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Connecting two arduinos wirelessly

I've one arduino due and a uno. I want to connect them wirelessly i;m thinking of using bluetooth as it is cheap. I want to know is it possible using bluetooth and which bluetooth module should i use. If there is other cheaper or easier way to do the above mentioned task please let me know. thank you guys 

simple robots collaborate to lift a human body above the ground

Hey guys, 

 I am trying with friends to design a relatively small and simple robots that can collaborate together to lift a human body or move a human from one place to another. The assumption is that the human is laying on the ground and will not be moving. Assume a very simple enviornment.. I have a basic idea in mind, but I would like to hear more ideas and suggestions..

Problem with ATmega8 & HC-SR04

I am getting garbage results trying to control a HC-SR04 sonic distance sensor from a Dagu Mini Driver board (ATmega8). The wires to the SR04 are being monitored with a scope and/or logic analyser and look ok. The TRIG and ECHO timing appear reasonable and change proportional to distance to hard flat object..

I suspect the problem is with the ISR. It often tPmodDIN1imes has the endTime set to something resembling the current time in usec while the startTime variable remains at 0.

I love BASIC and I'm not ashamed of it, on the contrary.


Once in a while a comment passes by here that Basic sucks. It's supposed to be slow, unstructured and what more. There once was a Dutchman (unfortunately, couldn't he have been from some odd country instead?) who even stated that Basic mamed your brain! Fortunately he was an idiot else we would have a serious shortage in programmers worldwide...

I could not disagree more, so I will debunk some of the "cons" basic apparently has.

Robot boat motoring around the bay


We got our solar robot boat motoring around in the bay yesterday.  It really works!


Help with power circuitry

Ok so followng the advice in this thread and from these forums I have now bought a 7.4v and an 11.1v Turnigy LiPo rechargeable batteries (different voltages to be used in different applications).

Best motor for "tap water turbine"?

Hey All,

In looking online, it looks like when developing a wind/water mill-like generator, a high voltage motor is best to generate battery charging ability at low RPMs.  One of the problems with any hobby-type toy motors is that they need to be spun really fast to get some good voltage out of them.

But if i add gearing to the hobby motors then they become too difficult for gentle winds/water to move the fins of the generator.

This looks interesting.

A larger broken out 8266 board. Looks like it would be a neat little IoT quick-start board for small applications.

Looks like the web page for it is here.



Anyone has made the Big Hero 6 Baymax?

The Big Hero 6 is so hot now. As a maker, are you going to make a Baymax by yourself?

ICStation has listed out the items which can be used for making the robot.

Check the details here: http://www.icstation.com/baymax/baymax.html

Getting robot to a precise location


My robot has to move on a 3000x2000 mm  board. There is an object placed at a certain position with the (x, y) cordinate like (1500,1000) position on the board which i need to grab. How should I implement the part of taking my robot to that (x, y) position. Should I involve angle of rotation in it or do I like first move right for 15000 mm and then straight for 1000 mm.

Have the tools but need help with calcs

Hi guys.


I am heavily into automation in both my daytime job and my hobbies. I have always built gear I need. I have lathes, welders etc with access to milling machines etc, folding machines and other stuff.


I am building an autonomous hybrid farm utility. No issues with that.


I can do the the motor/gennorator etc, rams etc and all that. However, I need a push in the correct direction to calculate the drive train part. I know my required wheel size, weight etc so how do I work out size of the drive motors etc



Looking for a next step up after the Arduino Uno

I've run out of pins on my Arduino Uno. Im looking for something that has more I/O pins. More sensors, larger LCD, more useless flashy LEDs, etc. 

Something with more brains would be great as well. Im open to adding a visual LCD screen to a robot. 

I'd rather stick to the Arduino line of products but if anyone can suggest some other type of controller that does what Im looking for I'll be glad to take a look and do some research to see if its right for me. 

Obstacle avoiding arduino robot uno for biginner

#include <Servo.h>
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motors
int motor_left[] = {2, 

T'rex motor controller HELP!!!!

Please help!!!!

My team and I are using the T'rex chassis and motor controller from Dagu. We would like to have the Arduino Due control the motor controller through I2C. However, we have been having problems. If we load the code provided from Dagu for I2C it works for an Arduino Mega but no joy on the Arduino Due. We know there are differences but have been unable to figure out what they are (libaries, pins, etc). I was able to modify the code and it now compiles and loads on the Due, but I am now receiving the following error:

Master Command Data Packet Sent

Adding mini dissipators will improve motor driver performance or life?

I got these cheap motor drivers and they work fine, but get really hot fast, as soon as the wheel is stalled by something.
They are rated for 800mA of current for motor, 2.5v to 9v, but i wonder if adding some small dissipators can help handling more current or improve their efficiency.

Tutorials for kids to use Makeblock Robot Starter Kit -

I recently purchased the Makeblock Robot Starter Kit (bluetooth version). 

 was looking for a project to work on with my 8 year old son since he expressed an interest in robotics.

Is anyone aware of a tutorial that can teach an adult and child who are at the beginner stage how to make the Makeblock Robot starter kit work?

I have seen the the tutorials on how to assemble the robot (tracked and wheeled), but none on how to or what software to install on an iPad/iPhone, how to make them connect, troubleshooting and how to run the robots. 

Build 18 DOF Robot Black Spider Robot

We had built this Spider robot with 18 pcs servo motors and it can "dance "  
and finish push-up under the control of the Servo Motor Controller Robot Contorller.
Here is the video which is full of fun. Listen to the background music.