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Motor Help

I've salvaged a few motors over the years with hopes of using them someday. Wondering if  someone can help me with a motor I have and tell me if I can control it with Arduino.


6 wire RC steering servo?

Hi All!

This is my first post so go easy on me. :)

I am trying to build an obstical avoidance robot and decide to salvage a chasis from an old Radio Shack RC truck. The main board is fried. when I got to the se=teering mechanism I discovered 6 wires coming form what I would think is a servo. I was expecting three wires so I'm not sure how to hook it up to my motor shield for an arduino.

I discovered that if I applied a voltage to two of the wires the wheels turn on direction and if I reverse them they go the other way.

How to build your first robot?

Dear: LMR

Just to let you know guys it wasn't that long ago I asked my Dad if we could start a robot club at school. My dad brought it up to my princible and he did not have a problem with it. This robot club is probably going to teach people in highschool to build there first robot. I have no idea what robot I am going to teach highschoolers to build.


Just got my Raspberry Pi today :)

Can't wait to use it!

"Should" be simple.

I have what will be a stupid simple project for all of you, but even the simplest of robotics controll systems are a mystery to me. The mechanical aspect I have down. I need to know how make a low voltage motor start and stop in the same position (precicely) after a single rotation. The type of motor will be determined by what I need for the project ie stepper motor, induction or standard. Speed controll is a must. One cycle = one rotatoin over a two to ten second period.

Easy Question - Finding Pillars for My Base

Happy Friday to Everyone!  I hope your personal projects are going swimmingly.

Easy question.  I need to find pillars for my base.  I'm looking for some sort of plastic pipe that is 3/16" to 1/4" in diameter.  A 6-32 bolt will be passing through it, so having something with a inner diameter of .15" would be amazing, but unlikely.  I attached a picture for reference.  The part I'm looking for is the yellow part. 





Hardware Not Found Error - Mac

I know the "Hardware Not Found" error is quite common - although it seems to have a wide variety of causes. I'm hoping someone with more experience might have some suggestions for me as I've hit the wall fairly early into my first robot. I've tried a bunch of things as suggested in the Picaxe manual and on this forum, but with no success so far. My details:

New beginner

I'm at all not even close to knowing anything about robotics. So I have no clue where to start or what to do. I know a little about electronics but not enough to help. So if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome. I'm looking to create something that would help our armed forces, since I'm a veteran myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nunchuck resolution problem to control a remote rover ?

Hello all,

With a home made remote control console with 2 gimbal joysticks  (similar to the Parallax : 27808 item and a small lcd screen, i control via a arduino Uno and xbee a rover with no problem.

Since i wanted a second controller wich i could hold in one hand i adapted a Nunchuck to control the same rover also with a arduino Uno and xbee and a very simpel protocol.

Arduino code for proportional speed, using cheap RF modules results in erratic robo-behaviour

Hi All,

I have been stumped on this programming or hardware problem for many days now, and hope i can get some assistance to get things up and running.

father and 9 year old son newbies HELP


My son and I are interested in building a robot.  Max has built several Lego robots, but is interested in building from scratch.  I am an artists/woodworker/metalworker, I run a lab with 3d printers, Laser cutters, CNC etc and am comfortable with digging in to this kind of project.  We need some guidance as to where to start and a bit of a plan.

This is a father son project and a way to help Max focus on something he picked, understand goal setting and follow through. 

Arduino Mosfet Control

Hi Everyone.  If someone could answer my question I'd sure be thankful.  Unfortunately I am a little sparse on details because I'm away from my work bench.

two Ultrasonic sensors. would they conflict?

Im thinking of getting some ultrasonic sensors for my platform, to play with. I was thinking i would have one on the chassis, pointing forward for contact detection, and then one on a turret for mapping distances to plan a route.

Would the two get confused by each other?

I guess it would just mean you would need to make sure that they work seperatly, with a percievible delay inbetween using one sensor, then another?

or is it not an issue at all?

Clubs in UK

I want to build an autonomous mobile robot with wheels or tracks, vision, arms and carrying ability (for example a tray area) that can navigate in a flat inside or outside domestic environment (not both).

I am UK based, have some old OO programming experience and general PC -based programming experience but no electronics expertise apart from basic school physics . 

I work full-time so this would very much be a part-time project.  From looking around I'm thinking of perhaps using ROS, OpenCV and maybe Arduino components but would like to know

DC Motor

I am totally new in  robotics. I want to track a person walking in a certain track, please suggest me how can i select the DC motor like gear dc motor or servo dc motor, i also want to use the encoder and also please suggest me how to select approprite voltage and RPM of the motor. in addition the motor control driver best suit for that platform.

thanking you all in advance.




Recruiting friendships

Hey everyone!

Sorry if my english isnt 100%. English is not my main language but lets give it a try anyway!

My name is Jonas, im 30 years old and educated ASP.net developer. Reasonly i found making robots very satisfying and wish to dig more into this hobby. But i would really love some backup, a network, someone to lean up against and therefore i would like to ask if anyone could be interested in sharing skype info.