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Arduino Due and ZS-040 bluetooth module

hello I'm trying to connect ZS 040 bluetooth module with my arduino due, vcc pin is connected to 3.3v and gnd to gnd of arduino now rx and tx pins are connected to tx1 and rx1 of due. I'm using the following code

void setup() {


pinMode(13, OUTPUT);


void loop() {

  if(Serial.available() > 0){

  char inByte = Serial.read();

  switch (inByte) {

case '0':

an update on the BoB/Zowi thing

after some emails back and forth and agreement has been reached im going to change my license to allow them to produce and sell their Zumi varriant of my BoB robot and they have agreed to my requests. all is well and im happy to have this situation taken care of.

Need feedback with the code on a simple bot I'm working on.

This is the code for a basic obstacle avoiding insect bot. I borrowed some code from a book and the part about the newping library, I did it myself. I want it to go back and turn left/right and move forward on detecting an obstacle. Will the following code do that? I edited the code a bit .

Interfacing arduino and l298n to labview

hello, I'm making a project for controlling speed of dc motor using l298n with arduino and labview 2013.

Urgent Help Arduino learning


I want to learn programming and using arduino, but unfortunately I did not have any idea how and from where can I start, please can anyone guide me to the best and fastest way to learn programing, I went to the libraries but I lost between the books, hope you help me with low cost sources.

Kindest regards,


Problem with HC-SR04 distance sensors

Hi Everyone,

I have been finding that I get erratic distance measurements on my tests with the HC-SR04 sensors. I put together a circuit with 128x64 OLED SSD1306 I2C display (Really like that module, by the way) connected on a breadboard to Arduino Nano v3.

The idea behind the circuit is:

Use the NewPing library to generate a distance measurement in centimeters.

Print the distance value to the screen, and keep on repeating.

As the sensor is moved around (8V lipo battery connected to Vin and Ground) you can see the distance updated on the tiny screen.

Arduino Day 2015

Will you take part in the Arduino Day 2015 on Mar 28?

It's time to prepare the project or related material now.

ICStation has offered 20% off on the Arduino related items during this period.

Happy to enjoy it now.


Help with Brat clone

Hello my son is trying to make a lynxmotion brat clone we have bought one of these 6dof clones/servos etc off ebay, whats the cheapest and easiest way to get it walking?I have an ardiuno board, but I understand I will need a servo controller? whisch one do I buy and how do we code it?



Peter (UK)


eBay Sniper Lesson

This doesn't have much to do with robots.  Nothing at all in fact-but let's face it, about half of the forum is only tangentially related any more (3d printing, remote control cars, quadcopters, LED cubes, etc.)  This is about a lesson I learned about eBay today.  Or maybe it's about arbitrage or something else-I'll let you decide.

First timer and hopeful enthusiast

So I go to school at ITT Tech and after turning in our project I now get to mess with the remnants of what we built.  Now what I have built and will put a picture in of is a basic water sensor and arduino package.  This worked fine and the teacher liked it but I have always been worried that the LED was so dim when it turned on that we could barely see it.  The teacher said it was fine and let us go.  I on the other hand am not happy.

Quadcopter PWM frequency problem?

Hello Everyone,

I've started building a micro quadcopter. The main body is about 4.5cm long, and 4.5cm wide. Below is a picture.

why dont I see robots with turning wheels like rc cars do

I understand that some robots just use motors all four or two wheels but why not make a more commonly used practice of making the stering wheels turn

problem with robodog project

hi there

I'm building a robodog which have a car body, I used a servo to move it's tail, and easyvr shield to listen and execute voice comands, and motor shield to move the 4wd chassis, but whenever I say start the servo get stuck at the last rotation and starts vibrating, I tried to increase or decrease the times the servo move but I get the same problem each time, can anyone help me?  

Power For Motor Drivers (L298N and L9110S) and NanoATMega328 based Bot


I have been posting elswhere about building some low cost Avoidance Bots for a school robotics club. We have been using these L298N motor drivers but advice on here is that although they are handy and cheap the voltage drop is significant.

The motors are similiar to these.

connecting bluetooth module to T'Rex board to control a wild thumper


In my university's lab we have a wild thumper that we're able to control through T'Rex board as a main controller and through I2C and UDoo board, but when we connect a bluetooth module to the T'Rex is connects and the TX LED is on and the app is connected to the HC-05 but the robot does not move a single bit. None of the motors is responding to the app...The exact sample code loaded on the T'Rex website is used and I can't figure out what's the problem... Any help?

Converting R/C Truck to Autonomous?


Hello Everyone,


L9110S logic level question.

Hi all,

For my robot I like to run my l9110s motor driver that I got from eBay and 2 dc-motors directly from a 7.2 volt battery. This should work together with an arduino nano. 

 However.. will this motor driver accept the 5v signals that come from the arduino? Or will I need a voltage level shifter?


Any advice welcome :-)