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programing a Tiny13a directly from a mini USB board

Is that possible?

I have a handful of the tiny13a chips and would like to program them but all I have at the moment is an Arduino mini USB board. I found a couple of tutorials on how to program an Arduino Mini using the board and I found a few tutorials explaining how to program a tiny13a chip using an Arduino board but there seems to be a small gap there that I can't figure out.

Do I need to get myself an Arduino Uno or a mini or something? The USB board has a TX and RX but that's it.



Hello LMR.

I am looking for help to find a good hobbyist CNC to make some face plate or back plate for electronic enclosure, menaning engraving will be the most ue of this machine.

A full ready to use CNC, or a kit, or eventually to build one.

This is what I am looking for :

- CNC with reasonable dimension, something like 20" x20", but not definitive diemsion.

Help with code for NanoATMega328 / 2 x DC Motors / 9g Micro Servo / HCSR04 Ultrasonic Detector


I have built an obstacle avoidance bot for a School Robotics Club I had the motors running using a demo mode (spin left the right) but have just connected a servo and an HCSR04 Ultrasonic Detector and I need some help with the code to get it up and running.

The Bot uses:

Chassis with 2 x Geared DC Motors

L298N Dual Motor Controller

Idea for robot navigation


I want to make a robot which should play a game. It should detect and grab balls of a certain color in a ground (small play area table made of wood). So it has to move in the play area, find the ball of a specific color and grab it, then find the next ball of the same color and so on..

Control arm for mobile pickle bucket

I had this 3D printed for my robot, before I realized it didn't include the arm itself:

Does anyone have an idea or source for creating something I can tie this into to control my robot? The body for the bot is 26cm in diameter and the part that attatches to the arm has a little screw hole for where it connects, though I obviously don't have to use that piece. The motors/wheels I'm using are those yellow motors, with the thick yellow wheels and black tires you can get cheap, so they have to obviously clear to move.

Looking for value(cheap) 12v battery/motors for my project.

This question is a few parts, too related to each other to make seperate questions.

I currently am using the same type of 6v motors that came with the starter kit. My current robot is partially a pickle bucket weighing about 10 lbs under full load with stuff mounted. I cannot get good enough power to the wheels to go over a lip up to carpet. 

Affordable stater robot kits

Hi everybody!


I just started looking for a starter robot kit or custom collection of parts to get on robotics.

I will add my findings to this topic and everybody is welcome to do so. Please comment if you have good or bad experiences of the kits mentioned. I'll upgrade this post after reading about these.


The Cheapest:


+ a microcontorller (arduino pro mini?) + motor driver (l293D?)




Torobot servo controller


I recently bought this board for a biped robot project.


The problem comes when trying to make functions controlling it by the number of arduino port.
I think the program is good, but I can not make it work. Any ideas?. Attached photo and programming to provide you see my error.

Servos for this chassis



which servos I can use with this chassis? Other than the mg996r and MG995.


hexapod gait code examples


New to this forum and starting to collect information to build my first arduino controlled hexapod.

I'm new to robot design but not to programming and I'm looking for some source code examples of hexapod gate implementation. I found plenty of videos showing the robots moving with different gates but I'd just like to browse a few examples to see how they are implemented (not necessarily Arduino).

Is there anywhere I could find some examples?

Mounting Wheels to Servos

In an attempt to answer a question about using wheels with CR servos, I'm moving the following post from the Mr. General thread.

Im sorry for my english. It's very poor. I used google translator to translate some sentences:(

Anyway, I ask about servos, because i want to use one of this wheels to make robot based on this project:

sharing experience robot JAVA programming on Raspberry Pi

For those interested in robot control via JAVA programs on the Raspberry PI, I have posted an update on my experience with JAVA in my robot description here:


Even better, if you are able to offer any help or advice, that would be great. I am slowly running out of options......




PID line follower help

Hey everyone. I have a line following competition this weekend and I have prepared a simple robot for it. My robot is tracing lines pretty well, the only issue is that when it comes to the end of a line, it rotates in one place. I want to change it so that it continues to go forward after the line finishes because the competition track has several gaps in the line.

Worm Brains!

Nemesis2065 showed me this project.  Awesome! Thank's Nemesis.

I say we implement MarkusB's alogrithm on an FPGA and make our own worms. :)

3D Design work in exchange for parts - PopPet

Hello all,

Just thought I'd let you all know things are going well with PopPet. They are going to be shipped out by the end of this month and all is working out after this long time!

Because I have been so busy cutting and packing them up, I haven't had much time to just muck around and design bits and pieces as add-ons. I wasn't feeling so good today so I sat down and designed this little breadboard holder.

Mobile Robotics Outreach Lab

Howdy fellow roboticists. So, I'm trying to put together a robotics workshop based on a modified "Start Here" bot. I want to give elementary and high school students in my area the opportunity to do some hands-on robotics and coding. I live in a rural area where there aren't a lot of opportunities in that vein. It'd be part of my college's Science Outreach Club. If any deep-pocketed robot-loving pro-STEM individual wanted to help with kit costs, the link to follow would be here:


Thanks for all you do, LMR.

How to Identify a Location

Hi All,

  I am planning to create a robot which can create a 2D map of an environment(Outdoor) rough surface which will be walled. I will be using atleast 2 or 3 ping sensors to navigate inside the wall to avoid obstacles. I am planning to make the robot run around the edge of the wall to create a 2D map of the area. To do so I want to make the robot identify the localtion where it started, so when it reached the location where it started from it will stop and the map will be generated. The problem here is I am not sure how to identify the start location.