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PIC MicroController Questions


I am about to get some samples from microchip and buy a pickit 2 as well


what micro cotrollers do you suggest that i pick up?

i do have some below that have already shipped do you suggest any others  since tomorrow we can get samples?

Link here ->   http://makezine.com/halloweencontest/



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pir sensor


 I have this sensor from a security alarm... i have open it and get the little pir sensor (2030B).

 I have readed the pdf about it and i know what are the connectors in it

 Question... the pir sensor will work stand alone? i have connected the sensor to arduino 2009 and use some code that shows the sensor response...but i think that is not working because even disconnectiong the sensor the values are the same.

What is needed to the sensor to work? can i make it with my breadboard?






Bidirectional I/O on picaxe X2 chips.


I'm planning to build a LED array to display graphics, patterns and things like that. One Idea is to build a robot with a LED "face".

I have some experience with the picaxe chips so I was planning on using one of those for this build. I've got my eye on the Picaxe-28X2 module.

I've been reading about the 28X2 chip having bidirectional I/O pins but I can't tell from the Picaxe manual spec how many inputs or outputs it has, or how many of these are bidirectional. 

My parts are on there way!!!!!

So i just sent for my first robot parts and cant wait for them to arrive. i have the following on the way:

Picaxe 28 starter kit

picaxe 28x1 chip

motor driver

330 ohm resister array

tamiya dual gearbox motors

8 micro servos(Yeah i like servos, just wondering what to do with em :P)

catapiller tracks and pulleys ( from rapid im not sure what there liek so i can report back on them if anywbodys wondering=

2 120:1 motor things (like in the start here bot but i got em for £1.20 :) )

3 project boxes because they were on offer :P

Making an variable strength magnet

I am in need of magnets where the strength of the magnet can be varied. Specifically I need 3 "settings", off, low and high. Low would be where the magnets have enough strength to connect but not more strength than they can be pulled apart. High would be where they connect but can't be pulled apart.

Little circuit help with volt reg.

I am using designing a new PCB for a tidy way of connecting all my 5v doo-dads. It is a pretty basic set-up, 5v- 3a low dropout reg, the obvious caps and some nifty screw terminals. This is all pretty straight forward. Now I also need 3v to replace the (2) AA's in walter's mini ampified speakers. Would it be cool to just use a resistor bridge on this same 5v regulator board to get my 3v?

Use a mobile screen

Hello evryone!


Ive JUST took apart a new cellphone (there dident work) Its not that new 3 years or something.... but i wounder can i use its screen as a LcD? i am gonna use its vibrator for a brizel bot :D!

Thanks for the help! :D

Salvaging a Color Laser Printer

Hey everybody! I've been following letsmakerobots for a while but haven't posted anything yet. Love the work guys, keep it up. :) I'll get right to it:

Mr. Basic Motor Driver Kit Problem

Hi, LMR!

I need some help with troubleshooting Mr. Basic Motor Driver board. Basically, I couldn't make it work. I use 4xAA Alkaline batteries [5.8V actual voltage] as power supply. MC Picaxe 18X. Relays are working fine, but Motors are not. With my little experience in electronics I guess BD681 does not open for some reason. But not sue, I might be wrong...

My setup:


Troubleshooting done:

Robot parts in Australia

I'd like to introduce my new shop 'Robot Gear' http://www.RobotGear.com.au . It's an on-line shop based in Australia. Currently we distribute only in Australia but will extend to international shipping if practical.

The aim is to sell parts for making robots at cheap prices and cheap postage. Buying robot parts has driven me nuts in the past with international postage and/or inflated local prices so I am attempting to make it better.

Arduino vs. Picaxe syntax

The idea of this thread is to provide a place for asking question about the SYNTAX of the Arduino and Picaxe languages. I invite everybody to do the same and I'll be happy to help with Arduino syntax. Perhaps we can create a basic "dictionary" between the two and hopefully this will help the users of the respective platforms to SHARE code.

Perhaps we're not so different after all :)


Here is something to get us started:


robot break dancer

simple robot dacing

Help in starting a Project

I want to make a robot for my final year project featuring a vehicle which will have simple movements and a robotic arm which can grab things. Other than this it should have a good camera mounted on it which will stream live video and this robot should be controlled wirelessly. Now can someone help me to select

  1. Which microcontroller should i use to do this all?
  2. How should i transmit video wirellessly?(I dont want to use wireless camera)


motor shield not working...

I was testing a geared stepper with my arduino motor shield and it suddenly stopped working. It has power in the 5V pin 'cause that's were I have my Ping sensor connected, but there seems to be none going to the motor connections. Any ideas? I can't afford another one... please tell me it's not dead.

PS: The L293DNE was a bit hot yesterday while testing other steppers, but it was working this morning. 

Hondas new balancing personal transport.

Apparently its insides is a big secret but if you look closely you can see the machine actually moving sideways as it keeps balance.

I don`t know about you guys but as soon as I saw it I wanted to pull it apart to find out how it works, or at least turn it upside down and take a look at the bottom.

Racing wheel control

I got this mad idea running in my head for so long already, but I still don't understand how I can make it work. so here is the idea, I want your guys to help me out, will be great project if we can do it.

Create a PC racing wheel control with pedal via USB to PC using a Picaxe chip?

Is it possible? or am I being stupid, help guys, thx

One Chip Arduino

Sorry if this is a repost (I didn't see it listed)


But here's a cool idea, a 1 chip Arduino.

























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