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Rat Brain Robot

This robot is controlled by the brain of a rat - making it the world's first cyborg rodent...

(click here for HQ video)

van da graf?

hay woundering if its possible to power a robot with van da graf generators?


Hi evrybody!


Now i am setting here and wont to chose about i wont the Arduino or a PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack (USB), fund the PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack (USB)  from the tutorial from Fritsl http://letsmakerobots.com/start I dont know witch to pick?

Spider Tank

In a nutshell, I think this thing would make a great toy.  As I've learned, most tyo companies aren't interested in taking on unusual or actually original ideas.  I guess it doesn't easily fit into their marketting system.  So, I'm throwing it out here on the off chance anyone has any ideas or knows any one or actually is anyone who'd be interested in manufacturing these.

Its made of easy to make molded plastic pieces, and only uses 2 motors.  ...should be cheap to make.

Thanks for looking!

Jaimie Mantzel


Is anyone here good with diptrace? I am going to make a board for my led matrix when I start working on it but I need to create a tri-color LED using the specs found here. Once I finish the project (still waiting on LEDs) I want to solder it all on a professionally looking board. Perf board has holes that are too far aprt for the tri color LEDs. I need a quick walkthrough on how to make a component with specific dimensions.

Controlling more than 1 servo?

How do I controll more than 1 servo? Like for example, I can controll 2 servos by putting 1 servo right underneath the other. But that just makes it so that I'm running 2 servos on the same program. I would appreciate the people of LMR to help me. ;D thank you.

Suggestions on choosing motor


Im considering on buying the following motor for my project.


Quick specs : 12V, 150 RPM, 195 oz-in torque, 67:1 ratio

Good information on Picaxe

I have been searching for detailed information on programming the picaxe wirelessly and while I haven't found the answer yet I thought this site was a great source of information.


Outdoor navigation

Hi all,

Modest as I am, the decision has been made to build an outdoor autonomous robot which will mow my lawn. :-D

The environment:
The garden is 50*50 meter (150*150 feet) with the house somewhere in the middle, completely fenced off with a gate. 2/3rd covered by grass in different sections separated by driveway,paths/house/garage. Altitude difference is 6m (18 feet) between lowest and highest point. Maximum slope is 30 degrees (containing grass). Soil, no rocks.

Tips for making walking robot

Please send some of the designs or some websites  for making walking robot.

Using Xbee for wireless program uploads and debugging with picaxe


I have recently tried to use my Xbee modules to perform wireless downloads and debugging for Mr. Tidy but have had no luck.

The Xbee is a 3.3V device so I have translated the voltages ok. The Xbee manual states that by default the modules work transparently. BUT it also states that the idle state should be high, picaxe wants a low idle state so perhaps I just need to invert the signals. The next problem then is do I invert on the PC side as well??

ByVac BV513

A new type of Micro controller has just been released from ByVac.


it seems to be a very nice beast. ( I just won one ), I'm nothing to do with the company, I've just used their 12c lcd controllers before 

can i still add a laser, speaker, led?

in my robot SC-QR-1 i have allready used all 8 servo-ports.

but can i still ad a laser(to see where it looks), a speaker(for it to call hor help or showing some sound-emotions..   etc.) and some leds(like a red to show power, white/bright to help my "primary-back-mounted-not-night-vision-spy-camera") 

and if yes would the servos disturb the lasers, speaker and leds?

and i was also thinking, stuff like the sharp ir sensors have ir leds in them, could i attach an led or laser to those pins??


please reply!! :D

PWM with l293/l298

I hit a wall when I was trying to use PWM on the enable pins of both l293 and l298. Whatever  PWM frequency I choose it seems that I loose a lot of torque on the l293/l298 outputs with the PWM at maximum (255).

Browsing around searching for implementations I have seen that most of the time PWM is used on the enable pins, but on some (very few) designs I have also seen PWM on the input pins. 

The question is:  which is best/recommended?  PWM on the enable pins or on the input pins?

Where to start, cheap!

Hi evrybody!

I really wont to start at building robots, but my mom thinks that i will drop the subject after 2 weeks or something. Then i have bunch of questions but only one main question at the moment:

Can you juse Java to program Robots.

I wont to build a car, and i wont it to turn out really cheap! EXSTREMLEY cheap! I heard of Android or something like that, i hope you can help me :)


Ps: My mom DONT wont me to weld :)

Arduino and sensor from yerobot.com

YeRobot.com is a newly founded company which is the main distributor of DFRobot.com in EU. 

 It carries Arduino series product and URM sensor series. 



Yellow Drum Machine Code

The creater of the YDM posted his code on the page where he originally documented the build, and I was going to use it as a starting point for my soon-to-come build. 

I can't seem to find the link for it. Anybody know where I can find it?



Modifying Parallax Ping)))

I'm wanting to make a small physical modification to a Parallax Ping))), however I'm not sure that it won't destory the component.

 What I'm wanting to do is create a backlight for the ping (such that it would look like glowing eyes). The way I imagine donig this is by drilling a small (maybe an 8th of an inch in diameter) hole in the side of each cylinder on the ping, and insert the the tip of a standard (or possibly smaller) sized LED into the hole from the outside. This should glow the inside of the cylinders fairly well, and should have a cool affect.

DC motor control - BS2

Alright. This is the last element for my robot to final come together. I need some help with DC motor control for my robot which will interface with the basic stamp 2. 

Here are some requirements:

- Able to go in 2 directions (DUH!)

- speed variations

- simple and easy to make

- easilt programmable with basic stamp 2.


thanks in advance