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Best for Beginners?

I am an absolute beginner... i have very little experience in electronics, very little experience in mechanics... but i am an expert programmer...  my question is: what do you recommend for a beginner wanting to get into robotics?  I am thinking I might want to get a roboduino board but I see here a lot of people are using picaxe. 

The advantages of something like the roboduino is that the board is pretty self contained and wouldn't need a seperate board to drive the servos...

Any suggestions as to what type of micro-controller might be best to start with?


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- this might be the answer to all your problems...


tilt sensor connection need help!

i just got one of these: (sharp-gp1s36hez tilt sensor)

 tilt sensor

and im not sure about these schematics and i thought you could help me connect this to a picaxe 28x1 project boad and a 5 volt regulator!!!

it should be simple! :D

Low RPM Motor With High Torque Needed

I need a motor that has a lot of torque but the shaft looks like this:



I CANT FIND ONE!!  I need it to be cheap though... If anyone knows anything at all, please let me know.  Thanks!

P.S. Even if I have to slightly modify the motor, that's ok for me too!

Cheap Lcd for picaxe etc


I am new to LMR but for those looking for a cheap lcd I have found a brilliant one on ebay for under five pounds! It is 16x2, uses the hd44780 parallel driver, so can be used with picaxe etc, and even has a backlight!

I have just bought one but have yet to try it with a picaxe, will let you know when (or if) i get it working. Just follow the link below:

Im a beginner...i may also be crazy

Hi, im looking into making a robot for a university project and have a few ideas. Ive played around with a MIT handyboard before and am now thinking about doing something a bit more serious.

I would like to make a security robot, that can collect information about its surroundings and then send them to a host program running on a pc to upload them to the internet for remote viewing (eg upload to private youtube account).


ROBOT sends:

video/audio , temperature,moisture.

SERVER processes data:


After i finish up my mini sumo, i think i will be working on a micro mouse. I need some help with the deisgns and algos

Rat Brain Robot

This robot is controlled by the brain of a rat - making it the world's first cyborg rodent...

(click here for HQ video)

van da graf?

hay woundering if its possible to power a robot with van da graf generators?


Hi evrybody!


Now i am setting here and wont to chose about i wont the Arduino or a PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack (USB), fund the PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack (USB)  from the tutorial from Fritsl http://letsmakerobots.com/start I dont know witch to pick?

Spider Tank

In a nutshell, I think this thing would make a great toy.  As I've learned, most tyo companies aren't interested in taking on unusual or actually original ideas.  I guess it doesn't easily fit into their marketting system.  So, I'm throwing it out here on the off chance anyone has any ideas or knows any one or actually is anyone who'd be interested in manufacturing these.

Its made of easy to make molded plastic pieces, and only uses 2 motors.  ...should be cheap to make.

Thanks for looking!

Jaimie Mantzel


Is anyone here good with diptrace? I am going to make a board for my led matrix when I start working on it but I need to create a tri-color LED using the specs found here. Once I finish the project (still waiting on LEDs) I want to solder it all on a professionally looking board. Perf board has holes that are too far aprt for the tri color LEDs. I need a quick walkthrough on how to make a component with specific dimensions.

Controlling more than 1 servo?

How do I controll more than 1 servo? Like for example, I can controll 2 servos by putting 1 servo right underneath the other. But that just makes it so that I'm running 2 servos on the same program. I would appreciate the people of LMR to help me. ;D thank you.

Suggestions on choosing motor


Im considering on buying the following motor for my project.


Quick specs : 12V, 150 RPM, 195 oz-in torque, 67:1 ratio

Good information on Picaxe

I have been searching for detailed information on programming the picaxe wirelessly and while I haven't found the answer yet I thought this site was a great source of information.


Outdoor navigation

Hi all,

Modest as I am, the decision has been made to build an outdoor autonomous robot which will mow my lawn. :-D

The environment:
The garden is 50*50 meter (150*150 feet) with the house somewhere in the middle, completely fenced off with a gate. 2/3rd covered by grass in different sections separated by driveway,paths/house/garage. Altitude difference is 6m (18 feet) between lowest and highest point. Maximum slope is 30 degrees (containing grass). Soil, no rocks.

Tips for making walking robot

Please send some of the designs or some websites  for making walking robot.