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A mini relay like chip?

Here is the setup, I need a picaxe to "push" 2 buttons when it receives a high digital input. 
I will be using a picaxe08M and will have 2 digital inputs(2 buttons) and to digital outputs to triger the relay.
I need somethink like a relay but much smaller, about the same size a the picaxe chip.
It only need to handle 5V.
Anybody know of something that would do the job ? 

18 Pin High Power Project Board with Serial LCD


i'm looking to add a serial LCD for my cat feeder but is it possible when using 18 Pin High Power Project Board .if yes..how is the connection...sorry if the sound stupid but i rather ask first rather than waste money with part that doest fit.

p/s:i would also add a clock Upgarade to the board.do i have enough connection


thanks for the input

How to increase Torque and reduce speed


i'm building a cat feedar using a rotating hooper..my problem is the rotating speed of the hooper is too fast and don't have enough torque..A few suggestion that i have gather is to buy a new motor with higher ratio.is there any other way to accomplish the same result?

since i have 5 cat.. i'm still looking a way to dispense the food into 5 tray(if possible)..anyone here have any suggestion how to achieve it...Maybe using rotating tray?(but still the same problem with the motor ,not enough power)



PICAXE in Malaysia



Anyone whre know where to get PICAXE in Malaysia(south east Asia).



Sparkfun sensors

You have written in your post that you used a Sparkfun sensor in making your balancing robot. Is there any cheaper alternative to Sparkfun which can be used instead.I stay in India so i have order the sensor and its pretty costly for me.Could u please help out.please please.The Arduino Deumilanove board is cheap so i can buy that.Could u recommed a cheaper sensor which works with this board.Thank you


Ravi Srikant

Help with connecting Arduino clone to L298 based motor driver

I am quite new to the world of robotics, but have years of experience with basic passive components (caps, resistors, etc) so I thought this would be a fun way to start learning more.

 To start myself off, I picked up a handful of arduino clones, mostly seeeduinos.   I built some motor shields and got those programmed, and working successfully with some cheap hobby motors, I've also successfully managed to get some servo's running without a problem as well.

My first robot

Ok, i am VERY new to the robotics "world" and i was wondering if anyone had a good design that doesn't cost very much, because i am a kid and dont have a job so a fair sum of money isn't really in my grasp.

much apreciated.

pwm on a picaxe

hay i was woundering if there is a picaxe board that can control the speed of 4 normal dc motors, ive looked but i cant seem to find a picaxe with 4 pwm channels,i think the 28x2 has something similar that has 4 channels but im not sure, any help would be appriciated.

dont worry found a solution

Is there such a Thing as a Program Optimizer?

Is there such a Thing as a Program Optimizer?
After you have gotten your program to work fine in what ever language (C for me right now), is there a Second compiler you can put it through that it would search for code that would do the same thing with less code and replace the main code with the shorter code and make things run faster?
It is a silly idea, but it seems it would certainly save some time and be very useful, at least to me.
If they make such an animal, what would it be called?

Gadget Gangster Design Competition

Hey Guys - Long time lurker.  I'm the Gadget Gangster guy.  We did a contest a while back and a lot of lmr folks got involved, so I thought I'd let people know about our newest contest.

Looking for an accelerometer

I am in the market for an accelerometer and figured I'd ask the LMR forum before I ran out an bought one. I have tons of goodies to swap; iDuino, Vex pneumatics, omni wheels, etc.

Any takers?

Nice pictures of robots

Here is page with a lot of really good pictures of different sorts of robots... pretty interesting... enjoy!


PICAXE cat feeder


 i'm planning to built a automatic cat feeder using PICAXE microcontroller.Firstly i would like to note that i'm still beginner in micocontroller .this is my first projekt using PICAXE(normally arduino,,)...my question is how set the timer so that the servo is activated 3-4 times per day..(normally i found that the timer is only in miliseconds.)

 any help and suggestion is truly appreciated by me and my cats.thanks



Which rechargeable battery to choose?

Lately I've been a bit more careful about how I spend my money on my robotics projects (wasn’t able to get a summer job this year) and I have notices one big problem: batteries! 


Servo Control Problem

I know this looks common but mine is alittle unique. I have the PICAXE-08. Not M just 08. Which means i don't have a servo command. I tried seaking help and cwignell helped me as much as he could (Thanks a lot cwignell). But the servo just ends up spinning all the way to the left and jitters. I've tried his to example programs and PWM but the all end up the same

here's one:


Arduino Motor Control Code Help

I am currently using a arduino duemilanove, and it is awesome. I have been playing around with it for a couple of days now, and I really like it. Anyways I figured it was time to start to building a robot. I decided to start with the motors. For the motor control I decided to use guibot's tutorial. It worked fine, but the motors only traveled in one direction. Because I wanted the motors to also travel in reverse too I decided to experiment with my own code (on only one motor) that looks something like this:

High Byte, Low Byte, which is which in Arduino

Okay, so I've got a question about how Arduino considers High and Low bytes. By way of example, here's how I thought it worked;

0x00FF == 255, High Byte is 0x00, Low byte is 0xFF
0x0100 == 256, High Byte is 0x01, Low byte is 0x00

Voltage regulator problem

Hi, i recently added a sharp ir sensor, a servo, and a picaxe 8m to my robot, trix. The power supply i made for the picaxe board and sharp ir sensor assembly was simple and should have worked i thought, it was a five volt regulator from parallax, a 9volt bettery clip, and a 3 pin header for the power out (5volt reg, un regulated 9v, ground), However when i plugged the power supply into the picaxe board, my multimeter read only like 2.5 volts across the picaxe and the voltage regulator heat sink got so hot i burt my finger quite a bit.

A Video Game Quintet

Ok ok ok it's not a video about robot. But it says "Videos from around the web you have found and want to share" and well, i just really wanted to share this one with you... i'm sure most of you will like it :D