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Long distance remote control app


I'm making a remote controlled robot for school and I wan't to controll it with an app.

What would be the best way and the longest distance you can do with an app?

Plugging in Picaxe board makes mouse freakout

Hey guys so i got the starter kit recommended on this website and ive put it all together got the wheels to turn the head to turn and still having problems with the readings from the IR sensor. 

i havent used it in a few months but today when i hooked it up to my computer with the programming cable it makes my mouse click and move to the far end of the screen and i cant control it. 

this only happens when the board is hooked up and if i hold down the reset button it stops.

any ideas on whats going on here??

this is the kit i have

dead Lipo battery?

Basically I have zero experience with lipos but I just bought my first one, a 2s. First thing I connected it to my simple lipo charger but it would not charge it. I then connected it to my friends accucell and it gave a reading of 3.85 and the rest were zero. So appearantly one of the cells is dead, however when I measure the voltage with a multimeter between the middle connector and the two around it, it gives 3.78V and 3.78/3.79V. Now I have read they should be perfectly equal but I am confused why the charger gives zero rather then something like 3.78V.

NEW Actobotics Swivel Hinge!

BRAND NEW to our Actobotics line, 

High School Senior Project Quadcopter

Below are links to a wordpress site and youtube channel for Hyperion Robotics. We're currently working on a autonomous quadcopter that uses Raspberry Pi, Arduino UNO, and OpenPilot CC3D flight controller. All documentation is on the website, which is frequently updated with our progress. If you have any questions regarding the question, I'd be pleased to answer them. 




need help for an idea

Hello i hope i am in the right topic and you can help me. i have deagostini robot from paralax. i need your help to design the circuit and programm it. the goal is when i apply a certain value of resistance then activate a relay or something similar. thanks

ICStation Chinese New Year Sale: Up to 35% OFF

Happy Chinese New Year!

ICStation will be on holiday from 14th, Feb to 26th, Feb to celebrate our the year of sheep.

Orders which placed before 12th, Feb will be shipped in 2 working days, or it will be shipped after our holiday.

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Pycam and other free CAM products

I am close to completeting my CNC controller. This has been one of those projects that has spent a lot of time on the backburner. Now I am trying to find a good CAM package to recommend.

The controller and it's software is designed to try and make CNC machining as easy as possible for the novice so I was trying to find CAM software that did not need months to learn.

Custom PCB Manufacturing

Hello everybody!

Would anyone know were I could get made a custom PCB with two copper layers and a silkscreen layer? I have been searching for two weeks now, but all the manufacturers are either too expensive or don't accept my file format (PDF).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Communicating using 2 MAX485

good morning everyonei am making a project in which there will be a large distance betwwen two aruino's 

one of them will be a joystick which will take the orders and send them to the other arduino 

this is an tutorial for it with arduino


and this is an a example code between two arduinos 


Review prints

Shipping of the overlord  is getting close , while am looking for filament to feed the machine " excitement reaching feverish  ".  am after suggestion on what to print. What am thinking is having three  categories art, mechanical,all things robotics ,

BoB printed in trade for parts.


As some know, I was and still am building a 3d printer.  Due to work, family and health I have been unable to complete it.

I really would like to have a k12 BoB body printed to play with.  I can offer parts or cash in trade.  



going half on filament

am looking to buddy up on some of the exotic filament like:

http://www.imakr.com/filament/36-carbon-fiber-175-mm.html and http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261359455825

the T glass on ebay is the cheapest source I can find

basically the idea is to go half on the stuff, how I thought we can sort the postage:

if its like free from ebay, we split the postage between us to the other person.


Can I put an resistor array and an servo on an rc car

Dagu Rover 5 -- questions on motor binding


I have been working on creating a speed control algorithm for the Rover 5 (t2 motor, 2 encoder). I adopted a reasonbly simple Proportional model based on standard control approaches. I began testing/tuning. While doing so, I instrumented the controller so that it would save the encoder signal period; this data gets printed after motion completes.

Hello Community

This is my fist post So I hope this is the place. I am looking for information about this mechanical arm and whether it is possible to buy it. This is the one http://prntscr.com/60duyp

Thank You.

Wheelchair Robot for rough terrain farming telepresence joystick question

I am new to the forum and want to first thank everyone for being part of this vibrant robotics community.