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Frets on Fire

Hi guys! i want to introduce to you (some already know about it) this game. It's a guitar hero clone, and for the ones who don't know what it is, well, it is a game in which you have to impersonate a guitarist and play famous songs with your keyboard or "toy" guitar. You basically see various kind of notes (which are basically small dots on the screen) scrolling down towards you and your goal is to get as many as possible.

Kind of hard to explain....why don't you give it a go? :D

556 Chip motor driver

Is there any possible way to make a motor driver with  a 556 chip?

Robot Archive

Here is a link to a very interesting archive of as many big money funded Robots that I have seen in one place. Great place to get design idea's and read about technologies the big boys are using.



LHC starts up tomorrow

The large hadron collider gets it's beam on tomorrow....can't wait to see what happens....or doesn't.  :)




Less to do with robotics, but still, something that maybe a few might be interested in. 


Line follower on steroids

Japanese guy made a line following race car. I think theres some kind of race competition.

Checking through his blog hes got a nice machine shop at his disposal too :( Lucky bugger.

Arduino Software Installation

Ok, so I bought my arduino diecimella on the internet, and im currently waiting for it to arrive. However, I want to prepare my comp by downloading the software. I downloaded the "program" to find it was a zip folder. I decided to check its readme to find a link to the website, the instructions  ask that I download a program called cygnus or something, which i did, then it said to download some other packages, only to get a couple programs on my desktop that dont open anything, so I read on, I also have to download the USB drivers, but GUESS WHAT!?

Mini Biped

I've been wanting to see something like this for a long time, and have never been able to make it.

A couple of people probably know games like WarHammer.

For those who dont, WarHammer is a stratagy game played with mini figurines, out of a Fantastic/Midivel times. Those figurines are generaly abaut an inch (about 2.5 cm) high, unless somekind of Troll or something.

sensors for obstacle avoidance robot

hi friends,

i want 2 build a obstacle avoidance robot which wil detect any obstacle on its way and have to reach a goal post some distance away....

i hav tried tsop and ir sensors..but its not working properly ...since i cant able to fine tune the distance in tsop..


so please tell me which sensors would b useful that can also b tuned according to d distance of obstacle..



it would b helpful if u send d circuit design too



thanx dudes

Worm robot

Hey guys, I have 5 standard servos sitting around here and I had some inspiration to make a worm robot.

I did some quick sketches and made a model out of cardboard. Its going to pick up its tail first and put it on the ground  closer to body, then the wave just travels down the body eventually to the head.

With only 5 servos it has 6 segments, 4 up/down pivots and 1 left/right pivot in the middle for turning. Turning might be tricky, so Im going to mock up a better version with packing foam and play around before commiting to it.

workin of ultrasonic sensor

can any1 pls xplain d working of ULTRASONIC SENSOR?

or working of anyother environment independent sensors? 

Servo and picaxe: need resistor ?

hello, i'm trying to use a servo with my picaxe. I tried it on Arduino before, and it worked just connecting the pins at the right position, without resistors.

now i just connected the same way on the picaxe, and it doesn't move.. I then remembered that in the "start here" project, a resistor was used.. So the question is: is it necessary? why do i need a resistor? and how do i wire it ?

Another thing that is probably messing up.. i have the darlington chip there.. shoud i remove it?


thanks :) 

Some considerations about Letsmakerobots.com

Ok, let's start saying that i love this site and i'd like to see it grow. So here comes the things i don't like or that could imho made better. They have mostly to do with the use of drupal and its "flatting" of contents. IE You can't easily say whether you're looking at a robot page, at a forum page, at a blog entry etc, and i find it quite discomfortable.

Light Sensor on a atmega8 based

Hi :)

Can anyone send me a sample of c code to use a Light Sensor (LDR) ?



Capacitor's voltage rating

Hi guys.

Do you know what the voltage rating on capacitors is? My idea is that the voltage rating is just the maximum voltage it can take before the blue smoke comes out, but i'm not sure.

thank you :) 

Picaxe 28A only works on board

Hi guys. This is very strange, really. And since it is very strange i must have forgot to do something very simple....

Robotic Airship, some ideas :)

So i was looking at some flying robot designs, just out of curiosity. I ruled out helicopters and planes: they require too much precision in crafting and are too complex.. But alternatively an airship could probably be built :)

I've read on wikipedia that a square meter of helium can lift about 1 kg. A square meter means a big balloon, but a Kg is plenty of weight for electonics!

If you use light components, you can probably stay under 0,5 Kg or even less.


Hey guys, today was my first day trying to build a robot and yes i already screwed it up. I was trying to take the engine aout of a toy helicopter but i cut a wire. Could someone tell me how to fix the wire????

DC motors ideas

couple of months ago, i knew i want to start to make things move, work, interact, etc... and i´ve made my first order, so i bought this lovely motors.. i never dreamed that i would need gears, or transmissions boxes.. so it was a big dissapointment when I found out that a motor woudn´t drive any wheel just because it is a motor...

so, I want to give life to this guys, and without having gears.. anyone have ideas or suggestions for what can I do with these?   :)


What's the difference between the BS programming language and PIC's Language?

I've been programming a BASIC Stamp II, and so-far-so-good. However, one of the main things that has bothered me about it is its cost. I couldn't afford to build all my robots with a BS II. 


I was wondering, as this is one of my biggest concerns, what's the difference between the BASIC Stamp programming Language and the PIC language? This may seem like a dumb question, but keep in mind that I'm pretty new to all this.

 Seeing that there's a PIC chip inside the BS II, I'm hoping that there's no difference.

Video transmission

Hi everyone,

I'm quite new in all of this, but i want to build a robot able to transmit video, and possibly sound. I've got a common webcam and I want to make it wire less, but I don't know how to do it.

I would apreciate any help from you lot.