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360 Degree Laser Scanner Development Kit (RPLIDAR)

Some years ago we were dreaming of a nice and cool and also precise way to map a room or the surroundings of a robot. Today it's coming affordable and available not only for high funded institutions but for all the hobbyists and robot builders.

Flic-Flac spider

Addittionnaly to the funny spider shown in this video, an uncommon robot was made to imitate it's particular way to escape from predators.



[solved] Where are my drafts?


the drafts section on my account has been gone. Can someone else check this?



Using LM324 amplilfer for GPS navigation mobile robot

Hi, I am doing a project on Navigation of Mobile Robot Using GPS and my objective is to design an autonomous mobile robot that can navigate itself from its own position into specific position using GPS.

Favorite batteries?

I've been using RadioShack 7.2v 3.3Ah NiCads for years now and I can't get them cheap anymore.  There are so many choices on eBay I don't even know where to start with seach terms. What are you guys using?  Remember I tend to work in the bigger-than-desktop bot ouvre.  3.7v packs are going to be a little smallish.

coop buyin filament


just came across this, may work out for you guys across the pond.

14m2 IR Controlling

At my school we are working with PICAXE 14m2 and we got a task to figger out how to controll it using a remote that my teacher will supply 


can anyone help me with this 

How to connect OV7670 (with FIFO 422b) to an Arduino Uno?

Hi all,

I have a arduino uno and a OV7670 + FIFO 422b camara module (22 pins). But I'm not sure how to connect those two and view a video stream on my computer using the serial port(that is my ultimate goal). Do you have any ideas/blog links that describs how to do that? 

NEW Precision Planetary Gearmotors

Our new planetary gearmotors shown side by side for size comparison. Both gearmotor types offer dual ball bearings, full metal gears, and extreme power!

IR sensor issues on Start-Here-Bot

First post got deleted... so take 2


readadc 0, b0 'read input-0, saveto b0


goto main

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Dear LMRians,
Thank for your support!

Robot Video's

Robot Video's


(I'm just giving myself a little plug....   :-)



Dual VNH5019 driver and Propeller Quickstart

Need some help here (Duane!)
A while back I got the Dual VNH5019 driver and have been tinkering with it on my BRP with an Arduino Mega... now I'm moving over to using Propeller Quickstart for my processor. There is a Dual PWM driver on the Obex Exchange, but I see now that the connections for the driver are not the same, the Dual VNH5019 board has 6 required I/O connections and the Obex Propeller driver (PWM2C H-Bridge Engine)only uses 4 I/O pins...

Also wondering if I need to run any resistors between the I/O's?

Absolute Newbie

Hello everyone, I only learned about servos yesterday, but I feel like I want to pursue figuring how they work in order to make my project.

I am not going to be an Arduino fan for a while !!

       I’m not likely to ever be an Arduino fan, which seems a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to robot building. I really want to stick with Basic and Python .

Im new to robots , and all I have at the moment is a Raspberry P1 (A) There is going to be a big learning curve possibly and so I really don’t want to learn a new language on top of everything else that I am going to be learning.

Help with some Arduino code for school project

Im doing a school project with RFIDso i bought a MFRC522 reader module to work with our project. It didnt come with set up guidelines but ive searched around on the internet and everything seems to point to the same site and set of codes.  I just want it to read the RFID cards it came with and show me the serial on the computer. This is the code that was given for this: