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Can This Lego Robotic Arm & Hand Be Improved?


Is there any way to speed up this Lego arm? More power? Programming? Any ideas?




I need a sketch for wheel encoding odometry inc library please?

Hi all, 

I am trying to control the speed of my DC motors using wheel encoders and reading the speed with an IR LM393 sensor. 

I have downloaded the library for the timer interupt, extracted it into my ardino library (where all my other libraries work)  and I'm still getting..

sketch_nov05a.ino: In function 'void timerIsr()':

Raspberry pi and robots

Hello I was wondering how good a of a platform the Raspberry pi is for robots. Is their anything special I have to download to the pi in order for it to communicate to the robot? Or does it have those features right out of the box.

Arduino and motor driver underpowered ?



I'm building my first robot.

I'm not sure if I may link to Aliexpress for the parts I used, so I'll list them.

Parts :

- Uno (Arduino Uno copy)

- L298N board

- tank chassis with 2 "universal motor 130, support 3-8v voltage"

- HC-05 Bluetooth module (optional)


Getting started with Arduino and the DFRobotshop Rover


I'm new (to this forum and robotics).

I love programming and am interested in an Arduino for some time, but never found something where programming microcontrollers would make sense and fun.

After looking into Lego Mindstorms, I stumbled over the DFRobotshop and the Start here.

The rover looks cooler and can be controlled (The Purge-style) where the Start Here is more autonomous. So I though that the rover would be better for me, but I saw that the Arduino has a surfacemount chip and thus I can't program other microcontrolles (without a shield).

Phoenix code my hexapod

Ive built a small hexapod using MG90 servos and i would like to use a lynxmotion SSC-32 and botboarduino to control it using the phoenix code. Im actually looking for the proper code and some kind of step by step guide to configuring the firmware and stuff. Ive been looking at the arbotix code and can see that i need to change some numbers like the coxa length, femur length and ETC. But im sure theres a few more things that need to be changed. I also want to use my PS2 controller to operate it during off-line play.

Advice for Robotics Platform

Hi, I was wondering if somebody could provide me with some advice. I plan to move from Lego to Arduino robots for my yr 11 students and I am looking for a good platform. I think tank platforms look great and could get students engaged, but I do not know how precise they are in turning? Does anybody have experince with the Devastator tank platform from DFRobot (http://goo.gl/OeSSEPc) or any other tank platform? How precise do they drive? We do project where robots have to find coloured cans, move them with an arm/gripper, follow lines and avoid objects etc.

OpenCV - stream video over wifi

Hi, please, does anyone knows (or has some experience) how to stream a video from raspberry pi over wifi to notebook?


Moving arm to go on mannequin

Thanks for reading.  I am new and i basically want to make a coat/jacket's arms to move like it is running.

Could you let me know what techinal words i need to be looking at and a rough price for uk thanks :)

Making a spinning wheel electric

So, I want to turn my spinning wheel into an e-spinner.  THIS is a link to what the wheel looks like.  THIS is a link to the wheel in motion (its sideways, sorry, didn't realize it till it was uploaded and haven't gotten around to re-uploading it).

Remote controlled puppet? Help

Can somebody smarter than me help me with something? I want to build a simple RC puppet thing, but don't know where to start. I guess I'd need a servo to turn the head side-to-side, and another to open/close the mouth. That's it. So what parts do I need, and where do I get them? 2 servos, a "receiver" and a transmitter and some sort of battery?

Getting Arduino to communicate with Ez-Robot?

I have been looking into various systems for building a robotic system, and have been interested in both the ez-robot and Raspberry Pi. I have however, been having trouble finding any information on getting ez-robot to communicate with arduino. Is there a way to do this, since I'd like to give an operator control of the bot remotely using a computer.

Robot to clean aquarium

Hi, im looking to built a robot that can drive on the outside of an aquarium while pulling a magnet on the inside to clean away any algea that builds up. I was hoping to make this robot relatively small but im struggling to source the parts to do so.

If anybody has any ideas of what kind of things i should be looking for i would greatly appreciate it.

I would like to get into robotics

Hello everyone,

I am a beginner After fiddling with the arduinos for some time, I have decided that I need a bigger challenge. I would like to build my own hexapod robot, and I need your help. 

I have searched for a begginer hexapod robotics kit and these seem like the most attractive ones:

http://www.robugtix.com/iitsii/ - a small hexapod, seems cool. Maybe little too expensive

Transistor Motor Driver

Hello everyone,

I was working on a robotor project recently using about 12 DC motors (6-12V) controlled by an Arduino. However, i decided to try to build a motor driver using bipolar transistors. The driver should be able to power each of the 12 motors in both directions with 2 and not more batteries at all. So I came to the following circuit:

community colllege in california for robotics

hey guys I am totally new in robotics

But I wanna study it in community college

Which Community college you would recomend me in california?

What is the best city for robotics in cali?

thanx a lot for the help



It's come to my attention that much of a robot's sensor processing would be better off done with an FPGA (field programmable gate array)

Such things as sound localization, or a FFT can be done directly in an FPGA, and not need to eat up the processing power of a Pi or Arduino. In fact would be much faster and could be done in real time.

I've posted a link to the Snicker Doodle earlier and here is a stand alone that would *not* have the same internal bus speed advantages:

Arduino + ESP8266 Wifi Self balancing robot

Hi, I just found (and bought) a cool robot that uses the Arduino Leonardo+ ESP8266 Wifi module to communicate with a smartphone/tablet/Ipad: 

Best Microcontroller for med sized robots?

Hi again all! It's been a bit, how are you?