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Has anyone heard of this Ultrasonic Sensor?

The model is SP-40-38F. You can find it here: http://www.cutedigi.com/product_info.php?cPath=278_295&products_id=4282&osCsid=d133de8082a4556d02f27cdf248ae912

I would like to buy a few but after looking at the site, I am a little hesitant to send them any money.


how do i monitor power useing Analogue I/P's

Hi Everyone, I have a 28x2 picaxe. I want to be able to monitor two different battery power packs (approx 5v each) on two of the analogue inputs. This is so I can switch to the best one using a relay on one of the outputs to power the Robot. I will use a time OFF delay with a capacitor so the picaxe is still powered during switchover.

Barracuda WiFi Robot Controller


This is my first attempt to build a robot.  I am trying to build a Wi Fi Spy Bot robot as shown at this website: http://www.robotics-redefined.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=4

amarino - a toolkit to connect android(google phone) devices and arduino MCU's

I'd been looking into doing something like this myself....luckily someone has already done it.



Advice on second robot

I built my first robot out of an Atmel168, cardboard, and some spare parts, last week. Now I'm planning my second one.

What I want build is a robot with wheels, remote control via 802.11, a webcam, and an arm/scoop to pick things up. I've been programming in C++ for several years, but I could use some advice on what hardware to buy.

I'm thinking of getting a Beagleboard or Gumstix Overo for a linux environment (other suggestions welcome)

sliding parking of a robot car

A pair of picaxes, a pair of sensors and...

picaxe program not moving

Hi i have been working on my first robot for 8 months.I cant seem to get it to move around. every thing is pluged in right.but the sensors are working perfectly. i am using picaxe 28 low voltage.and 2 power supply.

Post Show Notes and Links Episode 0.5

This are the links and notes associated with The LMR Help Vidcast, episode 0.5


Discussion of keyboards --Washing them in water and putting them in dishwashers --It Works!!

The "Standard LMR Servo (The little blue one)

A lot of guys buy these little servos here.

We talked about polymorph and Oddbot making sheets of it.

software integration


I need some advice on data transfer; I want to build a 3 axis CNC lath. Where can I find some software that can integrate into Autodesk invertor and send my completed drawings specs to the laths control electronics? Will I be able to use parallax microcontrollers on the lath?

Robotic curtain!

Found this video of a rather fantastic project on youtube, just felt like sharing!

What a silly little curtain :P.


Also, check out his website, pretty neat stuff!



Live Show notes, episode #014 - ???


Live Show #014, December 3, 2010 - length: 82 minutes, 6 seconds 


(2:03) Announcement that there will be no Aftershows but Preshows instead.

(3:24) Rik talks about his electricity meter project.

wavefront algorithm on lego mindstorm nxt 2.0

can you help me with my problem using wavefront algorithm on a lego mindstorm. if you have a working code, can you lend me some. i really appreciate it if you do.

avr 38khz modulation problems

Hello guys...


I have some troubles... I take a look at AVR Calc and at 8mhz I can make a CTC of around 37.98khz signal wich lets say would be ok for 38... the problem is that there is not enough explanation of how to make it...


for 8mhz, 1 prescaller, ,on 8 bit timer:

OCR = 0xD2

TCNT Base = 0x2D

CTC = 37.9147khz

Error = -0.224%

overflow: 32.000 uSec

PWM normal/fast = 31250.000 hz

pwm phase correct 15686.274hz



can you please help me how to set the code for this?

How to use HPWM for picaxe chips.

This information is based on the chip that is used for the 20x2(PIC18F14K22) To get a better understanding of the modes, I suggest referencing this datasheet for further information on the chips features. IMages and info are referenced from both the picaxe 2 manual and the PIC datasheet for the above mentioned chip.

HPWM, what is it?

Interfacing ENC28J60 with Arduino .

Hello everyone , I just got in my hands a ENC28J60 (free sample) and I want to interface it with my Arduino ,can anyone here help me to do so?

I mean what circuitry I will need ,what components ,and how to make it .


Teensy/Arduino IDE Help


Bought one of these bad boys from -Adafruit- yesterday!

USB native hehe! but not here yet. (of couse used USPS first class)

need a bit o' help though. i want to get those .HEX files after Arduino compiles them. I am on a mac. where are those hex files?

tried searching  but, no luck probaly in .tmp folder :p.

Any help would appreciated!





Composite Video to MPG/WMV converter IC

I am looking for a chip / IC to get the composite (analog) video signal (NTSC/PAL) and produce a digital video format (MPG/WMV/etc.) with adjustable bitrate capability. Does anyone know such a chip available?

Hand-free dialing landline phone with EasyVR stuff

I know I digress from the theme of robots, but knowing that there are many electronics "cracks" on this forum, I hope find here solutions