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RC car controlled via laptop

I'm an absolute beginner regarding of this --

I want to control my RC car through PC by means of using my keyboard as controller...

I want to connect to my laptop via USB, is it possible? USB only, no converter eh

From what I know is, connect the transmitter to a board, then from the board connect to the Laptop??


Can anyone help me out with this? Have any program kit regarding of this?

I would like to use MPLab, if there'sa source code regaring of this...that would be nice :)

some stuff are in pounds

i am doing a start here robot and went to the page. i clicked "you can get it here" thing. but the Picaxe 28x1 starter pack (usb), L293D motor driver, and the picaxe servo upgrade pack were all in pounds! so it would be AWESOME if you would give me a link. thanks!

Pololu dual motor controller + Tamiya 70168

I bought a Tamiya 70168 twin gearbox and Tamiya wheels and hooked them up to my Pololu micro dual serial motor controller.  They don't even budge.  I hooked up GM-10 motors and they work as they should.  I changed motor power to 9v instead of 6v, motor 0 turned for a second and stopped.  Again the GM-10 motors ran fine.  If I apply power direct to Tamiya from b

Bunkin Bot

I posted this earlier in my Blog, but now that there is a dedicated video-area in the forum, it should be here.

Sorry, but it did both inspire me and made me laugh :D 

How do you make a line follower?

i just want to know how to make a line follower, like the equipment needed. if there is a walkthrough, please give me the link. if there isn't, can you tell me how or give me a link to a site that does?



Where do I hook the speaker up?

So I ordered a original Gameboy off ebay a few days back, but after I ordered it I realised that half the screen didn't work. Pooey. Anyway, so since it was just a couple bucks, I figured I'd use it for parts.

I just de'soddered' a bunch of components, yay, one of which being the speaker. So I hooked it up to a battery to see what would happen, and I got a couple little scratches, which means it works.

Anyway, so I want to hook it up to my picaxe so I can play with it, which I have yet to do since I don't have all my pieces yet...

how does the robot know what pos his servo is at?

i realize the servo is only connected to an "out" pin. is there some popular method people use to have the servo tell us:

"ive arrived at my destination"

My purpose is to have the sonar fire when the servo is at a specified location. w/o relying on iffy pause timers. (which stop everyhting else from what i know)

What music do you listen to?

Just wondering.... 

i listen to:

the who, pink floyd, blue oyster cult, guns n' roses and other rock songs...

Workspace and Workbench in an apartment

Hi - I'm new to building robotics, and have fooled around with a breadboard with some designs found online and in books. I think i'm ready to etch PCB, solder, create a body for a robot, etc etc - but my problem is that I live in an apartment and don't have a garage. Space isn't really the problem, i've attached a picture of where I want to set up, but the noise is... and also how portable everything is. i.e. when guests come over i'd like to move everything out of the way quite easily.

TCP/IP Idiot's Guide Required

OKay, who understands IP? I want a simple explaination as to why I can log into LMR with two different usernames from two different PCs in my house, when they're both attached to the same router. The router assigns them both unique non-routable IP addresses on the LAN side of my network.

If I log into two sessions on LMR using two usernames, the more recent of teh two connections takes over the older one and that session becomes the same as the new one.

Once the traffic passes through my router, it's almost as if my two PCs have two different IPs.

World's happiest countries



Found a map of the world's happiest countires. Im Glad USA happy, be a shock if it werent.

WowWee Robotics

You know, I really like their line of little bots. I was at Walgreens and they had the Mini Robosapien for $10, so I grabbed him up and he's now hanging out on my desk.

I like their model of using pretty standard sensors and things in fun and interesting ways. They've got some pretty innovative ideas going on.

Foam dart shooter


This thing looks awesome, but just a bit pricy. Does anyone know if any else makes something similar?? and cheaper???


Motor going backwards?

So I bought myself a couple of motors today at Radio Shack, however I'm not exactly sure how they would work to go backwards.

I'll be hooking them up to my picaxe once my motor controller gets here, but until then I'm just playing with them on my breadboard.

Does the controller change the current in order to make the motor go backwards? My motors only have two hookups, positive and negative, none for sending a signal to it.

Here are the motors I got:

16F690 oddities

So apparently pin 11 can be used as Vdd and pin 10 as Vss?

so I accidentally plugged in my PIC backwards in my circuit on my bread board.  When the led didn't light (it was supposed to blink), I assumed I got the code wrong and had the led connected to the wrong pin, so I plugged the led in different placed until the led flashed, then I realized it was the right pin, just wrong side.

 Is the chip smart enough to figure out what I want as input voltage?  If the pins can be used as power source and ground, why isn't it listed as such in the data sheet?

continuous servos

For all you guys who have bought or modified a continuous 360 servo, how does it work?

 I want to be able to have a very controllable motor that I can tell to make specific number of turns and stop.  Would that be a way the continuous servo could work?

 I mean, for other servos, sending different square waves gives different angles, but if the servo goes all the way around and again...  how do you tell it what you want?

 (just want to know if it is feasible and a general sense of how it works before I buy one and try it)

AHA Moment

Ok so I finally had an AHA moment about why my servos "weren't working". My servos would just jerk and not do much. I tried my perf board that I wired up for my manual transmission robot. I tried a 28x1 project board with the same result. Well tonight I finally figured it out.

It was code. (prepare to laugh) Between servo commands I was using sleep 100. I was assuming this was 100 milliseconds. It is actually something like 200 seconds. I changed them to wait 1 (which is wit one second) and they now work. 

Help me with my bs2 programming!!!!

I need help in programming my bs2. I followed the schematics and also got the erial port to usb cable but when I try to download it, it says " no basic stamp found " can anyone help me

ASM to HEX translation

so how do I get from MPLAB .asm file to the hex that winpic wants?