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instructables robot competition

Instructables is running a competition for bot-makers. It seems quite simple: Upload your HowTo on their easy to use website, and tell them it's for their competition. The only restriction is that it has to be robot related, mark the word related!

Resistor for Servo!

hi guys!!

i have just joined the forums, how cool!

anyways.. i wanted to ask you guys a question about resistors. I already gone through all the "start here" page and when it talks about the servo it also says i need to apply a 330 ohm resistor to my board (since i don't have the "yellow thing").

but when i went to the shop the other day i found that they were selling various resistor according to W values. for example i found the 330 ohm resistor with 0.25W , 0.5W and so on.... but i don't actually know which one to use.


difference between servos

What is the main difference between the price differences for servo's. I mean there are servo's for EUR 4,95 but there are also servo's for EUR 29,95. Is the difference the speed or the torque...or both?

Also what is the difference between these servo's. ie. what does the JR / FUT etc. mean? I'm planning on building a hexapod, and I will need quite a lot servo's for this. What are the best price / quality I can buy?

Top Line standaard servo ES-30 FUT


i need help on building my first robot

im a BS Information Technology student from the Philippines.. currently im trying to find a away to build my first robot (its a project.. i gotta make one) without first hand knowledge.. im having problems on finding a shop that has the materials i need.. (we dont have radioshack here).. so.. if anybody here is in the philippines.. i need your help.. so bad..

Useful robots

Hello :)

I have this question: has any of you ever built a useful robot, that is, a robot with some real task that helps you, instead of just making it for fun ?

The other day a friend of mine was complaining about the time it costs him to cut the grass, and told me jokingly he could use a nice autonomous robotic lawn mower. I thougth that it could be a task within our building abilities.

What other useful robot could be realistically done?

Old Avatars

Thought it might be good to log a history  of folks' old avatars.


Over on the left, there is how my original avatar should have looked. It was supposed to be animated with me spinning around. Frits reckons it would have been irritating and is glad the resizer stripped all but the last frame out. So all you ever saw was the bald spot at the back of my head.

So, there you have it: This was BOA.


I saw Wall-e last night and it was the best Pixar movie ever! A movie full of robots!

Embedded videos

After I upgraded my fireforx to firefox 3 on my Linux box, I can't see the embedded videos on the site. If I view the source and grab the video url, I can go to youtube and watch the video. But not here. There is not even a placeholder box or anything. Itøs like no videos are embedded. Any suggestions?

"Start here" project


 Since I'm a beginner, I figure I'd start with the "Start here" robot. Question though: the walkthrough says to be sure to order the USB version of the PICAXE starter kit, but the place I was going to order from charges an extra $15 or so for the USB version, versus the serial version. Is it really necessary to have the USB cable, or does the serial version simply suffer from longer loading time into the PICAXE? 




Home Made PCB

Can someone who has experience post how to make PCBs at home? Specifically I have the following questions...

How much does it cost to get started?

Ongoing costs? Roughtly how much per PCB (assuming a size appropriate for a START HERE robot)? 

Is it "worth" making your own PCB or  just using perf board?

Circuit Diagram Programs

Oi all,

some of you might be following the conversation on 780. I am attempting to make a nice diagram on my computer and was trying to find a GOOD PCB or diagram design program. I have now waisted 2 1/2 hours on one that I just had difficulties with. I have a design but don't like it. I think it looks scrammbled and an hour of the time was spent just naming 2 different kinds of picaxe chips the 08 and the 28x1

all help is appreciated as usual

thanks all


IR Versus Ultrasonic rangefinder on grass.

Hi, I'm pretty much new to robotic, even though I've worked with kit like fischertechnik and Lego NXT.

I know the base of it, and i'm good with electronics.


but here it is i want to build plane that coud fly by itself using rangefinder (Ir or ultrasonic) to keep a distance from the ground, but i've read that IR sensor aren't good outside and that ultrasonic doesn't work good on absorbant material (Grass).

Since it's a plane I also have to consider weight in my choice.

Wich sensor would be the best for this task ?

Not sure how to use the Picaxe 18x Project board

I just got my Pixaxe 18x starter pack in the mail (YAY http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8326) and the one thing that seems to be lacking is complete documentation. :)

All the output pins seem to go through the darlington driver and the pins coming from it are all negative (-) -- not positive (+).  Usually when you set a pin to "high" it goes positive, right?  This seems to reverse that.  I'm not exactly sure how to connect this to the motor driver or do serial output.   I hope this question makes sense.

ABSOLUTE Beginner here :)

Hey there people,

My name is Dushyant and I live in India. I have had a fascination for working with robots and maybe even making some myself some day, but the popular belief in my country is that making a robot requires a lot of skill and monetary investment. Which is why I never thought of actually being able to do this ie making robots.

Interface Arduino w/ Sharp IR sensor

I have a Sharp GP2Y0A700K0F IR sensor that I want to connect to an Arduino decimilia. The data sheet says to use (3) wires for connection (pin 1 to ground, pin 2 to voltage, and pin 4 to analog pin) but the sensor has a 5-pin housing. Should I find a 5-pin female to connect with? or is there a better way to make the connection. Please help! I have been searching for how do this interface for a while with no success....my first robot. Thank you.

Darlington ICs

So I dropped into my local part store and was told that these darlingtons could run some motors, although when I read the datasheet on them they seem overpowered at 60v, however they can aceept currents up to 2A. Are these minimum values or do them have to be close to if not matching 60v?


datasheet here http://www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheet/stmicroelectronics/4126.pdf 

My first robot

Hey , first ill introduce myself . i am a 17 year old student at a local 6th form in nottinghamshire . I have a great interest in Computers and would love to learn more . i have spent my last year working in a computer repairs shop part time for some money but sadley this closed down due the retirment of the owner so i am currently out of money .

I enjoyed what i did and created my own top of the range pc and love helping friends family and anyone else with problems they may ask me .

Picaxe 18 and Ping

I just picked up a Parallax Ping distance sensor from my local Radio Shack and am trying to figure out to how hook it into my Picaxe 18 project board.

The ping uses a single pin for both input and output.  It first requires a trigger pulse to be sent and then it responds with a variable length pulse that determines the distance.  Can a Picaxe pin be switched from output to input?  If not, can I connect 2 pins to the single Ping pin?  Normally I would jut go ahead and try it, but I don't want to fry my Picaxe or the sensor.

Wall racer


 This is my first post here, and i've never made a robot before.
I'm a secundary school student in BELGIUM, i'm studying maths and sciences.
In two years i'll go studying civil engineer.

I would like to make a robot, and the wall racer looks awesome to a newbie like me.

But, is it recommended to start with such thing, or is that too difficult ?
And what costs it to make one wall racer car ?


GM10 motor strength

I've ordered th GM10 geared minimotor from solarbotics.

link: http://www.solarbotics.com/products/gm10/

I know some of you have used it before.

Mine haven't arrived yet, so I'm still dreaming about it.

Here's a quick question for those who know it;

How big a wheel can I connect directly to the output shaft on the GM10 without any significant loss of power. I see they ship it with an optional 25mm wheel, is that the biggest recommended diameter, or can I go bigger without gearing it down further?