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Picaxe 18

I've seen a lot on here about the 28, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the picaxe 18. If so can you post some info on your experiences with it?



Range Finders

Ok so I just posted a question about wheels and now I'm on to

my next component in my first robot..range finders.

I see the SRF05 is popular which I can purchase here..http://www.hobbyengineering.com/H2262.html


They also seem to have a bunch of others like SRF04 and SRF08, anyone care to break

down the difference for me?


Next I see this sensor which also looks nice using 3 pins..the ping sensor..http://www.hobbyengineering.com/H2951.html

on a PICAXE 28x1 which will be my best bet?

4 wheels vs. 2 wheels

Was planning to start my first robot using a picaxe 28x1 kit I bought.

I was going to get my wheels from solarbotics as they have pre mounted

motor-gears-and wheels assemblies. I wanted to make it four wheels

but noticed a lot of people use 2 wheels with a third ball roller. Why is this?

Also what is the best place to shop for robot supplies? Thanks!



Different pics for different codes

Well, I am putting together a shopping list of parts pending an Ebay sale... I was thinking of getting a few extra 08m's for some simple projects. Question: I noticed that all the robots with a servo/ range sensor have to stop moving to take a look around (one code at a time, you know) --Is there any reason i couldn't "sub-out" some of the things the robot does? I.e. could an 08m take care of the servo movements and take distance readings so the main chip doesn't have to slow itself down doing this?

AVR's anyone?/ Hello

Hello, this is my first post here. All you projects look amazing!

I hope to learn alot!

Anyways, has anyone worked with AVR microchips before? I personally use Atmel’s ATMega 168. I find that the interpreter is a little hard to get working but it is really easy to work with after that. The chips are pretty cheap to.

I have also worked with RCK/NXT from Lego.

I hope to post my own project up here soon!

Question about little8

Your site inspired me to try my hand at creating a small robot. It's something i've always wanted to do but never knew where to start.

I took a look at your little8 project and decided to give it a shot. I bought all the parts and got them in the mail today. I have it all built and wired up but i'm having a problem with one of the pin connections.

I have my left motor hooked up to pins 2 and 4. My right motor is hooked to pins 0 and 1.

Where to buy Picaxe?

There seam to be an echo of "where do I buy Picaxe", especially from newbees from the US.

Well - let´s make some web-shops happy out there, I entered picaxe.co.uk (http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/picaxe/), looked under "distributors" and found this most likely not too recently updated list:

International Distributors/Resellers

Will this motor driving even work?

Hey guys!

fritsl had a blog post about motor driving and h-bridges and it seemed what he basically needed was to "flip the voltage" and get the motor to change its rotation the other way around.

Arduino vs Picaxe

Should I go for Arduino or Picaxe for my next robot?

(EDIT: Please note that this is a very old post, things have changed :)

Various questions.. ;)

Hey all!

Ill introduce myself first. Im a 26 year old male, living in norway. I work with telecommunications equipment , fixing errors from manufacturing. This is everything from bad solders on components (BGAs and other smd components) to finding faulty components (again anything from wrong value on a resistor to BGAs that doesnt work as they should).

Anybody up for DTU Robocup?

The Technical University of Denmark is soon holding its annual robot competition "robocup" and the deadline for entering is on Monday the 17th of March. The actual competion will be from the 8th of April to the 10th of April AFAIK.

Awesome.....so it begins....

Has anybody put together a starting kit of parts for the basic picaxe robot???

That would be really helpful, and probably help get a lot more folks started....what an awsome site!





Matlab, anyone?


Anyone in here ever touched matlab?


Why is portc high = low?

Using Picaxe "portc", I can get 16 outputs from a picaxe 28, which is neat.

But I allways wondered why you have to write "high portc 5" to get "portc 5" to be "low"??

I understand that since it on default is an input-port, it must be set on "high" on power up. But still you should set it to "low" by writing "low portc 5", and not "high portc 5"?

Gets quite confusing sometimes in my code; half of the outs has to be set low to be high!?!?!

Other compilers to Microchip PIC's (get more out of your picaxe)

It seems quite expansive, but as I understand it, these compilers


Both C, and a pre-compiled basic (no-Picaxe bootstrapped needs, use raw chip)

Aparently this way you can take your picaxe-projects, and take them to the next level if you need faster execution, wants to code in C, need floating point etc..

- But not cheap! 

Difference in motor speed

I have build a robot out of old LEGO bricks, since my gearbox and tank tracks haven't arrived yet. I have used the standard one-motor-per-wheel-in-the-front-and-one-small-wheel-in-the-back-design. My problem is, that the two motors aren't running with the same speed, so my 'bot is turning to the right all the time. I have considered putting a resistor on the fast motor to make it slower, but would like to ask, if any of you have any other solution to this problem? The best solution would be some sort of sensor on the motor to tell the speed and let the CPU adjust the speed.

LMR Help Phone Number!

Alright folks,

Call us and tell us what is on your mind. By calling you give permission to use your message on the show.

USA Number (US country code is 01, I think)


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Another TI coupon offer

On the general principle of "you can't have too many toys":


Basically, $11 USD for a F28069 Piccolo controlSTICK. Normally $40. Be quick if you want one!

Speakjet project with a PIC

Greetings everyone.


Im working on a project that has a componant to it that uses a speakjet chip to produce random strings of allophones.  Im pretty sure I know how to get this to work.  Problem is I have never programmed anything before. 

So im not really sure where to start to learn, whats the best language, chip, etc.