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Picaxe not recognized by my computer?

I ran the driver on the CD, I didnt check the website though, is there a new driver on it? If so could someone link to it, and how do I know if the picaxe controller works if I dont plug it into my computer?

Checkout my robots!

Hey - did you do this, TheCowGod?

Whoever did it, I just saw that if you want to make your own profile more interesting, here is a way:

If you have made a robot or more, then find out what your user-number is. Mine is 4, and so this link:


Shows a list of my robots!

If you edit your profile you can then make a link to your projects like I did.

Which Battery Pack for the PICAXE 8 Pin Proto Kit? (9 volt?)

I just received the PICAXE 8 Pin Proto Kit from Sparkfun (yay) and it comes with what looks like a 9v battery snap clip but the datasheet says that I cannot use a 9v battery.  The text states:

"ONLY USE A 4.5V or 5V battery pack, not a 9V PP3 battery, as the power supply."

So what kind of a 4.5v or 5v battery packs uses the snap type connectors?

Power supply x 2 for PIC28x/40x

Hi everyone.

I was wondering if we can use two power supply when using a PICAXE 28x or 40x starter kit, one for the motor or servos and the other for the board or circuit.

Thank you.

Best Robot Quotes

All this robot-thingy.. so many gray zones.. Is it life, what is a robot? What drives us to make them, what is happening in the future, what is so much yesterday, etc..

It leads to many quotes, just as early computing must have had it's classic sentences & quotes.

A couple of times I recieved a mail, or stumpled upon some text, and had a laugh or a deep thought etc.

I sometimes thought that I wanted to write these somewhere, on some tag wall or something.

So here goes, comments to this post is .. BEST ROBOT QUOTES:


Possible Contest?


Monkeys controlling robotic arms. First person to make a robot that can be controlled by the mind, wins a monkey!

Robots on the Street

This is one of my favorite videos showing robots on a near future.


Total Rookie (First robot)

Hi everybody

a quick introduction, i'm Marc. A 17 year old boy from a small town i Denmark, and i want to build a robot! :D

Background: i'm work at a metal/blacksmithing shop (easy access to all sorts of metal and any kind of tools :D ) and i don't know That much about electronics, only on a "need to know"-basis 

i was searching the web some days ago, just to se if it was a "possibility" for me to build a robot. I fell across this site, and boy it's great!   

Has anyone worked with RFID


While I am waiting for my Picaxe28x1 to arive I have been looking at a few ideas that I want to play with. one of which is a device that regularly pings RFID tags to see if they are within the given area and warns the user if they aren't. basically this is used by a forgetful person like a friend of mine in long beach who leaves his swords everywhere when he drinks (which is pretty much always). I know that this whould be easilly done but I cant find any tutorials online dealing with RFID tags besides the ones telling buisness owners how to upgrade their invintory managment.

LMR was down - power failure

Hi guys,

The last 8 hours or something LMR and tons of other sites (including newspapers and magazines etz) has been down, due to a fried transformator-station in Denmark.

Up and running again :)


Favicon for Let's make robot

What about changing that default Drupal favicon to something custom ? :)

Wall Climbing Robot

What's there to say but ... spider-robot spider-robot those whatever a spider-robot does .... :)

An interesting robot capeable of climbing on a wall ... all they have to do now is building something which can
swing between rooftops and fight crime :)

A Circuit I cannot understand

I have a circuit digram but i cannot understand it. can anyone help me explain?



Choosing how to use the Picaxe-28X

Hey, I'm new to this site - obviously. I created a rather beautiful robot in high school in the FIRST robotics league and worked with the programming, wiring, and mechanics of the robot attached. plus I was the leader of the team. I have also worked with soldering and circuitry in the past but am not perfect at it and I can use a breadbord rather well.

LED fun!

i think this little project would be good for your programming and electronics.

it looks like a lot of fun.

Accelerometers, PWM vs. analog?

While looking through the Components section, I came across the accelerometers Fritsl and BaseOverApex posted.

Random source code change

Hi, people!


I would like to make a robot with a higher degree of unpredictability, so I was thinking about making a robot that can randomly change the details of some of it's own source code (like the speed of the wheels and so forth...) every time you turn it on - and then save the changes for next time, it is turned on. It's especiall this last part, I'm wondereing about - the saving of the changes. Can it be done? And what command/commands can be used. Or du I need to change the program in the computer every time something new should happen?


Output pin voltage

Hello! I'm working on a Picaxe 28x1. I can't find in documentation what is supposed to be the voltage of the output pins.

I've used a tester to check and it's very low, about 1, 1.5 Volts. Is it normal that it's so low ? Is that enought to use with a transistor?

 Thanks :)