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polymorph hand!!!!

so ive been working on a polymorph hand for quits some time now and i need halp on the place ment of the servos

Arduino Nano avrdude problems

Afternoon folks

I've hit a stumbling block with my project - I was planning on moving the project from my Arduino Uno to Arduino Nano to save space.

When i've used my nano, however, it worked to upload to it twice (I think. No success though - i attributed that to my poor coding) and have now noticed it is producing the below error:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync resp=0x00

When I hold shift and upload I am getting:

avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"

Apply for a free ICs chips for testing

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Hantek 1008B Oscilloscope review

I wanted to watch a lot of analog data faster than Arduino's or MCP3208's could manage, so I ordered a Hantek 1008B a while ago.

Hantek 1008B Review

Since I decided to use it for the HexPi and TBMST tests, I decided to write a review before using it - figuring that if it ended up being useful to me, it may be useful to others.

Micro Controller grid with LMR user cross reference?

Rox and I have a common complaint-we seem to collect SBCs like baseball cards. Tonight.

Cypress ARM PSOC dev board with USB for $4

The PSOC (programmable system on chip) processors are really, really cool.  I've been wanting to play with them for some time.  Now, Cypress has a board / dev kit available for $4!  Now is the time.


These chips are based on ARM Cortex M0, same as the LPC1114, but have programmable logic and programmable analog components on board to make your own peripeherals as needed.  I'm placing my order now.

Chinese prices with US shipping times: Tayda Electronics

I live in the US, which is nice when it comes time to buy parts.  We are fortunate to have lots of companies selling electronic and robotic parts, from big name distributors like DigiKey and Mouser, to smaller hobby oriented places like Sparkfun, and surplus outlets like All Electronics and BG Micro, and those in between like Jameco, among many, many others.  I have have good luck with all those listed.  Normally, my stuff arrives within a week.  But there is a whole other world of buying from Chinese suppliers, often on Ebay, but also quite often from established web st

The Raspberry Pi Powered PiBot

                                                                          The PiBot Website

What should I do with my new Neato-XV14

I just acquired a Neato XV-14 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $50.  It's owner was dissatisfied that it could not return to base from another room...  I tried to discuss infrared "line-of-sight".... then thought ... "shut-up dude, he wants to sell it!!!"  

I offered $50... and voila... one fully functional Neato XV14 in my posession...

HexPi - video of trembling legs

In case anyone is interested, I've an embedded video of HexPi with the better mousetrap servo tester controlling his front legs.


HexPi Calisthenics

It shows quite clearly how poorly some of the MG-995's behave - even with very filtered power.

I'll try to embed the video here, not sure if it will work (never tried to before) ... nope, did not work.


How to calculate torque of dual (or more) servos

If  you have two servos that produce 25oz/in torque each, and you hook one up to pull the arms of the other, is there a formula that can predict the total torque of the system?


For instance here is an image I found of 2 in-line servos:

Dual inline servos




How to send serial data after collecting data from different functions


I need some help regarding my subject. My hardware is Arduino UNO. My setup is as follows.

I have 3 or 4 functions which collect GPS, compass and sensor data's. As telemetry i out put the data via xbee module wirlessly to my PC. My issue is when the data comes so fields missing due to delays on some operations. Example format of the data is lat,lon,heading,temperature,rpm. which is output from a serial.print

But when sometime due to some processes the some data misses. so tell me a way which i can do this much affectively.

Dagu Mini Driver and Raspberry Pi

Hi, I have looked at all the instruction manuals I can find ( I may have missed one) for the Mini Driver, but cant seem to find out if, the Dagu can comunicate with a Raspi via the ISP ( instead of the USB) . Anyone know if this is possible ? if so could you please tell me the pin out ?

-- Alan Turing --

(Not really Him BTW)

Bought a bunch of stuff... totally lost lol

Hello all! Ive owned an arduino now for about a year. Ive been practicing in and out but I wanted to get seious about a project. Im looking to assemble a Start Here style of robot but with an Arduino Uno for a brain. Currently i have...



SeeedStudio Motor shield

a morphibians RC toy (essentially the same base as SHR)

mini breadboard

all the connections that should be required

IR sensor

a few photosensors.



Wild Thumper 6WD with Motor controller

Hi, I'm just done my assemby and wiring of my wild thumper 6wd !! I'm sure everything is correct !!

But the problem is , I have no programmming knowledge at all !!

Can someone pls give me the example of the code for wild thumper 6wd??

Thank you !!!!!

ohms when choosing CC motor for windmill


I have some little steppers from recycled old stuffs, dump diving.

A lot are 27 volts, 4 wires, but they have different ohms : 8Ω, 16Ω, etc ...

I can't figure myself the influence (or not) of this characteristic, when I'm trying to choose the best motor to use in place of a generator.

This is for a little windmill, with a little surface of wings against the wind.

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Having Trouble with Wild Thumper and T'Rex Motor Controller

Long story short...

Two T'Rex motor controllers have stopped working. The first one failed without any obvious cause. The second started smoking while I was driving it in my back yard. Among the possible factors there are at play, I believe that one factor is a bad motor on my Wild Thumper, and another is that the fuses on the TRex aren't functioning properly. Is there a way to reset the fuses or clear the motor faults? If you have any advice or ideas, please share them!

New to robotics. RC transmitter and brushed DC motors?

Hello, I am new to robotics. 

My First Project:

Hacking a toy R2D2 robot with brushed DC motors to work with my RC transmitter. 

My question is: What type of brushed ESC or  other interface is needed?


Thanks in advance.