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Atmega + camera.

I have thought about atmega + camera idea too, but for use on atmega not sending. I looked at CMUcam but it wasn't so low-cost as it was advertised (100$ it too much). I found http://www.robotshop.us/sfe-cmos-camera-640-480.html . It seems cheap, microcontroller friendly and so on. Only problems are - SMD connections, killer programming and impossible debuging.


So, all thoughts and good links are welcome.

Simple Control of a DC speed controller


I'm about to purchase 2x 12V motor speed controller to drive a remote control golf trolley (4QD Porter). They can be controlled via 0-5K resistor or 0-3v. I want to use a picaxe 28 to control the speed, what would be the easiest way to control them ?

I would prefer not to have a servo mechanically driving a pot, is there a simple solution.

Please assume total ignorance, i am very new to this.

Many thanks.

Anyone seen any links to using a lathe /mill machine to make a robot.

I have only found ONE link searching the whole web. I recently bought a 7X10 lathe/mill machine and would like to use it to work on my robots, but no info except general operations.  Any links would be apreciated.




I need help

Hi all, there are problem i'm in laos and i need to try to make simple robot but i am a new student, my problem is in laos have not picaxe (CPU).. Tell me how i can do, please..

Our respective workplace

A while back there was a forum, "Our respective workshops". After telling a friend about my desk I decided maybe it would be interesting to see where fellow LMR members worked to pay for their robot addiction. Here is my desk, at the moment I can't type a sentence without nuts/bolts and various electronic components falling to the floor. My desk in China is a bit smaller than the tressel table I had in Australia.




CNC/Prototyper for Cheap

I am making a robot that needs a kermillion custom parts and I have like no money. I have seen the reprap machine, and am interested.


(whats the difference between a reprap and a makerbot?)

 I have also seen a manual one that looks modifiable, but not as user friendly, for much more money.

Any suggestions?




 Can i use a PC controller windows, as a microcontroller.

Concept Design Software

I discovered this really cool software called AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro 2010. Its great for putting your concept ideas down. I have to get use to drawing with a stylus yet. I am going to use this on my project ideas at school. Its pretty inexpensive also. Here is my first attempt at drawing something.

concept design

Hello LMR

Hi LMR i just joined the site like a day or two ago and im starting to work on a robot named Scoots (going to add a blog post for that) but i been watching this site for atleast a week or two and i decided to join.

Mr.Basic chalange

Im completely new to LMR and I ran across the Dagu Mr.basic challenge and im really interested.... But i dont know how to get the mr.basic frame and bread board so if some one could help it would be greatly appreciated. 

H-Bridge IC making DC motors run slow (TA7267)

I'm using a TA7267 (H-Bridge) to drive a small Mabuchi DC motor. I'm suplying the IC with a reference voltage of 3V, and the operational voltage is 5V. The terminals of the DC motor are connected directly to the OUT1 and OUT2 pins. However, the motors are working pretty slow.

I've been checking the datasheet and they suggest you can add a resistance in parallel to the motor, but I don't know what value it should be, and if it would make a difference. Any idea why this would happen? 

Robot arm trainer


i 'm new to this industry any suggestion on how to use the robot arm any classes or tutorial online.




"May I Go?" Navigation

So I have coded Walter, when in RC mode, to do a sonar sweep and put the results on my LCD screen. At each servo position, the distance sensed is displayed as sort of a bar graph. There are 16 servo steps on the sonar sweep corresponding to 16 charicter spaces on the display. This is exactly the same system as Frits' "See what robot sees" just with a lcd screen instead of on the pc screen. This system now allows me to drive around and point Walter at different situations, a doorway, a chair, straight into a wall etc.

Proximity Sensor Problem

I have an Picaxe-18x and 4 servos conencted to 4 AA batteries. The picaxe (on 4.5v) and servos (on 6v) work fine when i turn on the power however when i connect my proximity sensor to the circuit, the servos stop spinning and the microcontroller also stops working. When i take out the proximity sensor and turn of and on hte ciruit, everything works fine.

Sensing servo feedback


I'm new to this forum, robotics, electronics and microcontrollers, however I have been programming a long time and I'm currently studying computer science.

I recently bought an Arduino board with the purpose of making robots for experimenting with my special interest: AI.

I wish to build a walking robot and experiment with varios ways of giving it a nervous system. So I will need to find a way to get feedback directly from the servos, thereby being able to read the amount of stress (load) they experience at a given time.

Lego MindStorms breaks Glass - Hilarious

Lego MindStorms breaks Glass cabinet - Hilarious

Tweel - new tire system

Hows this for none air filled tires ........ recommended for skid steering too.

Question for you 3.3v proc users

Heya fellow lmr folks.