others. But which is the most commonly used/best way of connecting?

What to do with a drunken sailo.. err linear slide?

Ok I was cleaning up around the work bench and found this stepper and belt linear slide assembly that came from a printer. I had kept it to knock up a cheap x/y plotter, but I scrapped that idea and am building a CNC out of better stuff. It seemed like such a waste to destroy or scavenge the motor from it so I need some ideas of what to use this for. The stroke is about 350mm if something were to be attached to the belt, but theres no reason it can`t rotate continuously for something. I also have the metal strip that was used as a slide for the opposite side.

anyone got 2 spare 47k?? and you get LEDs!!

i just got my mail today with some stuff i orderd but i have forgot to buy some 47kΩ resistors and one 380Ω

i got everything i needed for my robot eccept some 47kΩ resistors and one 380Ω and i dont want to pay $15 for shipping just for two 47kΩ and one 380Ω! 

so..      does anyone have some spare 47kΩ resistors? then please PM me! (and if anyone have some spare 380Ω resistors, then please PM me too)

i am wiling to swap with ~5 red or blue(you chose) clear(super powerfull) LEDs i have, for two 47kΩ and one 380Ω!

Complet newbie needs help with Picaxe 28x1.

I m such a newbie, please forgive me.

I have the picaxe 28x1 starter pack and i'm trying to do the "Test the System" tutorial, but im am so lost.

When it says 'connect to pin 4' i notice there are two pins side by side on #4, which pin do i actually connect to ?

do i have to connect both? Been using the pin closest to the Darlington chip, with out success.

Also there are two 'v' pins on oposite sides of the board, which one should i use? or does it matter .