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unique project, in research mode

Hi, I have 0 background in engineering nor robotics. I have a project requiring both, so if you can help at all or give good feedback that would be very appreciated.


The true reason behind my project is a bit secretive for me, purely because I think it’s a smart idea and I don’t want the idea getting out there until it’s complete. So, for the purposes of this thread, I will fabricate the purpose of the project (yet the mechanics will be EXACTLY the same necessary for the true intent).



Humanoid concept Arduino

This concept to make a humanoid head, that speaks like a human, chooses phrases randomly. As (it) speaks , it moves head, eyeballs and eyebrows randomly in an emulation of a human. This can be useful for lonely people who cannot have a pet at home.

This is the basic idea..Later it is possible to develope it further to talk longer durations, and even tell short stories stored on an SD card.

3D printer for hobby robotics

I am getting into hobby robotics, and I am finding that I more and more am in need of the ability to create custom parts.

What would be a good 3D printer to buy (couple grand max cost), for creating parts such as: chassis, wheels, servo armatures and holders, gears, etc.

For me one of the most important things to be able to make would be my own custom gear trains.

What would be a good 3D printer, precise enough and using tough enough materials to great gears for robots on the size scale of a cat. Such as differential wheeled, hexapod, and quadrapod platforms?

Books about starting an RC toy company?

Hi All,

I'm looking to find information/books on how a person would go about starting an independent RC toy company.

Robotics Literature

Well I am the epitome of the word "beginner" when it comes to robotics, electronics, mechanics, etc. and I wanted to know which books or magazines one would suggest to a beginner with absolutely no mechanical background. I've heard things about "Robot Builder's Bonanza" and The Evil Genius Series, but I've also seen comments that these books can be hard to follow without an understanding of some electronics. I am still in High School if that will narrow down any suggestions. Thanks for your help.

Using Hall effect devices to detect distance from magnet.

Hi Folks.
I have been searching for this on Google but have not yet found a decent example.

I have a small neo magnet that is on a flexible surface - lets say under a  bandaid on an eyebrow.

I have a hall effect sensor mounted 10 to 15mm above the magnet on the forehead. It is actually mounted in a mask sitting on the forehead so that the skin movement does not effect it. So it will be a fixed reference point

Building a wild thumper GPS enabled Raspberry pi Robot Serial vs I2C

Good morning,

I am trying to build a GPS guided wild thumper. I have invested in some hardware and have been mucking about with it for a while now. But to be clear, I am a beginner.

This is what I have:

-Raspberry Pi 2 with a NoIR camera

-T'rex Motor controller (Dagu)

-The 4WD Wild Thumper Chassis

-nRF24L01+ radio controller x2

-Arduino nano


-A Couple of SR04 Ultrasonic distance units

-A Battery 7.4 LiPo

OpenNI & Kinect error "no devices connected.... waiting for devices to be connected"

Dear: LMR

Just to let you know I am trying to use a kinect sensor with openni and slam but am running into a few problems. I keep running into this error "No devices connected.... waiting for devices to be connected" inside my terminal. I've tried using freenect_launch, I've tried installing KinectSensor-unstable repair files, and I've tried different methods like using openni2 and nothing is different. Here's what my terminal shows when I put in "roslaunch openni_launch openni.launch" into the terminal after pressing enter.

Real Robots Kit

Hello guys Im hoping that someone will be able to help me.  We bought 96 editions of Real Robots which was a kit to build 2 robots from scratch will instructions and all of the parts. We bought it for our son who was besoted with the film Robots and we thought he would like to build them when he was older but as time went on he tried and got bored with it.

autonomous robot

lets try to code this amazing robot 

Looking for guidance for 4x4x4 led cube

Hi guys.

I bought a kit online to build a 4x4x4 led 

cube with buttons and sound sensor.

Problem is It doesnt have instructions. I have built cubes before but I used arduino. Now my questions are does anyone have instructions? Do you know how to connect the buttons as well as sound sensor? I am using  STC 15F204EA

351-SKDIP28...... i have no clue what this is lol.. thats the problem. Ill assume its a microcontroller and ill need the pinouts. i havent learned how to read blueprints i usually build by how i see it or trial and error.

Roomba hardware hacking

I recently got 5 broken Roomba robot, with the purpose of scavenging useful parts and trying to assemble one frankenstain style.
Motors are working!

The motor assembly is always working, is the sturdiest and more reliable part of the robot.
The motor has an encoder, which is analised on the motherboard, an endstop switch which connects when wheels are pressed against the ground and a spring that compress between 800 and 1200g.
The motor assembly weights ~250g.
Motors are powered at 12v dc.

Communicating with 2 separate motor controllers through slip-ring

I am designing a system, where I have four motors separated by a rotary joint. A remote control system provides the user interface.  This is simply 8 switches output from the control.  The remote has buttons to "Move Motor 1 Clock-wise", etc.  However, by pressing a special button, I can have the operator indicate that he wants, for example, motor 1 to move to its next 90 deg increment.

Weight mat?

Hey guys!

Thanks for tuning in on my subject. 
I am a ABSOLUTE beginner in making robots but i am educated developer. That will hopefully help me a bit hehe.

I have a bit of a problem. I can not wake up in the morning. You probally know this issue: Alarm goes of, i turn it off and then.... ZZZzzzz. So to solove this problem i came up with an idea and i was hoping that you guys could help me with the details because i dont know what parts i can buy to make my idea reallity.

T'Rex Controller I2C status request from RaspberryPi master triggers Shutdown

I am currently working with the T'Rex controller via i2c with a RaspberryPi as the i2c master, and using the Python smbus module to send/receive data to/from the controller. What I have found is that when I send a motor command, everything works fine, but as soon as I do a status request from the controller it seems to raise an error which results in the controller executing the Shutdown command. Specifically, this block in the controller code seems to trip the Shutdown:

Can i PWM a solenoid?

My CNC router (2D) tool lift function is controlled by a solenoid, which lifts the tool when powered, and releases the tool when not.

I have recently started using these nice little 0.2 mm tungsten carbide bits, however while machining a piece of copper plate the other day, the dropping of the tool onto the work piece caused the very fine bit to snap off. I was able to re set the tool height and use the now slightly shorter and therefore wider (1mm) bit.

My question to you is: is it feasible to use PWM to soften the lowering of the tool?

Line follower avoidance obstacle

hello , i learnd C but i m beginner in robotics so i Need Line follower avoidance obstacle code Pleas

Mini-Smoke Maker

Any ideas how to have a smaller robot make smoke (safely)? I was thinking either a mini-fog maker or dry ice/water being kept in a tube and then opening that when it's needed.

Low cost, low resolution optical absolute encoder?

I am designing a system, where I would like to add an absolute position encoder.  But, my idea does not need the high resolution, or cost of the encoders I am finding in the market so far. I prefer optical over a pot, for its reliability.

The object I am motorizing needs to spin slowly around an axis in continuous rotation, but will normally stop at 90 deg increments. It won't go faster than 3 RPM.

Mechanical CAM switches;