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Autonomous Solar Panel Spider Project (Arduino)

Hello fellow robot enthusiasts/experts,

My name is Michele (Michael) and I'm from Italy. I really appreciate all your efforts and creativity for the love of robotics! It's truly amazing to see all your projects.

diy shoulder axle/pin/shaft/dowel pin?


I would like to 

- create a shouldered pin* in order to glue gearwheels** to it 

- ask you for any advice or link that may hint me towards a solution


any ideas are highly appreciated:

Pololu A4988 and Nema 17

Hi, I'm trying to build a balancing robot. I bought 2 x A4988 driver and 2 x Nema 17 motor.


hi !
 we are creating a drawing machine that does mistakes and turns red (LED)

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does Balancing Robot PID values become obsolete as motor battery diminishes?

Hi All,

I'm wiring up yet another attempt at a balancing robot (smoked a motor driver IC last time) and I just thought of something.

If I connect the motor driver to a 12V battery, then tweak my PID parameters, everything is going to go smoothly at first.  But then when the 12V battery diminishes, to say 9V, the motors will be a bit less responsive, and then I'd have to go ahead and tweak the PID parameters again.

Wild thumper trex controller wifi receiver problem!

Recently, I have bought a wild thumper 6wd with a trex controller to make a robot.

Hexapod problems with servos jittering

Hi everyone,  I am currently hands on an Hexapod, based on the same eBay kit as some other members, servos MG996R and then I want to control it via Arduino Mega 2560, in the meantime my tests are being done with Uno R3.

At the very end, I want to do some AI stuff thanks to ROS being executed in a Raspberry Pi also contained in the Hexapod.

General printer recommendations, delta vs xyz

I'm looking to get a new printer or printer kit. My printer head seems to have bit the dust and the Robox printer head is a large part of its cost?

Because of a change in circumstances, I am planning in living in an RV within the year. RVs are a bit hard on delicate machinery. Imagine a medium earthquake happening whenever I move.

Thermistor error with the MK8 extruder.

Dear: LMR

STL Viewer (beta)

Rotate: |

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Arduino Mega 2560 + Dagu 4 Motor Controller

I am currently working on a line following car project.

I am quite new to electronics and it would be no surprise if I miss something basic in the theory side.

I am trying to control 4 motors using my Dagu 4 channel motor controller and Arudino Mega 2560. I am having power problems and after researching and some testing, I am quite clueless about what exaclty is wrong.

I have programmed the arduino mega to set the direction pin to HIGH and the PWM pin to 255. I have 2 setups for testing.

Trex Motor Controller i2c read while using rc

I am starting to put together a rover using Wiild Thumper and the TRex motor controller.

I am having some difficulties getting i2c working reliably from a Raspberry Pi 2 running Ubuntu 14.04

While I am continuing to research my issues (possible future post coming) I decided to give the RC connection a try.

My question is if it is possible to access the i2c read only while using the RC as I would like to try out code for monitoring the current draw and battery voltage.

Controlling lot of LEDs in parallel with Arduino & transistor

Hi all,

Got some questions about using trnasistor and resistor with lots of LED all together. I am not good in electronic planning but only drawing sketch out as image below.

Try to using as less resistor as possible so I only plan to use one and I know Arduino couldn't handle that many LEDs so transistor will be used as I know. However, I am not sure how to connect these points as identify in image below from A~G. Can anyone help me or sugeestion how this should be connected and what type of transistors, resistor should be used?

World Maker Faire NY 2015!

August 26, 2015:

Lots of good news to share! The Maker Faire crew is growing; it looks like we'll have quite a group of us:

Capacitors for smoothing servo current surges

I've built what I thought was a nice clean approach to the oft-recommended practice of parking a 470uf cap on the power lines to my servos. I have 6V coming from my voltage regulator to the postive/negative bus strips on a small PCB. I've pulled a positive and negative wire off of the bus for each servo (3 servos total) and put a capacitor across each pair of wires. One servo should then connect to each pair of wires.

robot stores at canada near Ottawa

Does any one knows some robot store that sells some microcontroller and so on


Dagu Rover 5 PWM Settings

Hey All,

So I've been building a rover using a (Dagu) Rover 5 Chassis, a Rover 5 Driver Board and an Arduino Uno.

It's wired up fine and I can send instructions back and fourth to the motors no problem but what seems to be an issue is the speeds which the motors are turning at. If I can set the speed at 100 (i.e.

How to build a Arduino room to care a flagging tree scientifically?

Here is a flagging tree in our office, but due the busy work and the room are not suitable for the tree’ s growth, it is flagging now. I read a short elecrow blog about a project making use of kinds of crowtail modules that aims to collect the data of the tree such as light strength, soil moisture, temperature and humidity of this tree. In this way, people can know the current situation of the tree and then take actions accordingly.