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First Robot "Start Here" Robot :)


 So here comes question 1 of many i'm guessing!!

 Maybe a silly question but for the first robot I was going to order 2 of these


 but can they both have Right Angled Shafts? , is it as simple as just turning it over to make it Left Angled ??

 Remember i'm about as much as a beginner as can be!! So all information is welcomed



First Robot - The Little 8!!


 I'm going to attempt to make the little 8 (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/87) but just have a couple of questions

1: Do I need to purchase a Battery Connector as on the Shopping list it doesn't say so.

2: I want to order everything through www.techsupplies.co.uk and wanted to know what motors and wheels would work best with this. And if it will work with the same "voltage regulator" as listed on the shopping list

 Thanks in advance!!



needing help on a crane/boom to r/c

hello  everybody im new to this forum

 i build custom radio controll semis for a living .all one of a kind.73 build to date.

my new build is a crawler recovery truck .im at the point where i need to start thinking and building the boom,i want to make a working crane/cherry picker/boom/controll arm what ever you want to call it.

 the arm it self had to extend i say about 24 inch and has to pick up about 4 pounds

im running a 7.2v main battery and a 4.8v receiver battry.i would like to operate the boom from my radio.

Hide & Seek Robots

So, I'm just getting into robotics, but I think this is a fun idea to play with.

My first robot will of course be one of the simple robots people post around the net, but for my second, I'll take the basic knowledge I've garnered and put it towards a pair of bots aptly named, "Hide and Seek".

One will be the hider, and one the seeker, again named in order, "Hide" and "Seek". They will probably end up using something like the Pololou IR Beacon.

Microsoft Robotics Studio

Hi, does anyone here know Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS)?

Does anyoneone used it?

Do you think MSRS will be a standard on programming robots?

management model


The Decepticons robots are far superior to the Autobot robots. Their only real problem is the management model applied by Megatron.

The Autobots have weaker and less agile robots, but still manage to outmaneuver the Decepticons by Optimus Prime's abillity to forge the Autobots into one co-ordinated unit.

I can't manage to run my arduino on Vista.

I Just got my arduino form the mail, plugged it in my computer followd the instruction given on Aruino.cc, i'm saldy "a Pc living with vista" to quote the apple Ad, and I cannot install driver manually, I plugged my arduino in my pc, a "new hardware found"popped, it searched the drivers automatically, "succesfully" installed them, then, nothing. I can't do anything.

Btw, yes the arduino program is installed.

Also, I have Ubuntu in dual boot but I'm pretty much new to it.

Ordered all the parts in "How to make your first robot"

I ordered them 2 days ago, I hope i didnt miss anything. it took me about 5 hours to read up and make absolutely sure i knew what i was buying. took me long because i was also comparing prices.

i had no tools so i bought them too. the 3 stores i used were pololu, sparkfun and hobby engineering. The whole "first robot" package if you have absolutely nothing, is realistically about $170 (includes tax and shipping)

You may be on Japanese TV (nationwide)

Smile! And watch out for what you are writing in the shoutbox (yes, that was a note to myself) - you never know who is looking by with a videocamera :)

A very nice person from Japan send me this:

let's make... sound!

hi.. I've just take a little speaker from a radio. there are 2 little cables, one for ground, pin for the other.. when I connect them there's a noise sound that stops when there are properly connect.. I've connect it on pin 1. but when I upload some code.. like

main: let b0=b0+1
sound 1,(b0,50)
goto main

nothing happen.. can anyone help please? ._.



The infamous Kalman Filter :)

So maybe any of you heard about it, but is there anyone who have made a working implementation?

Or eventually a nice site with a human readable explanation :) ?

Microchip (PIC) RISC Assembler

For anyone who wants to try assembler instead of that girly BASIC stuff some folk are always raving about, this is the place.

RISC assembler programmed into PICs by In-Circuit Serial Programming using home-built programmers for under $20 is my thing.

Ask me questions.

Now, this maybe belongs under the 4 elements. Does it go under programming or electronics? Naw. I'd say it's another "system". Is anyone able or inclined to move it to that container?

What do you need?

How is inter circuit communication addressed in I2C communication

Doing a little reading on this - it appears that it was initially a 7 bit address scope. Wikipedia currently has it listed as such.

However, BOA has informed me that it is now 13 bit.  What IS the REAL address scope?  If I have a IC widget and I want to talk to another one, how do I speak to it.  Knowing the correct address, I suspect, would be a good beginning.

Source code for Srf05 and picaxe 28x1

is this the correct way to adapt the source code of fritsl's "how to make yfr" for a srf05 sensor? ... i suppose not -_- .. T_T .. can you help me fritsl? :p 




MCU Development boards from MikroElektronika

There is an excellent company in my country (Serbia) which specialises in developing MCU development boards. These boards all include the following :

-In Circuit Debugger (ICD)

-Simulation components (LEDs, LCDs, 7seg displays, pull up/down buttons, keypads, thermometers, A/D,D/A.

-Easy to test interfaces (for MCU-PC interaction) such as USB, PS/2,  parrallel port, ethernet, etc

-Ability to program various families of MCUs (but for only one type, eg PICs). They usually support around five different types of MCUs per board.


Help with servo

hi, first of all: sorry, my english is so bad. and I mean .. BAD. 

I am a beginner, and I have some problems with servo controller! I fallowed "how to make your first robot" by fritsl (great fritsl..!!), except I used a srf05 not a ir sharp sensor device. (there's an other problem, I connected srf05 like http://letsmakerobots.com/node/66 but I can't insert a functionally command string in the fritsl's program that let it work, although it seems to work with the node 66's code)

instructables robot competition

Instructables is running a competition for bot-makers. It seems quite simple: Upload your HowTo on their easy to use website, and tell them it's for their competition. The only restriction is that it has to be robot related, mark the word related!

Resistor for Servo!

hi guys!!

i have just joined the forums, how cool!

anyways.. i wanted to ask you guys a question about resistors. I already gone through all the "start here" page and when it talks about the servo it also says i need to apply a 330 ohm resistor to my board (since i don't have the "yellow thing").

but when i went to the shop the other day i found that they were selling various resistor according to W values. for example i found the 330 ohm resistor with 0.25W , 0.5W and so on.... but i don't actually know which one to use.


difference between servos

What is the main difference between the price differences for servo's. I mean there are servo's for EUR 4,95 but there are also servo's for EUR 29,95. Is the difference the speed or the torque...or both?

Also what is the difference between these servo's. ie. what does the JR / FUT etc. mean? I'm planning on building a hexapod, and I will need quite a lot servo's for this. What are the best price / quality I can buy?

Top Line standaard servo ES-30 FUT